THE WALL IS COMING! Trump Just RUINED Lying Media With 2 EPIC Tweets After They Attacked His Wall

Source: (Left) Michael Vandon -[email protected]/ , (Right) Wonderlane -

The Mainstream Media just started spitting a big load of BS to try and turn us against Donald Trump again! This time they expect us to believe that the Great Wall of Mexico will cost us DOUBLE the amount Trump promised.

The new price was reported after Reuters allegedly saw a “leaked” report from Homeland Security claiming the wall could cost up to $22 Billion and take 3.5 years to build.

YEAH RIGHT! Maybe by OLD government standards it would have cost that much, but under a great negotiator and builder like President Trump, there is no way it will be that much.

Trump shot back with a Tweet sets the record straight once and for all.



The Tweets read,

I am reading that the great border WALL will cost more than the government originally thought, but I have not gotten involved in the design or negotiations yet. When I do, just like with the F-35 FighterJet or the Air Force One Program, price will come WAY DOWN!

Now let me clarify. I am NOT saying the report Reuters saw was fake. Neither is Donald Trump. I am simply saying that the way people are REPORTING on the Reuters story is intended to lead people to think the price of the wall has doubled, which it has not.

Hell, to Reuters credit, they even said in their article that the report had NOT been viewed by Trump and was not finalized.

So there you have it. Now that you know the TRUTH of the matter, it’s up to all of you to Share this with every Trump supporter so we can Correct the Record!



  1. The MSM will be on DJT nonstop, apparently they have an agenda totally different from his and it is UN American. That makes them the enemy. It sure looks like Alex Jones is right,there is a war on for your mind. Well they say God moves in mysterious ways and thanks to him and all the alternate news networks the MSM is becoming much less influential. Mostly a bunch of ego maniacs out to make as much money as they can. Hence, the term presstitutes, if you don't make waves you don't get ahead. Classic example. Megyn Kelly at the first debate doing her best to skewer DJT. Now we know who won the Presidency and Megyn is off to some other network at an exorbitant price and that will grow her net worth nicely.


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