HERE IT IS! Trump Just Called Democrats the ONE WORD that Will Ruin Them Forever

Source: (LEFT) Michael Vandon - . (RIGHT) David Shankbone -

This is totally freaking nuts! Donald Trump has been America’s president for almost a full month and he STILL has not gotten his cabinet confirmed thanks to a bunch of lousy Democrat politicians.

You can bet he is P*SSED so he just took to Twitter and called Democrats the One word they hate:


BOOM! Now, the reason I said that word is gonna ruin the Democrats is because it’s their DISGRACEFUL tactics that make the American people distrust them so freaking much.


There is no reason that there should still be 14 proposed Cabinet members remaining without even getting Senate hearings after this long. In fact, they have only confirmed 6 so far!!

Donald Trump is still waiting patiently for the confirmation of:

  • Jeff Sessions as Attorney General
  • Ben Carson as Secretary of HUD
  • Ryan Zinke as Secretary of Interior
  • Tom Price as Secretary of HHS
  • Wilbur Ross as Secretary of Commerce
  • Scott Pruit as head of EPA
  • Steve Mnuchin as Secretary of the Treasury
  • Rick Perry as Secretary of Energy
  • Mick Mulvaney as head of Management and Budget
  • Linda McMahon as head Small Business Admin
  • David Shulkin as Secretary of Veterans Affairs
  • Andrew Pudzer as Secretary of Labor
  • Sonny Perdue as Secretary of Agriculture
  • Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer

That’s a long list, and, at the rate the Senate is moving, Trump may have to wait til his second term to get them all in place!

If you think what the Democrats are doing to our country is both sick and Unconstitutional, let’s show them we won’t put up with this anymore!!

(H/T – NPR)



  1. Well that's a new logo"Disgracefull Democrats" that they are not hurting President Trump. Deocrates are hurting America and the people.why would we ever vote for a disgraceful party. The DD's have a new name. Down with DD's

  2. It's not even about cabinet members, Betsy DeVos, or Judge Gorsuch. It's about…they didn't get the President they wanted, so still throwing their tantrum. Can't even show up for the sake of unity of the nation at the inauguration…now 'blocking traffic' in Congress….just pitiful!

  3. It's not even about the cabinet members, or Betsy DeVos, or Judge Gorsuch. It's about…they didn't get the President they wanted, so still throwing their tantrum. Can't even show up for the sake of unity of the nation at the inauguration…now 'blocking traffic' in Congress….just pitiful!

  4. Democrats will never get my vote , after the way they have treated my President Donald Trump. I didn't,t want a criminal and lier to be President, I wanted a honest person to win , with honor , integrity, and ethical acts of truthfulness to the Americans people with some common sense. People in Washington D. C. our arrogant and abomination to this country.

  5. The Democratic party was brought here from Europe to move America away from Constitutional government and convert it to a democracy as invisioned by Karl Marx who said that no nation regardless of the government they had could be conquered for Communism unless it was first changed to democracy!

  6. They only concern is themselves. They have no concern, regard or respect for the American people. All of these appointments should be secured already. It only serves as a further example of how much we the deplorables will do our due diligence to get the vote out again. And vote out these disgusting career establishment criminals. They can take their millions upon millions and get out and have responsible minded patriots voted into office to work for the will of the people and not their own self interest and their wallet. Drain the DC cesspool of corrupt career establishment politicians. They must go.
    "Term Limitations today."

  7. You demoncrats are not representative for our nations security all of you are over paid statist and political hacks. Shame on you for you're a disgrace to this great nation. You're going to be an antiquated minority party forever.

  8. Democrats stop being indispicable and do your jobs or you will be fired! Americans are sick of your immature losing ways. Grow up and act like professionals instead of idiots! You make yourselves look totally inept at your job. Grow up!

  9. its disgraceful the way many people are fighting our president , ive never seen anything like this in all my life ,its sad, what is it gonna take to unite america , another 9/11 !!!!!

  10. It is a disgrace on the democrats part.All the cabinets our President has ask for should have already been confirmed. The democrats are only hurting the People .when will they ever learn. They along with the liberals are causing so much hate towards people. Democrats get off your high horse & work with the President.

  11. Our government is a JOKE ! What is wrong with you people !!!! What a disgrace you are to the WORLD AND OUR AMERICAN PEOPLE !!!!! To not get our cabinet in place because your not happy about his choices . What if we had done this to the previous Presidents ? You see ,that's the difference between YOU AND REAL AMERICANS !!! PRESIDENT TRUMP NEEDS TO FIND A WAY AROUND THESE UNPATRIOTIC CABINET POS !!!!

  12. The offensive behavior of the Left has to stop.
    If the Supreme Court Justice isn't appointed in time for the vote when you fight Judge Freeland's disgraceful decision in Superior Court, can Vice President Mike Pence jump in, again, to break a tie, if it comes down to one? The left is hurting our Country. I'm from Taxachusetts, and I'm truly appalled by our legislator's behavior.

  13. The dem s are a bunch of creeps afraid of losing their gravy train. They have never cared about this country,just what they can get away with. They make me sick to my stomach.just confirm these people already. The Man won the election, let him do his job. If my two year olds had acted this way they have gotten a sound spanking. Grow up already.

  14. President has done a great job. Without the help from Democrates: blocking his staffing cabinet. IT IS DISGRACEFUL. 2018 may have Democrates finding more replacements by Republicans.

  15. They said they were going to block him anyway they could. But I don't see that much different from the past 16 years. They are a do nothin' congress and it will not change. They are all seated in their rocking chairs and collecting a very very lucrative pay on our dime.

