COLBERT IS SCREWED! Last Night He did the UNTHINKABLE to Kellyanne Conway!

Source: NBC/ CNN

Stephen Colbert has not been funny for YEARS and, after what he did to Kellyanne Conway last night, he NEEDS to be fired!

During his “The Late Show” he decided to MOCK the first woman to ever run a successful Presidential campaign just because she spoke openly the huge amount of spying Obama did on the American people.

She even brought up the fact that the CIA could use microwaves and refrigerators to spy on people now. Leave it to a CLASSLESS guy like Colbert to make light of this horrifying fact.

He put a microwave on one of his Cameras to mock her and even sent a message to Obama BEGGING him to come back! (Around the 8 minute Mark)


It took a lot of courage yesterday for Kellyanne Conway to go on air and publicly talk about the SICK surveillance programs committed by the CIA under the “Patriot Act.”

The reason they are “joking” about it is because they know how true it is! Sure, Obama may not have used a microwave in Trump Tower, but there are MILLIONS of ways to spy just like that.

Even those nice little ALEXA devices by Amazon seem to be working for the CIA. Check out what happens when you even mention the CIA to them!

See? Tell me that is not creepy.

However, this is not about the CIA. This is about defending Kellyanne Conway, a hero to American working women and mothers.

If you want to help her out, then do these 2 things:

  1. Share this to get Colbert Fired
  2. Pray for Kellyanne’s safety. Liberals are INSANE these days.




  1. Aw some republicans got their feelings hurt. Poor snowflakes. Cant flock together like sheep following their clueless shepherd without Colbert pointing out how paranoid the republicans are about everything. #Americaisworsethankstrump


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