URGENT: Ex-CIA Operative Urges CIA Agents to do the UNSPEAKABLE!! President Trump’s Life is in SERIOUS Danger!


This is as disturbing as it gets folks. A former NSA analyst, who refers to himself as a “senior intelligence community friend”, took to Twitter to reach out to CIA agents and instructed them to commit treason .

Former NSA intelligence analyst John Schindler instructed a coup against the president of the United States, telling them that now is the time to “GO NUCLEAR”

Schindler also shared a message from a former friend in the Intelligence Community (IC) that began with the words “HE WILL DIE IN JAIL!”


If that wasn’t sick enough, Schindler then speculated what would happen to a Trump supporter if they showed up at an intelligence center in retribution for the coup.


Schindler isn’t the only intelligence community official who is sending messages to the CIA. Ex CIA agent, Evan McMullin, labeled Donald Trump a “domestic enemy” who “presents a threat to the country”.

Of course CNN gave McMullin a platform to spew his hate even further.


During an an interview, McMullin took it upon himself to speak for the entire intelligence community.

ex CIA agent Evan McMullin

“I’ll tell you what their concerns are. Their concerns are that Donald Trump presents a threat to the country because of his — what they see as his relationship with Vladimir Putin and the relationship of his team to other Russian intelligence officers.”

This isn’t about Russia, this is about Obama appointed officials who are willing to do and say anything to hurt our president.

There has NEVER been a president in our history who has had to deal with these kinds of threats. President Trump has dangerous enemies on the inside and the outside. He needs to get these traitors out and get them out fast!





H/T info wars, zero hedge

I am best described as a Constitutional conservative. I strongly believe in constitutionally limited government, individual freedom, and personal responsibility. I can no longer stand on the sidelines and watch my country lose a game that we were built to master. I am speaking up! Please visit my blog and speak up with me!


  1. Because we have NEVER had an out going president who spent 8 horrible years not only hating America but insidiously spewing it throughout our nation calling it good to weak minded people who absorbed it; and snakely creating ways as OFA suddenly showing up as shadow government to keep a throttle hold on what he won’t let go of. Needs tried for these treasonous acts. They should not be allowed to profit. Congress — or God – needs to do something very radical to counteract such actions.. or well, just let Trump have a go at it!

  2. Get rid of them all and put your people in in there place. If I was the president they would all be gone in a heart beat. Go get them President Trump.

  3. I don’t know if this is correct or not…I don’t know who is behind this…but it needs to be investigated. If obama is behind it he should be charged with TREASON and arrested…those following him should be arrested also.

  4. Presiadent TRUMP, the American people are scared, for you and for our country. Why isn’t this shadow government being dealt with? Why isn’t Obama being arrested for Treason? What he is doing, in my opinion, is far worse than Watergate and yet Nixon was dealt with rather quickly. We the people know you have promised safety. Wouldn’t arresting Obama make the American people feel safer? I trust you and know you are aware of what is right. Please help us not to worry. God bless you as you make important decisions.


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