AMAZING: Donald Trump Just Promised Something So HUGE For Taxes Reagan Would Be Proud!

Source: Youtube

A lot of people have been saying how Donald Trump is the new Ronald Reagan. Sure, that sounds good, but Trump has no desire of just being the new Reagan.

Last night he went on FOX News and made a promise to the American people and business owners that could very well SAVE our country. Here is HIS plan for taxes,

“It will be the biggest tax cut since Reagan and probably bigger than Reagan!”

Oh my! Bigger than Reagan?! That sounds incredible!

And how much of a Tax cut? Well, Trump already answered that too!


“We’re going to get a big reduction, we’re going to bring business down from 15% to 20% from 36% and 38% and higher in some instance.”

So I am sure you are thinking, “Well, that sounds great, but words are cheap. When is this tax cut gonna happen?”

DON’T WORRY! Sean Spicer already answered that! In an interview with the Irish Independent, Spicer said,

“We are going to have tax reform after we get health care┬ácompleted. I think we are looking at late spring to summer.”

Makes perfect sense. Taxes are gonna be HUGE but first thing we gotta do is make sure everyone can survive and afford health care.

If you are excited to see all of Trump’s big plans become reality, then you GOTTA show him support.┬áSpread this news and let the world know that Donald Trump is putting America First!



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