DEMOCRATS ARE RUINED! James Comey Just ENDED All Russian Lies with 1 BRUTAL Fact!

Source: Youtube

Today we finally got some REAL answers from the FBI about the Russian election hacking. Now Democrats are FREAKING OUT over what James Comey revealed. They are so SCREWED!

The Democrats decided to ask Comey straight up “Did Russia make ANY attempt to hack the electoral system?”

That’s when Comey and NSA Director Michael S. Rogers dropped this bombshell on them:



Ouch! But what about all the claims that Hillary Clinton won and Russia hacked the election? I mean sure, we already knew that they didn’t succeed, but this is saying there was NO attempt at all!

Oh, and to put icing on the cake, Comey also revealed one key piece of info that TOTALLY discredits everything the Democrats claimed.

According to the FBI’s investigation, Russia was NOT trying to help Donald Trump win.

Putin thought Hillary Clinton (who he hated) was gonna win because of all the polls and was supposedly working to sabotage her as President. That means that Trump was voted in by the American people 100%!!

We need to help President Donald Trump set the record straight once-and-for-all and let the world know that James Comey said the Democrats are FULL OF IT!



  1. I am sick and tired of the false facts that the people voted for Trump when the truth is he lost the popular vote. That means to me he lost the popular vote where most of the people did not vote for him. (He paid off the electoral college to win?) That is the only win not the popular vote of the majority of the citizens voted for president.

  2. And comey and the NSA are the ones who openly failed at their jobs. Comey states the law is broken for wiretapping.u.s. Citizens in any format and disseminating those facts to the Wash Post! Ok and NSA is directed by the American public to protect us from being wiretapped by them but did the wiretapping and only 30 possible persons there could have gotten the name from the wiretapping warrant for names on the phones but still owes us one or two of their own who did release name and leaked now owing us 10 total years in prison for the persons! Give us our mole or all get fired

  3. It is so funny because the Democrats were so sure that Russia was involved in helping Donald Trump win the election. I am glad that the FBI have set the record straight and maybe we can all move on and get something accomplished in the Government. Now, if the GOP will get off their rears and get Judge Gorsuch confirmed and maybe the important things in the Government will get accomplished.

  4. This guy has lied about everything ,DIDN’T investigate Scalia death, didn’t investigate clinton Benghazi,fast & furious , the tarmac incident between slick willie with lynch, the Bundy ranch killing shot by fbi @ close range in the back when no weapons were shown . Lynch telling the people not to offend any muslim or they would serve jail time .Didn’t investigate sharpton for failure to pay taxes to the tune of 4 &1/2 million dollars . Jail this comey for messing on the American people .He is anti American I wouldn’t trust this guy, hes also anti TRUMP the leader of this great country .God bless America !!!

  5. Comey has me very confused. First he let Hillary skate on her E-mail fiasco, So I thought with his ties to the Clinton Foundation that he was compromised in a way that favored the corrupt Hillary. But, Then he laid it out in such a way that gave no doubt to those who viewed the videos as to her guilt.Then sometime after that he raised doubt to Trumps claims of being wire tapped (which we all believe Barack is more than capable of doing..probable) The Dems bashed him then praised him now they’re bashing him again. Repubs bashed him, Then praised him, Then bashed him again. Maybe he was genuinely afraid of the Clinton Cartel hit men. He has an extended family… I just don’t know how to read this guy. Ya know what that means.. he’s good at his job 😉

  6. This is all a DISTRACTION. Not one statement made is applicable to any matter of national importance The Fake News MSM are distracting USA from the economy. A Depression is happening in front of your eyes. WAKE UP America. Obama and Yellen left such debt and destruction USA cannot get out in 25 years. Get ready for the next Great depression 90 years later. By year end this economy will not exist.

  7. Let them continue to make fools of themselves. The longer it goes on the more stupid they look. They never seem to tire of failure, do they?

  8. Love Trey Gowdy! What you witness is a Superb form of Deposition! He mopped the floor with Comey! And Comey may not even know it. This is not over for Mr. Gowdy…I can’t wait to see his next line of questioning.

  9. Like polluting our waters, discrimination against minorities, having the rest of the world laughing and criticizing his policies, both foreign and domestic, disputing leading scientists findings because he is a very “smart” man, eliminating meals on wheels, planned parenthood, and oh yeah “draining the swamp”! For real? My God, what does it take to see him for what he really is? Ps all this is his doing, not Hillary or Obama! You voted for this!! I pray you are well endowed with money, because it is going to cost you!


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