TURN OFF SNL! Donald is PI$$ED at the SICK Joke They Made Last Night

Source: NBC

It’s really kind of amazing. You would think that Saturday Night Live could literally not get any less funny or more offensive, but they manage to top themselves every single week! Scumbags…

Last night they had old Alec Baldwin on again doing his Trump impression, but this time they added in a little twist which is an insult to ALL Trump supporters…



Jeez! Is this really the kind of CRAP liberals are buying into these days? Love him or hate him, President Trump is DEFINITELY his own boss.


The “comedy” show even went as far as to make the president look like he had the brain of a mentally handicapped individual. REAL THOUGHTFUL, SNL!!!

Not only that, the writers of the show had the NERVE to report more FAKE NEWS again when they tried and make it look like Trump was fighting with Australia and Mexico on the phone. All 3 Countries already denied these rumors.

So, once again, the liberal machine is making up news then using it to brainwash their supporters into believing the world is ending. The BEST shot we have left is to Share this all over Facebook and hope people come to their senses!

(H/T – Daily Mail)



  1. I don't understand why this show is still on the air? No longer funny, just disgusting. I can't imagine what would have happened had they done this to obama??? It has become a sick show, remove it

  2. I was wondering why was Obama so mind set on taking away our rights to have guns, WAS it because it would have been a lot easyer for these terrorist to kill and cut off our heads, remember OBama is a muslim that is what some muslim do that hate americans, and OBama is one of them.

  3. They don't know it yet, but we the people say whether the stay on and make money.. We boycott there show,then were are they. I stopped watching years ago, to mean and nasty.

  4. They really need to shut this show down. It's no longer funny. I couldn't finish watching the video. Shut it down and only run the The old episodes from back in the day when actors were doing their jobs and acting. Not trying to be a politicians.

  5. All the actors and actresses that are on SNL have no real career there has been or nobody wants them and she makes fun and degrade the president of the United States text Jo no respect for themselves of course you have to have respect for yourself before you can respect anybody else and me I'm a Christian and I to believe God has chosen Donald Trump as Commander in Chief but let's never forget that the Lord Jesus Christ is King I'm 55 years old and in all the years every president that I can remember talked about what Donald Trump is doing he's got more done in his first 15 days then all the others have gotten done in their whole term of 8 years SNL is a cheap overrated show I would never allow my children to watch not even my teenagers hey my kids are 32 and 37 and I don't even want them watching it that one actor who plays Donald Trump I can't even remember his name now he's made such a spectacle of himself the storyline for SNL is getting very old and ridiculous I'm not rich I've never been rich I'm not poor and I've never been poor I'm happy with what I have and I'm very happy with our new president and the First Lady

  6. Shadow president? Really? They aren't Hillary and Obama. And talking of a shadow president or shadow government they should research what has happened over the last 8 years. Approximately 8 people died within 2 months in the summer of 2016. They either had a connection to Hillary, Obama, or the DNC. The Arab Spring was backed by the State Department. Those in Benghazi were left to die by Obama and Hillary to cover up their criminal activities. There is so much more it could fill a book or two.

  7. Alex Baldwin ain't even a D actor. He is and always was a bad actor. And a comedian he ain't either. Now they got him being a host on a game show That was popular with Gene Rayburn as much as I liked that show. I would not watch it with old Alec.

  8. I'm sick of these shows like SNL,Jimmy Kimmel and Stephen Colbert berating our President when they never said a word when Obama was ruining our country! I have boycotted them
    for over a year now!

  9. We are all growing sicker and sicker of these Media Wars. All aspects of them….it is time to stop the clamor and just get this potential train wreck turned around before it is too late! Get this selected cabinet confirmed, new judge installed, improve our vetting, remove dangerous illegals, stop the flow of illegal immigrants on our borders, make our military strong, tax relief for middle class Americans and small business, repair out infrastructure, focus on putting Americans back to work and off the government dole, support and take care of our Veterans and their families, improve healthcare options and make them affordable and accessible to all Americans, protect life at all stages, keep Americans safe, get back to our fundamental roots, keep God in the present and future plans for America, end political corruption, media bias and fake news, keep our children's needs and welfare a top priority, provide the best pharmaceuticals available to the American people at reasonable prices, get the national debt under control and off our backs for future generations, etc…..I am tired of hearing and reading of all the bickering nonsense……we need to get to work….making our Country Greater!

