Trump Just Brought A Coal Miner On TV & Suddenly Reporters EVERYWHERE Freaked OUT!

Image Source: Fox News

Trump signed legislation today to rescue coal miners from the coal industry AND liberals everywhere are freaking out. Then again when are liberals not freaking out. Sheesh.

To make the point, Trump brought several coal miners were brought in the room today. They were brought in for a special event. Trump has promised to rescue coal miners. That’s one of his campaign promises. Hillary on the other hand had promised to kill coal mining jobs.

*** This is why we frickin’ love Trump!

Watch him save America.


The legislation will help protect coal miners from legislation that blocks American companies from mining.

This was so epic!

God bless Donald Trump. Look how he is SAVING America. He is making the Dems look like losers and is bringing jobs back to this country. That coal miner from West Virginia was so happy.

Get this news out there! Trump is doing everything he said he would do, y’all. The media won’t show you that though.

*** Please, please, please SHARE this video, y’all! America needs to see the happiness on this man’s face. God bless Donald Trump.

Give him a God bless below and get this news out there. Only together can we fight the mainstream media. (h/t The Gateway Pundit)


Paris is the best writer on the Internet and helped get Donald Trump elected President in November 2016. He is now censored on Facebook for it.


  1. What a concept!!! A President who does what he says he will do. No WONDER the libtards are freaking out!!! They are so used to politicians who lie and say whatever it takes to get into office (Democrats AND Republicans, I'm talking to you) so naturally, they didn't believe Trump would fulfill any of his campaign promises. They thought he was just going to get in office then forget about 99.9% of what he said. The fact that he's KEEPING 99.9% of his promises is a complete anathema to them. Praying he stays the course and drives the lying politicians out of business!!!!

    • I love what the President is doing but I just hope they are using common sense about regulations that will keep the coal miners working and still protect the waterways from coal mining Debris! As much as we need the coal and the jobs it will do no good if they all die from poisoned water.

  2. God bless President Trump for keeping his promise to the hard working coal miners. This is the only source of work in West Virginia and eastern Kentucky. Their livelihoods were taken away from them with the closing of the mines.

  3. President Trump loves our Country. I live in West Virginia and this new legislation will save many of the counties and the families that survive on coal dollars. We now have a chance to boost our overall economy. There is actually families out in the cold not able to pay bills and feed their families. There was a time when commercials advertising for miners on how to learn a different trade because of the Obama administrations efforts to kill our way of life. Congratulations are in order for President Trump.

  4. As usual DJT is doing what he said he would do, good job and don't forget to make reasonable efforts toward protecting the environment. And as usual the self proclaimed best writer on the internet used poor editing and Grammer skills.

  5. God bless and protect President Trump, his family, our beloved USA and all miners (coal, mrtals, rare earth metals, Au, Ag, Pt, Pa, Li, Cu, Fe, etcetera). There are ways to clean up the water and air without killing the jobs/business.

  6. Thank You President Trump I'm a retired coal miner the regulations on coal has devastated our state we mine coal here its our lively hood we have lost thousands of jobs over the last eight yrs. Our roads are terrible we are laying off teachers law enforcement people just to try and get by so Thank Yo and God Bless You for doing exactly what you promised it's refreshing to have a president that actually does what says.

  7. Great Job President Trump! He is a Man of his Word! He does care about us hard working people and our families! Thank You Mr President!

  8. I feel happy for all the coal worker, I know what it mean to have to provide a family and what ever needs you may have, but I hope they can also provide some sort of filtering device so the water can be used by somebody else down the stream. Good job President Trump, God bless and like Solomon be able to lead this great nation.

  9. Thank you President Trump for saving our coal miners. You just put food on so many tables. May God bless you and continue to work through you to Make America Great Again! Thank God for Trump! Enjoying your Internet? Your electricity? Heat? Cool air during the summer? Thank God for our coal miners or you would free to death in the dark. God bless America.

  10. So, i am all for the coal industry returning but what about the streams? Will they be allowed to dump debris in streams??? What was the change?

  11. He said he would take care of the coal miners and help the industry by eliminating the choking regulations that were killing jobs and he has followed through on other campaign promises! Beats the heck out of what we had for 8 years!

  12. I've always been a Trump supporter but what he proposing to do to the ecology is not right. First the pipeline, (fracking) and now allowing the sludge from the mines to flow in our streams and then into our rivers here in WV. I'm all for coal miners going back to work, but put some funding on creating the tecnology to allow them to go back to work but find better disposal systems for the crap! This polutant isn't any less dangerous than nuclear waste, but then again we don't do such a good job disposing of that very safely either.

    • Mr. Trump cares about our environment. I’m sure he will take care of your issues. He keeps mentioning clean coal technology so I’m not worried. I’m sure that whatever deal he made covered these issues.

  13. Paris needs to edit before she publishes – just sayin'.

    "Trump brought several coal miners were brought in the room today. " ?? "Trump signed legislation today to rescue coal miners from the coal industry." I don't believe they need to be rescued FROM the coal industry." Trump signed legislation today to rescue the coal industry . . . perhaps!!

  14. It was priceless! And when he said "let's takeep 'em on a tour of the Oval Office I couldn't help but tear up. How sweet is it that he feels (and rightly so) that it is our house too! He makes people feel at home. Because afterall it IS our house. We paid for it! And he gets that! How sweet is that?! I love this man more and more everyday! Thank you Mr. President and God bless you!

  15. I always thought coal was a filter for our water.. i use charcoal fikters for my water pitcher. Coal is good lets bring back coal mining !

  16. Bam, and another one bites the dust!!!!! Our President is taking apart all the things that he promised… God bless President Trump and God bless America!!!

  17. Ranchers and Farmers next. We need the USDA Ban back on Soros’ South American raw meat. Ban was lifted by Soros’ Lackey Obama and his Lacky USDA Sec. Tom Vilsack. Despite the lies of the USDA our cattle market crashed in September 2015 when, almost exclusively, South American Raw Beef was processed by George Soros’ JBS-USA. Our feedlots are empty and Soros got the Okay to start purchasing Cargill Processing his biggest competitor. (ADECOAGRO in SA)
    Feedlot owners say they can save the family farms refilling their feedlots within two weeks once the Ban on SA Beef goes back in effect.

  18. I think this great, but everyone needs to prepared for possibly eight years of the Progressives and media fighting at every turn. They both hate and fear President Trump because he has the power, brains, and fortitude to take down most of what they have dishonestly built over the last fifty years. They are not honorable people except when it serves them appear that way, so it will be a long fight.

    • Terry Fitzgerald, I totally agree with you. It will be a long fight and we must do everything possible to win against the libturds.

  19. God put coal and other energy resources in our country for responsible development and purposeful use. President Trump is seeing that this will always happen. America will become great again!

  20. I’m all for President Trump doing what he said he was going to do but what’s the answer to all these liberals who say yeah but what about the ecology? What about pollution? How do we answer them? President Trump is most assuredly doing everything he said he would do and I applaud him for that.

  21. I was raised on coal and most my family has mined coal for a living most all their lives and I know people have to work but I am against changing laws that will let coal owners pollute our rivers, creeks and streams in WV that’s not the way to bring coal jobs back Trump!

  22. God Bless President Trump! Go Trump: De-fund any research for any science that might even remotely improve the energy efficiency. Cut on health expenses and subsidize cheap coal electricity, so the people use it with or without any need. How cheap it should be – zero ($0.00) is not the mathematical limit – pay the people when they use electricity from coal (negative price) – the masses of would vote for you again, they hate to think, especially about consequences.


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