SHE’S BACK! What Hillary Clinton Just Ordered Women to do to Trump Will Make You SICK!

Source: MAKERS

I’m sorry to say that if you thought we were FINALLY done with Hillary Clinton after she LOST the election, you were WRONG!

The Queen of Mean just put out a new video declaration to the world in honor of the MAKERS woman conference. The bad part is that IT WAS AN ORDER TO RESIST DONALD TRUMP.

She tells her “audience” how PROUD she is of all the women marching against Trump and how they need to continue protecting their rights that are “under attack”.


I think my favorite line is: THE FUTURE IS FEMALE. Hey, I don’t care if a woman runs the country. I say GREAT. As long as that woman is NOT Hillary Clinton.

You know, Donald Trump was being NICE when he praised Hillary and said he wouldn’t lock her up, but now I think that was a BAD decision on his part.

This woman wants to be the Fuhrer of the United States and she will not stop until she is locked up or gone. If you wanna see Trump take her to COURT like he promised, share this and show him WE ARE SERIOUS!!

(H/T – Daily Mail)

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  1. I am so thouroughly fed up with leftist liberals staking claim to " woman" as if they speak for them. They don't; they speak for those women who agree with them but they most definitely DO NOT SPEAK FOR ME or for millions of other women who hold different views.
    Get a more honest descriptor for yourselves. WOMAN is a descriptor that has no political affiliation.
    Call yourselves "left leaning women" or any other descriptor that suits you. That's more honest and demonstrates respect for women who do not share your views.

    • Your right. She doesn't speak for millions of women who thought the the women's march was disgusting and was demeaning with all the HATERED spudded. Not just to Our President but also to men..
      They are trying to make men out to be the lesser specie. Women are suppose to build up not tear down, God created us for man. We are to complete the unity. Men and women are to continue to bring human life into the world.
      I am praying that women will see this MARKER community as nothing but evil propaganda.

      • Your comment made so much sense that Man and Woman were created by God. That we are equals in unity to continue the Human race. I feel that Man and Woman working together as equals can make this World better, but we need to have more sensible Women like you in Position of decision making to make it even better.

    • You are so right. Hillary Clinton needs to mount her broom and let Arkansas deal with this maniacal, freeloading, lying demon spawn.

  2. Hillary still should be facing 75 years in prison. So lets hope jurist prudence prevails. She is as bad as the 13 yr old girl on Dr.Phil, "Cash me outback" both need to be removing boots from their anuses.

  3. Ban ISLAM as it embraces and promotes jihad. Ban Sharia law as it embraces and promotes incest RAPE and Paedophila bulldoze all Mosque as they support Hazbala Hamas and ISIS. Ban Hillary Clinton as she has help create and support the destruction of America. TREASON.

  4. Here is one strong woman comments, you have no values, you are not a hero, and you are deserving of prison. I celebrate the hardwork of honest women who did not waste time on a march that had no point. We are speaking out, we want everyone to show respect for other's accomplishments and not bully and disrespect others. The children are watching, the male children are watching, and wondering what is wrong with them. Everyone is in the future, male and female, so go away and quit trying to divide our families, our country.

  5. She committed several crimes. She should be locked up. We need to start enforcing our laws as written. No preference for the rich. No protection for the political class. Not even protection for Trumps former friends. I'm sure he also wants to leave her alone to improve his own image, doesn't want to seem cruel or vindictive. Too bad. She's been very bad and should go to prison.

  6. Lady… (and I use that term lightly) I would never vote for you for anything. You are the most corrupt person to ever live in the US. You are the devil incarnate, or the great whore of Babylon that the Bible talks about. There will be a woman President one day, I am very thankful it won't be you. Please stop all the disruption, you LOST! Now move on…
    And that march you are so proud of… REALLY! Women walking around with vaginas on their heads and dressing up their children too, disgusting! You have made yourself a laughing stock across the whole country… Please dig a hole and crawl in it..

  7. Look at that Mug!!!! This Bat is outta her mind. She's like a robot or some droid out of that bar in the first Star Wars flick!

  8. Lock her up! Until she is prosecuted and proven to be the communist she is the brainless will continue to be brainless. Wake these sheep up and put her criminal activity out there for all to see.
    Where's the book that lists her contributions (crimes against anericans)?

  9. I encourage the 1st Ammendment, just don't abuse it. rioting is not free speech and will soon be met with the means to stop it.