    • Your comment actually makes a lot of sense, and I say this as someone from the other side of the spectrum. Unfortunately, I had to scroll down past numerous Obama hating, Hillary blaming rants to get to yours. I don’t get the sense there are too many on this your side who are willing to exhibit a degree of balance. It’s unfortunate, because the disenfranchised left and right have a lot more that binds than separates.

  10. SNL is not welcome in my home. Nor is anything to do with Target or Starbucks. Satanist Lady Gaga is also on that list. The NOT WELCOME mat is at the door.

  11. People who think this is funny are sick. I never watch this show as I think it is disgusting and have never liked Alex Baldwin in anything he was ever in. He is a has been. This show needs to be taken off the air.

  12. Does anyone but liberal losers watch SNL anymore? I don't think so. The rest of the nation has moved on to things that are entertaining and not simply nasty and ignorant. SNL used to be good. Once was fun to watch. Now? Not even remotely close. So sad for them.

  13. So the liberal parents who are rioting in the street, threatening people like Milo from breitbart must be so proud that their violent behavior is transferred successfully to their children and their children's behavior. So sick that parents are acting like aggressive dogs these days. And SNL should be so proud of their liberal audience is getting their message loud and clear: Do not be respectful to those in authority and to others' viewpoints. So SNL can take credit for this boy being beaten up and then the school administration beating the kid with a rejection instead of protecting him. Be so proud of yourselves, SNL. You are creating a sick society!!

  14. Liberals have really showed how stupid they are and brain dead they can be, especially Baldwin he never could act.then we can boycott their sloppy show

  15. It's called freedom of speech. SNL has been making fun of presidents since George Bush Sr. It comes with the territory. President Trump needs to get a thicker skin, it is just a TV show. Don't like it then don't watch it.

  16. Love SNL ability to provide humor in this horrific situation we as Americans have found ourselves in!! I love it they still use the
    Freedom of Speech!! Y'all are awesome!!!
    Piss off the sheep , open their eyes!

  17. I haven't really found anything in the skit itself that SNL has not done to any of our past presidents. They have done similar skits in the past. It's nothing in my opinion to really get mad at as it is expected of them to do this. I mean have you seen some of the skits they did on George Sr., George W., Bill Clinton and even Obama? Its not that I don't find it disrespectful but past presidencies have had to endure this as well.

  18. I am now an independent and I feel the Democratics are trying to pull the wool over our eyes. They wanted a women in office, then their next plan I'm sure was to get a homosexual, and then on down the line they are hoping for complete control making our wonderful country into what they desire, no more freedom,free speech, etc. I feel very strongly and I can see the brain wash they are already pushing on us. Plus many more things I see happening right before the eyes of the people. I know I'm only one person, but having watched their workings for over 60 plus years, they already have a lot of people under their thumb. While not liking the choice of candidates I voted for the lesser of the two evils.

  19. They are pathetic, not funny, rude and liars, Alec Baldwin is disgraceful. SNL, isn't worried about losing viewers that deal is done! Haven't been funny for long tine, now just hateful and rude!

  20. It was FUNNY. Saturday Night Live has made fun of Palin, Obama, Ford all kinds of people. Why cannot Trump be made fun of! Too Bad you can't see its a joke! LAUGH…

  21. Frankly, folks, SNL goes to far with a lot of their stuff I watched part of one of their shows. It made me so mad I had to change channels. Most of their stuff is in no way funny. It STiNKS

  22. SNL was virtually unknown outside the USA, but it's now become a massive hit here and around the world due to president trumps regular segments.


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