TRUMP STRIKES BACK! The Judges That Blocked Trump’s Travel Ban Just Got Really Bad News…

Image Source: Fox News

BOOM! This is why you don’t get in front of the Trump train. After judges in the ninth circuit court of appeals banned Trump’s travel ban, it is becoming obvious that this court needs to be busted up.

It is the most reversed court in the country!

Republican Senators Jeff Flake and John McCain want to pass new legislation carve “carve six states out of the San Francisco-based court circuit and create a brand new 12th Circuit,” says Fox News.

Watch this video via Fox News below.



This means that the court has a reputation of being the most liberal court in the country. 18 of the court’s 25 active judges were appointed by Democrats. This is not fair and the court’s decision was totally stacked against Trump.

There is a reason that conservatives call this court the “Nutty 9th Circus” and its because the Supreme Court has overturned so many of this liberal court’s rulings.

This is massive and means that we have not lost the battle yet!

*** If you stand with Trump and want him to introduce the travel ban, let’s help stick it to this court by #SHARING this information 10 million times! 

If we all stand up we can stop them. We will destroy the nutty 9th court and make this country great again. Amen.

Thanks for reading, y’all! (h/t Fox News)


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  1. Well it sounds to me like if our president is going to be able to get it back out there an do what the American people hired him to do then the 9th court being Democratic needs to be dismantled. We have to bull crap from a Democratic government long enough, I think we need NEW butts in the seats an get our country back

  2. I'm with the ban for 90 days and with PresidentTrump! Fix the little quirks and do it again with nothing they can squawk anout just take the time to make sure it's right Pray there is no terror attacks before it gets through the "so called" judges!

  3. Disband this court and dissolve lifetime appointments. NO ONE SHOULD EVER GET A LIFETIME APPOINTMENT WITHIN THE GOVERNMENT. And this proves the point. Even the Supreme Court. NO ONE WHO SLEEPS DURI G THE JOB (and in Pictures) should still be employed Ruth!!!

  4. Our President is not being treated fairly. The Supreme Court needs to stop these liberals from destroying America! They are still in shock that Trump won, and are doing everything they can to stop him. Just give our President a chance, and stop this madness.

  5. I say dissolve this court, the 9th district, and then install new constitutional judges!!! arrest the current judges for sedition! they are putting this nation at risk and why???? because they have their heads up their arses!

  6. Where are the conservatives stand up for our new President, we always see the liberals protesting! And the liberal judges? They should be with the Presidents sides. Don't they understand the reason of all of these problem, FOR AMERICANS CITIZENS SECURITY. We don't want to be subjected on what Germany's refugees or illegals coming to this country.

  7. I agree with the President in his decisions on immegrants. If your here without properating papers then you do not belong,you came here illegal. If your family is here legal and working you are paying your fair share then special consideration should be made on a case by case bases. The families members involved in such action should be put in a controlled area where Americans are safe from any harm from them until they pass security checks.

  8. Thomas Jefferson abolished a rogue judges district when Jefferson was POTUS and melded it into another smaller district…..The president has the authority to do this…Trump needs to do it..

  9. 9th Circuit has set some really bad precedents. Particularly in the Criminal Offense arena. More bad case law, in favor of the criminals, has come from these clowns.

  10. Why not create a sort of Electoral college from all states but for judges in this country to make fare decisions that represent the entire country?

  11. We voted for President Trump because he is the only one capable to keep America safe, prosperous and stop corruption, invasion. Previous presidents did the same and nobody complained or stop them. This is just discrimination and hate against him and all of us who support him. The temporary ban in immigration MUST be authorize and criminal leeches should be out.


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