  10. Your future for the next eight years is President Trump and a strong woman doesn't run around in the streets with vaginas on their heads screaming to kill their children. A strong woman stays home and raises her children, takes care of her husband and many of them have full time jobs on top of the long list of duties she has in a day. She doesn't complain. My sister is a strong woman who went through three bouts of cancer taking care of her children and husband and survived it without not once complaining to anyone. That is a strong woman. Someone who knows the Lord because it's His strength that we handle all we do with grace. Strong woman are peacemakers. Strong women are women who go off to war to sacrifice their life for your freedom. Strong women are caretakers for the elderly. Strong women are the missionaries who put themselves in danger for the gospel. Strong women tell the truth! Which none of these represent you! You are deceitful above all else. Repent!

  11. she and the libs dont get it. Its not the sex or the color of the person at the helm……..its the intent for either good for America or GLOBALIZATION which in other words means……the end of the USA.

  12. Just look at her eyes she really is a mad women l belive in women rights and would love to see a women in the white house as President just not this crazy. She should be in jail.

  13. Get off it Hillary ,You lost and we are all the better for it !! We don't need you to tell us as women what our rights are ! I consider myself as strong women with a mind of my own,Is why I didn't vote for you !! So please go away and stop trying to influence all these weak women out there !!

  14. I don't identify with Hilary Clinton, or any of those P—y hat wearing, anti Trump idiots that marched in the streets carrying vulgar signs and saying vile things, while littering the streets in front of children! I voted for Donald Trump and believe he is really going to try to make America great again. I wish people would shut up and give him a chance, and in the meantime behave with a little more class and dignity. It is embarrassing that people from other countries are watching Americans behave in such a disgusting,disrespectful manner.

  15. She could put a STOP to all this violations in the street. She needs to start taking care of her grandchildren.She needs to fall on her knees {if she can} and get forgiveness for all the corrupt things she has done. People would like her better if she came on T.V. and ask all these protesters to stop what they are doing to get back at Our President. He won the election and she needs to get over it. Vengeance will kill her. She needs to concentrate on her family and be the lady she is suppose to be. Sure I feel sorry for her for all the stuff Bill has done to her but people would forget about all that if she would relax and be a mother and grandmother. If she and Bill do not get along and she is doing this stuff because she is hurt,put that all behind her and be a Lady. People would be unsafe even more if she had won. She has aged 20 years lately. Take a look at yourself Hillary! Just look in the mirror.She needs to work together with our president to try and make America safe.I am so excited to be a Lady and I would not feel as safe Hillary if you had won. Give Our President a chance. Please Please Please. God Bless You Hillary. Be a LADY.

  16. Wow that poor poor girl! My how the mighty have fallen! Just look at her! She had to make an outfit out of a burlap potato sack!!

  17. Why does the press report on anything this woman has said? She is a disgrace anyone who would do the crimes she has done, scandal has followed her since she was a lawyer for a child rapper. She also traveled with Billy Boy lets molester to their Billionaire friends sex slave island. Sold Russia a Uranium mine when she was Secretary of State, never did she stop the pay for play to help put money in her pocket. Has taken money from foreign governments and a known terroest George Saros who wants a global society, which many people don't even know what this would do us a people. Who do you think would be in charge? Not Hillary, George who will take everything from us. He supported Hillary's campaign which was against the law. Oh, and the protest for Hillary before and after the election. She did nothing to stop the destruction to our country. She is the devil in drag. She has no right to call up people to fight Trump. Evil is and Evil is what she is. I was told this weekend that a friend of mines daughter was approached in Berkley by protester organizer and was told she could earn $75 dollars just to hold up a poster and march. She was sick and look at the person and said no way. So, it is true paid for and bought posters.

  18. She needs to slither away and be gone! She has nothing useful or positive to contribute. Just thankful that the people of the United States had the presence of mind to vote for her opponent.

  19. Anyone can look at her face and her eye,s and know she is and stay,s in anothder world she look,s insaine As they come no one in their right state of mind dosent look and act As she dose !!!

