After Attacking Trump For Months, Amy Schumer Finally Got Hit With Worst News Of Her Life!

Image Source: Netflix

Netflix abandoned their traditional star-based rating system. They have now changed it to a thumbs up/thumbs down version, according to Variety.

The new rating system will move people to better personalize what the content platform recommends to them. They did right after Amy Schumer’s “Leather Special” on Netflix. This got harpooned immediately after thousands of viewers started slamming her terribly unfunny special.


Check out Amy Schumer and this video about her stealing jokes.


Let’s admit it. Amy Schumer is not funny.

Many have drawn the connection between the fact that millions of people voted for Trump and many of them really dislike Amy Schumer now.

That’s why we need to cut Amy Schumer out of our lives. She does nothing but push her socialist Democrat agenda.


Paris is the best writer on the Internet and helped get Donald Trump elected President in November 2016.


  1. Screw Amy Schuler! When new on the scene, Amy was hysterical and I loved her comedy! Now she has let the success of Trainereck go to her head and she joined the Liberal Celebrity Club! What a tragic waste of a once brilliant career!

  2. Amy Schumer is a huge copy cat and she isn’t even good at it.

    A bad comedian can never come up with their own material because they have no sense of what’s funny. Usually, a bad comedian uses a lot of vulgarity and crudeness. They just aren’t funny ….. AT ALL. A good, funny comedian can make you laugh without dropping F Bombs or using their own bodies for laughs which never works.

  3. I think DJT is waiting to get most of his political appointees approved before going after these people that are committing slander and hiding behind the 1st amendment,especially that woman that put up a horrible billboard in Phoenix. The left needs to learn when they criminally slander our President they are offending the millions of people that elected him. Even if DJT was politically correct in everything he says the left would still go after him because his views are diametrically opposed to theirs. Just like the obummer who always tried to say things that were politically correct while we were being robbed blind. He was an amateur when he took office and was worse when he left after eight years and I had to suck it up all that time. Hey, all you demorats remember what they say about payback? It has to be awful because they cannot stop screaming and telling lies.
    Worse still is all the talk about assassination and the secret service seems to be asleep on watch. Looks like they need to go thru some rigorous retraining or be replaced. I’ll bet there are a lot of retired and active duty Seals and Rangers out there that would love to take their place. They need to start with that woman in Denver that would not take a bullet for the President. I hope she was reassigned to an igloo in Nome.

  4. Free advice for Amy, stop borrowing jokes, lose some weight and become a Republican. I remember an old saying from a kiddy cartoon from way back when, Time for Beanie, “If you can’t whip em, join em”. Now that is some good advice.


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