Trump Just Gave All Christians the Gift of a LIFETIME! No President Has EVER Done Anything Like This!!


Donald Trump isn’t just fulfilling the promises he made during his campaign, he is CRUSHING them.

Trump just announced that he is going to change a rule that had Churches around the country living in fear that if they speak out about a political figure, they will be attacked by the government.

President Trump will be repealing the Johnson Amendment, which bans public charities — including churches — from campaigning for or against a candidate for elected office.

“Among those freedoms is the right to worship according to our own beliefs. That is why I will get rid of and totally destroy the Johnson Amendment and allow our representatives of faith to speak freely and without fear of retribution,” Trump said. “I will do that, remember.”

This move will give a voice back to churches who have been attacked by left wing policies and an abusive IRS. 



Franklin Graham, son of American preacher Billy Graham, was a victim of the Johnson Amendment. Graham faced IRS investigations for his organizations Samaritan’s Purse and the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. He wrote to President Obama in 2013 to complain.

“I believe that someone in the [Obama] Administration was targeting and attempting to intimidate us,” he wrote. “This is morally wrong and some would call it ‘un-American.’”


Trump promised during his campaign to give churches their voice back and that is EXACTLY what he is doing. Thank you President Trump and God bless you for this!


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I am best described as a Constitutional conservative. I strongly believe in constitutionally limited government, individual freedom, and personal responsibility. I can no longer stand on the sidelines and watch my country lose a game that we were built to master. I am speaking up! Please visit my blog and speak up with me!


  1. Thank you President Trump. Thank you and your entire family. I feel so very sad that you all having to go through all liberal crap. But the more I see from you and the movement that you started. The more I believe that God has his arms around you and is guiding you in these hard times.
    I pray to God in Jesus name to watch over you and your family, keep all of you safe and bless you and your family with good health, happiness and love.
    Amen. You are Gods President and mine.

    • Because of his lying, cheating, bullying and stealing the RINO nomination at the RINO Convention…Why did he have to run the most wicked campaign in American history to win???? He is grossly unqualified and is an embarassment to America…

      • Please note the using the lawyer way Obama did lots of lying and half truths. If you say Trump lies, cheats and bullies at least it is in the open. Obama and his followers did it behind and hid them well. Lets wait for the investigations to finish. And please know Obama never believed in using a independent investigator. It was always his staff. Please not that Susan Rice is being caught and I cannot believe she did it on her own because she and Obama were so close.

  2. Praise God. Thank you President Trump. God was the one that put in office and you are honoring your promises pls exceeding. I pray for you and your family everyday and Vice-President Michael Prnce ad his family . God bless.

  3. amen…why can we not have a trump in the UK??? ….our politicians are as twisted and corrupt like your DEM's….please help us president trump…please sir…put hard pressure on the UK to screw the EU and fight back against this communist invasion…and the Islamic one to…

  4. Godbless you, Mr President and also our Mr Vice President. We have never had a better pair of leaders, and I have been around since FDR!

  5. I don't personally think a church should support one candidate over the other but the idea that they are restricted from doing so is so wrong! The idea that a minister in the pulpit has to be careful what he says because of offending the government is just plain un-Constitiutional!

  6. This is a man who is standing up for Americans rights for the majority of the people not the minority and I pray that God will bless him and give him prosperity even more than he already has in his life I pray that his family will be blessed with good health and prosperity

  7. this stuff is all good on the face of it, but remember, at some point in the future, dems will be in charge again, and you can believe, they will do everything they can to turn all these changes against us, and changing what they want to suit them.

    • All the more reason to get a lot done and fast. It takes time to reverse things. So if Trump does it early in his presidency not only will he get a lot done, but the longer it will take to undo. And hopefully by that time the liberals will have learned something and not be so perverse and hateful.

      • They won't be in power if Ivanka is voted in as 1st female President in 8 years. Who would want those undemocratic Liberals in power ever again. They are the epitome of evil!

    • Then it is up to us, not to let that happen. We need to vote in forces in 4 'years and keep President Trump in office another 4 years! God Bless you Mr. President!

    • After all the bad, the evil they have allowed. Going against our President and us the American people. I so not think they will be in charge ever again. I pray hard they aren't ever.. never seen such vengeful, hurting , crying, not doing their jobs in my life time as the libs and democrats. They need to be replaced, gain respect again by backing our President and us the people.

  8. Thank you President Trump! Far too many preachers and priests have been vocally suppressed about telling this nations people the word of God. And, the result is far too many of our citizens have lost God and his word. We must stop the progression toward Sodom and Gomorrah.

  9. Thank you Mr. Trump my president, I appreciate your respoce and your caring thought for our nation. I pray that you will keep up your faith. We will make America Great Again. Only and through the help of our Lord Jesus Christ!!

