ATTACK OF THE DRONES: Trump Just Launched The Drones! Look Where They Are Flying Now…

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Attack of the Drones! The United States has begun deploying attacking drones to South Korea. They are dong this because North Korea has increased their nuclear and missile programs.

Gray Eagle Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) are permanently stationed at the Kunsan Air Base – which is 150 miles south of Seoul.

“The stationing of this company, which will be assigned to the 2nd Combat Aviation Brigade of the 2nd Infantry Division, directly supports the U.S. Army’s strategic plan to add one Gray Eagle company to each division in the Army,” U.S. Forces Korea said in a press release.

“The UAS adds significant intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance capability to U.S. Forces Korea and our [Republic of Korea] partners.”


*** They are doing this because North Korea is continuing to threaten its neighbors with frequent missile tests.

Last week, North Korea fired four missiles into the Sea of Japan in a practice run for hitting U.S military bases in Japan.

The Grey Eagle drones fly for 24 straight hours and can carry four Hellfire missiles, according to the Army.

A South Korean official had this dire warning:

“In case of a war on the Korean Peninsula, the unmanned aircraft could infiltrate into the skies of North Korea and make a precision strike on the war command and other major military facilities,” the official said.

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Their sycophantic psychopathic leader wants to start a war. Do you think Donald Trump will stop him?? YES or NO? (h/t The Hill)

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  1. North Koreas leader is a very dangerous and mentally unstable man. My husband fought in Korea and they called it a police action , not a war. There were many that died fighting and were subject to not crossing a river, to go after the enemy. This is what it has led to instead of going in and wiping them out. It was a cat and mouse game , with dire consequences. His goal is to be remembered for destroying and taking over, using missiles , if necessary.. Jong will stop at nothing to achieve this as he wants a War. He is a mad man with one goal in mind!

  2. Which way is this going to affect the world? Most people are wondering when the third world war will occur. Some might say it has been happening for some time. The Korean leader is aching for a fight and sending in drones with missiles aboard will certainly heat things up in Korea. When most people think of wars these days, they tend to think of Muslims. That’s another war. The Netherlands and Turkey have something going. There is so much insanity going on in the world. Most of it caused by greed and ego. Power struggles are rampant all over the globe. A difference in ideology and/or religion fuels all wars.

  3. Anything Trump does he knows what he is doing? So we are standing beside him. We are like a big family so lets stand by him in everything he does to keep this country free of all things that want to destroy us.


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