SHOTS FIRED! Trump Just Issued a Threat to North Korea that Has them Shaking in Their Boots!

Source: (Trump) White House, (Kim Jong Un) Geografi-Tjek :

Hopefully, by now, you all have heard about North Korea testing a ton of Nukes and ICBMs as an open threat to the United States and its allies. Sure, that may have flown under Obama, but there is a new sheriff in town!

Today President Trump held a joint press conference with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe of Japan to issue an ULTIMATUM to Kim Jong Un and his cronies they will NOT forget.

First, Abe told the press through a translator,

“North Korea’s most recent missile launch is absolutely intolerable.”

Then Trump took the microphone and announced boldly,

“I just want everybody to understand and fully know that the United States of America stands behind Japan, its great ally, 100 percent.


The words may have been short and simple but the message could not be any clearer. North Korea better BACK THE HELL OFF and quit threatening Japan and South Korea or else there is gonna be Hell to pay.

Under Trump, America is finally doing something it hasn’t REALLY done in DECADES. We are fighting back against REAL enemies!

If you our proud our President and want to show him your pride, all you gotta do is share this with 3 friends so the whole world can know that AMERICA DOESN’T TAKE CRAP FROM ANYONE!!

(H/T – Daily Mail)



  1. This media is nothing more than a rag. It has mistakes the editors let get out into print. It is shameful. The content is grandstanding as if Trump owned this rag. It depicts one side to the issues, not a complete story. This is nothing more than a "rah..rah..rah..I love Trump" rag!

  2. Great news for the USA and our allies. It's time to stand up and protect one another. It's also time to stop arming our enemy's. If any of our allies or the USA comes under attack, all should ban together and completely destroyed the enemy. After its done we shouldn't go back and help the enemy rebuild, let them do it on their own. That will give them time to really think about leaving all of us the he'll alone.

  3. Its about time. That said I hope we can beef up are military if we have to. Two fronts two different parts of the planet. Its a new high tech world. Now God grant our leaders the wisdom.

  4. Totally proud of the statement given. I doubt it has the shaking in their boots. He didn't issue an ultimatum by the way, you just interpreted the statement that way. And please spell and grammar check your article for errors. An article written in common core English (you almost spelled "are" correctly and missed putting in the word "of" but close enough) is hard to take seriously. But yes, we are all proud of our president. He is keeping his promises everyday.

  5. They have not launched ICBMs (Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles) but short and medium range ones. They have admitted they are trying to develop an ICBM. I am 100% behind President Trump in this. He needs to state that an attack on any of our allies will be considered an attack on the United States and will be answered with a full counter attack.

  6. YesMr. PRESIDENT Trump, get North Korea under control before it gets out of hand. Send in some special opts. Teams and destroy their whole Nuclear arsenal soon, if not we will end up doing it in a very serious bad way costing many lives.

  7. Trump was correct when said he was handed a mess. Obama did everything he could to get the US positioned as a weak nation and all the dictators and worms have come out of the woodwork thinking they can destroy our country. Pray for Trump as he works to re-establish America's strength in the world. Pray he can weed out those little Obama minions at lower levels in Washington that are STILL trying to carry out Obama work to ruin our country. Pray these people wake up and realize what they are doing to our country. If not, pray Trump finds them quickly. We all know the power of prayer and Trump needs those powerful prayers for the world to understand – WE ARE UNITED IN SAVING OUR COUNTRY WITH PRESIDENT TRUMP!

    Look at what is happening all over the world. Evil has come for us. BUT, United we stand! God bless America!

  8. I had heard years ago when Obama was in office about the leader of North Korea. Mostly that the dictator of Korea was mad. Crazy. But that’s it. We were as little informed during his presidency as possible. God has definitely shown our nation mercy. I don’t know what will happen next. We need to unite as a people. I don’t think our spoiled whiners would do well if we ever were attacked. We need to shape up now.


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