  16. If the demo communists don't give up their fight against Trump's appointees they are going to lose votes next election big time–this could be the downfall of this party–people are getting tired of these actions

  17. Donald Trump is our President so get off your dead butts and do your job! Your voters are going to remember how disgusting you are behaving so they will vote in the Republicans in your place!

  18. Democrats are a disgrace, and it's all over loosing the President position! And the way they are acting is embarrassing to the United States! Chucky you are like the doll Chucky, you need to leave office!

  19. Evidently the Democrats aren't use to working. They've done nothing for years so why start now. Just like their followers– not working but keeps getting that check. No wonder they hate Trump. He has the work ethic, they're trying to hold him back. It's amazing Trump is so successful with demos and media he has to deal with. A real shame!

  20. We the People voted for Trump. We want him as our President to run this country and do whatever he needs to get rid of the corruption in this government. DRAIN THE SWAMP!!!
    It is plainly obvious who the corrupt Representives/Government employees are that need to be voted out of office in two years. They are both Republican and Democrats. These people work for We the People. The American citizen tax payers. We will not stand for your cry baby corrupt antics anymore. Do your job our get out. You are a disgrace to We the People.

  21. I think this is a Sick way for the Democratis the all need to be fired if we can fire them we won't ouer country to be running the the right way by ouer president Donal Trump

  22. Most Democrats who have been at the public trough for 20-30 are really Progressive Socialists, Socialists, Marxist, or Communist having infiltrated these sitting bodies to promote their ideology from with in congress.

    The have been helped by the other who have infiltrated all levels of government from the white house on down. Its going to take some time for our new President to weed out those in our government agencies and departments and our nation will not be on the right path until this is done. These people interfere daily with the new Trump Administration. It will take time folks, but we are on the right track. Support our new President…..

  23. Fortunately we are working to defeat every Democrat in the State of Arkansas. I do not plan to ever support a Democrat. The whole Democrat Party has been hijacked by a bunch of Socialists, we also have a few Republicans that need to go, like John McCain.

  24. Many times I have voted for congress and senators based on them as individuals. I will be voting republican from now on based on the way they are not supporting Trump on getting his cabinet together. I am sure others will be doing the same.

  25. You democrats think by holding up Trumsp cabinet you are hurting him , Well let me tell you something "YOU ARE HURTING AMERICANS " YOU LOST NOW , MOVE ON;
    You democrats are no longer important to the people and you will all be replaced.
    2018 there will be no democrats to speak of.

  26. As far as In concearned they don't deserve to be free to walk the streets.democrats make remarks about Trump and Putin being don't.ever here them saying.a thing about Hillary Clinton arranging it for Russia to own 25% of our uranium. Hell that's.treason any way you look at it. That use to be punishable by firing squad no exceptions. That' they need to take care of the Clinton's. Them and obammy were both involved in selling our country out.

  27. Please let's get the show on the road…for Gods sake he's the president let him do his job. Enough is enough totally unfair to interfere with the president of this United States!!! How is he suppose to get on to making this country great again. Instead he has to babysit these crybabies who are interfering with progress.

  28. Since these democrats want to hurt our President, that means they are wanting to hurt America. Because our President Trump is over America. So I believe that its high time these people who are trying to hurt America should be punished for doing what they are doing. Give an executive order to severely cut their pay so it wont be worth their time to fight against America. Because when you fight against President Trump you are fighting against America.

  29. I will never ever vote Democratic again in my life. They are obstructing any good work hat can be done for the country. This is shameful and it's a disgrace. I never knew they were so liberal and wanted to hurt America. I do now.

  30. The Democrats are like a bunch of children thats never grown up. get over it Trump has a country to run. Get out of his way so he can run it. Quit interfering. you lost hahaha.

  31. I just learned that Obama set up a Hotline for the Illegals that come across the border that think they were not treated "politely"by our border patrol. They were supplied Lawyers at our expense. 14,310 calls reported. 85.000 hours were spent on these people to the tune of 15 million dollars. That was over a 20 month period. This was for the illegals that felt their amnesty rights were being violated by the border patrol or other agencies. We are finding that Obama created these organizations just to promote his agenda to over flow the country with illegals and muslims coming across the border. He searched for ways to spend millions on projects to drain the Taxpayer dollar but never giving any thing to the american people. Nothing for homeless, vets, seniors . Nothing for America. NOTHING! All for illegals and muslims here and in the middle east. He is a traitor and should be in prison for all he has done to destroy america. Look at the idiots on the streets destroying the cities.. Don't you know he is sitting back laughing his azz off. Mission accomplished.

  32. I honk Sessions and Price are approved already. If they are dragging butt on Ben Carson then there are some racists in th demorat party. Mnuchin may take a little time but if they slow roll the rest they qualify a certifiable butt heads.

  33. President Trump is leading our country without the support of our Most of the Democratic Senators. In my opinion, the lack of willingness to approve the key people in President Trump's administration is leaving the wrong impression with Americans. The lack respect for our President is promoting violence in our nation.

  34. Don’t be FAKE NEWS! You have listed every person that has been confirmed along with the ones you should have listed on their own!

    It is not helping our cause to be doing the same thing Trump needs to point out and have people support him!

    This arrival doesn’t help that cause!

  35. Will all I have to say about this is in two years we will have a voice. So keep hurting our America all of you will be gone and people who will help make America Great Agian will be in.

  36. they have no sense of integrity! They*(democtrats) should NOT be paid one dime until they comply with the laws and ethics of their positions.


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