  10. I love it!! God bless President Trump.
    I had lost all faith in politicians and swore never to waste my time and money on politics ever again. Then Donald Trump came along. He is not a politician looking for a career position. He is not for sale, politicians hate him and he loves my country as much as I. My prayers have been answered.

  11. President Trump is a breath of fresh air!! WE THE PEOPLE have had enough and just because we are not out burning things, breaking things, hollering and acting the fool DOES NOT mean we are not invoveled, we voted him into office..against all the bias, the lies, the cheating from some democrats, WE may be quieter AND wiser but WE are here, WE support our President and all he is doing, and WE THE PEOPLE will not go backwards. WE WANT SAFE SHORES, WE WANT THE WALL BUILT, WE WANT ECONOMIC SOUNDNESS, WE WANT VETTING, WE WANT PERSECUTION OF CHRISTIANS STOPPED, WE WILL NOT SUBMIT TO SHARIA LAW. WE ARE TIRED OF BIG GOV CHEATING US, LYING TO US . WE ARE SICK OF POLITICAL CORRECTNESS. GO PRESIDENT TRUMP, MORE THEN HALF THE WORLD ARE BEHIND YOU. Thoughts and Prayer are with you and your family. Dont let them get to you. Hang tough. Much love n respect for all your hard work and your sincere care.

    • You said it all you Summed it Up for us all..yes because we don't go out destroying other peoples stuff Protest (Riot) don't mean we are not behind Our PRESIDENT TRUMP VICE PRESIDENT PENCE.WE LOVE AND HONOR ALL HE IS DOING THAT IS RESPECT AND we are doing just that.but i will say if it gets to the Point we have to we will do it with respect and love for all , We Will And Have Your BACK..I PRAY THAT OTHERS WHO DON'T NO OR FOR SOME ODD REASON ARE BRAIN WASHED SOON GETS IT TOGETHER AND JUMPS ABOARD HOWEVER I NO AND BELEIVE THAT YOU WERE CHOSEN FROM GOD. PRAYERS FOR STRENGTH AND WISDOM AS WE ALL GO ON THiS long journey..its going to be tough but if its not worth Fighting for its not worth having..with God All things are Possible..

  12. The biggest difference is that PRESIDENT TRUMP is a CHRISTIAN. Not on special holidays , but everyday. An example for us all. All religions wil benefit from this. May GOD BLESS HIM FOR THIS and please keep him safe!

  13. Oh my God! This is so huge. I have been posting this around the country. For all Christians, they know the story of how the Holy Spirit lead Jesus up on the mountain to be tempted by satan, and satan told Jesus that if He we submit to him that he would give Jesus authorithy and power over the land. This is the same thing is as when the Government tells the Church do not preach to us and we will give you money, but it is in the form of tax exemption. This is a move of the devil opperating in the U.S. government.

  14. Thank so very much Mr. President. You really an exceptional President. You are every Christian dream of a President. May your tribe increase !!! WE will be praying for you.

  15. Be prepared, then, for American politics to enter the Sanctuaries of churches – both conservative and progressive. I'm not sure that is Gospel, but we will see.

  16. President Trump is doing what no other politician in my 70 years has ever done, except possibly Raegan. He is doing what he said he would do and he is trying to protect American Citizens. In my humble opinion, those that art blocking his efforts are committing Treason and other illegal acts against America. The penalty for Treason is Death. He would be well within his rights to have EVERY single one of them arrested and imprisoned and I firmly believe he should do just that.

  17. Thank you Mr.President, So many things have been taken from us now maybe we will get it back. I worked all my life paid into Social Security this is another thing that our money was taken from to fund other projects. Standing Beside You.

  18. Thank you President Trump. You are the best thing that has happened to this country in a very long time please continue to help our churches, so we may have a more moral Way of life in this country,and our veteran's need us now more than they ever have. And please president Trump help the old people they are what made this country what it is today.

  19. President Trump is doing his part to protect our religious freedom. Now it is time for all preachers to do their part. We must quit worrying about attendenc and stepping on someone's toes and preach the whole gospel! It's time for some real "Heii Fire & Brimstone" preaching before it's too late. Come on all you evangelical preachera out there; "Let's Roll"!

  20. Cannot say how thankful I am with Trump
    Thank you God for the bountiful rain of your Grace and love that will produce a bountiful Hares of Righteousness over all the earth.
    God is on the move, changing hearts and sending untold Blessing to all

  21. This sounds good at first glance, and it might be good, but doesn't it give the same right to all forms of religion? Not just the Christian churches?

  22. So now … any pastor can speak freely about politicians like rev. Wright does already!!! Isn't it more about speaking freely about the issues and outcomes and the sinful nature that effect the culture? Is not about a person it's about the persons belief system.