  20. If she is such a women's rights promoter and advocate, then why is she not pushing more for EQUAL PAY, and why is she not promoting women's equality in countries that beat, rape, stone to death, promote women's and children's female mutilation AND prostitution, along with countries who deny equal education, etc??? She is the BIGGEST HYPOCRIT I have ever seen! She doesn't even have regard for human life! After all, she has clearly stated that an unborn child even a minute up to birth HAS NO CONSTITUTIONAL OR CIVIL RIGHTS!! While half the population is blinded by her lies, she is as transparent to me as a pane of glass!!! I've got your number, sista!!!

  21. If Hillary is so concerned about the welfare of Americans she needs to stop inciting hate. If she is so right and wanted it's just four years she can wait. But as far as I'm concerned and there are a lot of women that will agree with me I will never vote for a person that just sit in her office and watch fellow Americans be murdered with out even trying to save them. She lost the election because she is not in touch with the real Americans, and just wants to be famous. And with all the crimes she has done in the name of lack of moral values she is real famous. Don't count on me for anything Hillary Clinton, not even help if you life was in jeopardy.

  22. Both the clintons are as corrupt as they come! I don't care what sex or color our president is as long as they are a good leader. Neither of them is, and she isn't even eligible for a security clearance anymore. Go live in one of your houses and leave America alone. We don't want our country destroyed. What you are doing is tearing it down not building us up.

  23. She is a slap to every red blooded American. She has used her husband's office to run criminal activities for years and years. It's time she had an accident like so many of her partners and those in the know of her activities. Hell Bengasie should be enough to lock her up for murder of an Ambassador. Not to mention the uranium sell to russa

  24. Bill is a woman maker, under the desk in the oval office !!! Hillary is a killer of people who are a threat to her… You can see the SMART ASS written all over her. She is a LOSER. Go home and play Grandma Hillary the lesbian !!!

  25. Would love to see this missable rotten law breaking trouble making "women" thing gone! If YOU HILLARY had a live brain cell left you could be a REAL WOMEN and but a stop to this craziness.
    But you won't because you inhuman!

  26. Maybe they can scratch up enough money to hire protesters. But without Soros money maybe no one will protest except for President Trump and his people. I am woman but I don't like what you stand for.

  27. She said they needed strong bold women???? Well, I think I will show up and be bold and tell them just how stupid and ignorant they sound and look…. while informing them that they are an embarrassment to the real women in America that have morals and Christian values….

  28. They have truly missed the boat! Take a look at who is leading the call to Bully their fellow Americans into submission! Remember what she said about Bullies! HRC and other Leaders of the Liberal Progressive Left are literally using Bully tactics from Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals. Ridicule, mock, single out a target and pounce. They have forgotten One Very Important thing When They Go Low We Go High. That’s why we WON!!! We went to the highest level. The Most High God Himself. Stay strong and true! May God bless America!!!

  29. Very well said, Melissa! So true, so TRUE. At 85 years, these women’s libbers and feminists such as Hillary Clinton and Gloria Steinem make me ill. Strong women definitely DO NOT parade streets w/vaginas on their heads as those foolish women did recently. IMHO, they were a DISGRACE to all women. May God grant us strength to face the trials we have ahead!!! Hillary s/b ashamed of herself – what a sad example for own daughter and grandchildren, to say nothing about the rest of young teens.women???!!!

  30. Listen Hillary. Why don’t you just take your toys and go home. Stay there until the officers in a paddy wagon come to arrest you, and possibly others in your family. And your buddy, the Obama fellow. Then shortly thereafter you’ll never have to worry about a thing. You’ll have free room and board, free medical and dental care, and perhaps the best relief of all is that you’ll never have to lay eyes on your low life husband again! I have relative who is a prison guard and he talks of the things available to you there: A gym, a library, counselors and pastors. See? It’s all waiting for you. America is praying for your arrival to be soon. Very very soon.

  31. If she thinks that the women’s march was a success with all those lunatics dressing up as vaginas she has another thing coming. I would NEVER NEVER NEVER be associated with the trash that marched, I would NEVER,NEVER, NEVER want my daughter or granddaughters look up to those women as role models. What is she thinking??? She should be ashamed of herself. Heaven help us if that is what this country is coming to.

  32. I couldn’t believe that was on a loop. Are you trying to drive us insane? That thing needs to go to jail, along with her husband.

  33. Look, it’s simple. SHE’S BEING PAID, by guess who ? SOROS.
    That’s right, by the one man this world cannot seem to apprehend, despite all our surveillance equipment, computers, police, everything ; we still cannot get this jerk. Makes you wonder, doesn’t it ?


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