  23. You are an awesome president. All you're doing is making America great again and I can't understand why so many are against it

  24. I support Trump. However, I am not all that sure I like this. I believe that Christians have a right to have a voice. But this sounds a lot like separation of church and state. The influence that the church can have on the country could introduce all kinds of problems. Reason for this concern. He can not omit one church. The Muslims have a church. I am always concerned when religious factions have influence over government.

    • The Muslims already preach whatever they want. Why do you suppose some immigrants (legal & illegal) and American citizens become radicalized? Why are there enclaves, like Dearborn, MI, creating no-go zones in American cities? Why do you suppose Muslim demonstrators hit the streets and "legally" protest our American way of life? Muslim imams preach whatever they please!

      Freedom is always dangerous! The freedom of choice, which God gave to Adam and Eve, was very dangerous, and it got us where we are today. But without freedom of choice and free will, we will be a prison nation/world. Enough of our freedoms have been taken from us, if we want to be free, there are risks!

  25. This is one of the most wildly inaccurate things I've ever read. It's no wonder most people think Trump and his followers are crazy.

    • Bill, If you like your health plan, you can keep it. If you like your doctor, you can keep them. You can't BS the people on this site.

  26. Thank you once again President Trump and may our good Lord Jesus bless you like you've never been blessed before.

  27. That Judge needs to let the President do his job, that's why he was elected, those Liberals need to accept that he was fairly elected with Electoral Votes, my goodness do we have a lot of Babies. We need someone in Office who is going to protect us not destroy our Country like Obama has done. President Trump has a lot to do without so much interference.

  28. God bless Trump & his family and I want everyone to know that we have a Beautiful 1 Lady ,I am 57 and I have not ever seen a Beautiful Lady in the white house .

  29. Speaking TRUTH. Keeping Promises. New Concepts For United States Presidents. This election resulted in many of "The "Dupes" and enemies of FREEDOM showing clearly who and what they are.

  30. The first amendment applies in church just as much as it does in secular society. But there is a difference. Those opening them their mouths in the name of God are responsible to the same. I would encourage all Christians for that reason to watch their mouth

  31. Not all gifts come from God!!! Let us never forget who roams this earth!!! To let churches form PAC's and start campaigning and endorsement of candidates goes against church and state!!! Do not be fooled by the hand that gives it!!! And if your church is using its parishes money to candidates then maybe you need to question your own faith who you really serve! ….

  32. Father we thank you for President Trump, his family and Cabinet. L-rd we ask you to protect the President , the Cabinet and their families in the Name of Jesus and by His blood.
    Thank you so much L-rd for everything and please open the eyes of those that din't understand in Jesus Name.
    Thank you for the great Love that President Trump has for Israel!!! In Jesus name AMEN!!!

  33. I do not believe churches should participate in any form of pollitics their members should use their vote to enforce their beliefs – these charismatic preachers are nothing more than gold digging cult leaders very dangerous to society
    However President Trump thank you for your stand against the fanatical cult called islam hopefully they can be forced to recognise all nations and treat women like humans

  34. Thank you President Trump, it seems the only ones that were being threatened were Christians , we are a Christian nation!

  35. Love our President…keep up the more than amazing job. Never seen such quick work and strength in a man. David is facing Goliath (our media and hollywood) and wins. Thats the blessing of God Almighty!!! Go Trump… you were born for this hour!

  36. I believe preachers can preach all they want,and people can pray all they want,but see no reason
    That they shouldn't pay taxes,I pay why shouldn't they.Churches take in millions of dollars and if
    They want to tell us how to think ,who to vote for pay taxes.

  37. Past Presidents have loved Billy Graham…(even if only to pander to Christians) but it is obvious that Barack Obama and his "cabinet"…JUST "tolerated" Franklin Graham…until they influenced the IRS to single out and "stonewall" most or ?ALL? 501C3 applications from Faith-based organizations from being approved!!

  38. I believe that ALL people should be able to voice their opinions- thank you Franklin Graham for helping make our freedom of religion possible again!!

  39. God bless President Trump for his love of country and be willing to make hard choices to clean up the mess obama and the thugs around him have made.
    Also Bush and Clinton helped this mess too.
    God Bless America.

  40. We have to stand strong in our faith…Christians are not the minority in the U.S. We are the too silent majority. We need to spend more time on our knees and in churches. We need to fight for OUR rights.

  41. We are not the minority. We are the TOO silent majority. We need to defend our faith and stand up for what we believe in…The Bible tells us if we deny Him in front of men He will deny us to His Father in Heaven.

  42. We need to have those that have come to our country in the past and understand the dangers we face in this questionable judicial resolve come forth and openly present their views. I less than 5 minutes past, was talking with an assistant to my wife and I as we were registering as guests in a fine hotel. This man was an immigrant from Albania 20 years past. He recently, 3 years past, took his family back to visit is home land. His Christian faith was almost unrecognizable as the muslim faith now rules and problems abound. He is very sad with the recent judicial ruling and sees the negativity that will follow in time here in America. He indicates that his country has become the drug, prostitute rout northerly and a few dollars paid to the area youth can easily result in kill crime activity. His home land is no longer home.
    Not the America I wish for my greater family!

  43. We will succeed! Donald J. Trump has the authority to suspend any and all nations from entering people who may be of harm to the US Citizens. Since this Ninth Circuit Court seems to feel he has overstepped his bounds, they need to realize that THEY ARE CHOSEN TO ABIDE BY OUR CONSTITUTION. These three judges did not abide by OUR CONSTITUTION today! I am definately for this opinion to be abolished and for OUR PRESIDENT, DONALD J. TRUMP to move forward with his AGENDA. Thank you sir, you are an AMAZING MAN WHO SHOWS HE LOVES THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA AND ITS PEOPLE!

  44. We are so thankful to have you as our President. Our God has placed you in this position and we are praying for the protection of you and your family . Also for the protection of our Vice President and his family. May God continue to bless and guide you every step of the way. We also thank you for your love and support of Israel and her people.

  45. Thank you president Trump. Sad to say Catholics maybe given some bad advice from the church, but you know this and are willing to do this anyway. This soeaks to the honesty of your belief in doing what is right. Gid bless and oeotect you always presudent Trump. AMEN.

  46. This applies to all religion. Christians, Muslims, and the list go on. Christians should not allow themselves to be used to support a divided Country. That is not what our Bible thought us.

  47. Thank God for a president who is not afraid to stand up, For America, and the Christian people of this great nation, Go Trump, we are behind you 100 percent

  48. How can we impeach these three judges including the judge who brought this injunction? They have to be acting contrary to the constitution. We the people voted and we will defend this President. Go Trump we are with you.

  49. PLEASE BOYCOTT the new judge before he is sworn in. He spoke against the Presidents remarks about bad judges. Seems to think it was unjust to speak about the liberal judges that stopped the Presidents order. There are bad judges and if he can't recognize them he should not be one of them

    STOP THE APPOINTMENT OF THE NEW JUDGE. NOT WORTHY OF THE APPOINTMENT. You need someone to support the President and not be against HIM

  50. God Bless you President Trump. We are so blessed and grateful to have you as our president. It feels good to finally have a President that truly loves this country of ours and will do everything he can to protect it and the people. You're a good man, a man of your word, and I appreciate you so much. You are in my prayers, I am behind you 100%. I am proud that you're my President.

  51. Every time i read this i cry tears of joy that we have elected a President that goes way beyond what we ever hoped or dreamed in everything he does. Thank you Mr. President for all you do for all Americans. Your the best and you truly Rock. I know God is smiling, and I know God is with you and helping you and all of us.

  52. Mr Trump, Be careful on which bible you swear any oaths. The most original Christian Bible is the King James Bible. I believe the Bible you have in your hand is the one first used by President Truman the RSV Bible when he was first sworn into office In a lot of these new Bibles the name Jesus and God is being replaced wth the name "man." To really find out about Christianity it is best compare the Bible that was used in the days of Babylon and is now used by the zionist Jews called the Talmud. False people incorrectly named Jews. Judaism is based on the first three books of the Old KJV Bible. Then along came Jesus turned over the tables of the money lenders and exposed the trouble was immediately put to die on the cross the same as every person since that has challenged the Money Lenders, Rothschilds, Warbirds, zionist etc. They have been in charge of every politician every where since and are not controlled by us the people. The worst thing they are doing is making us Christians challenge the Moslems whose banks lend their money to other moslems interest free. The FDR certainly doesn't do that. The KJV Bible certainly challenges debt money which is proven to not work look around you America.

  53. I love it that the nutty libs are so wanting Trump to leave the White House. That means President Trump gets his wonderful life back and we get President Pence a true conservative. The libs will long for the good old days of President Trump.

  54. Wow! Thank you Prez Trump, it's been a long time coming. So glad to get back on track with God and no restrictions.
    If the Libs don't like our Constitutional ways, they might like a country where they can be liberal…BUT NOT AMERICA!

  55. We love you Pres Trump . We are praying fr you and you administration here in Mexico. They have a lot of wrong information about immigration. Could you please put your promises in Spanish please. They think EVERYBODY IS BEING deported !

  56. God did it put that man in power. The people put him in power. Any human speaking such hateful rhetoric isn’t a follower of God. Please stop utilizing God as a means to defend this despicable man. Gave bestowed free will over his creation. He sat back and watched it unfold. The people asked for free will and this is the result.


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