HEADS WILL ROLL: This General Just Told Trump a Secret That’ll Put Obama Behind Bars!

Image Source: http://fromtheright.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/shocked-donald-trump-12.jpeg, Vessel News

Obama should be guilty of the espionage act, or at least that is what Lt. Gen. Thomas Mcinerney weighed in on Devin Nunes and his bombshell revelations from this week.

He says that the Trump team was definitely spied on by the NSA/CIA and says that it wasn’t Russia-related. The Russia thing was just used as political cover in order to spy on Trump.

According to Vessel News, McInerney believes that when the evidence comes out that Obama will regret the day that he spied on Trump. He says that both Clinton and Obama are chimping out and pushing a fabricated Russian spy novel designed to take down Trump.


The Lt. General also believes that Clinton and Obama violated the espionage act:

“Section 793(f) of the federal penal code (Title 18): With lawful access to highly classified information she acted with gross negligence in removing and causing it to be removed it from its proper place of custody, and she transmitted it and caused it to be transmitted to others not authorized to have it, in patent violation of her trust.”

This is punishable by heavy fines and up to 10 years in prison. This means that Trump has got Hillary and Obama on the ropes. They can ACTUALLY go to prison. (h/t Vessel News)

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It’s up to us to make sure that the people of America see Hillary and Obama for the monsters they really are! Let’s get them thrown in jail!

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  1. I have read so much of this, yet nothing seems to be done, except talk! Don’t know about everyone else but, I would like to see action.

  2. Very nice dream to have, but seems no matter what they do they just keep getting away with over & over. By now you would think that with all their crimes they would be in jail by now. Even if sentenced to prison they both would find a loophole to get back out. I & many would love to see justice done, but seems they are above the laws & just breaking laws left & right without even a slap on the wrists!

  3. Paris, you are awesome!! Thank you for the updates. I always look forwards to read them as dio as they’re posted. Keep up the good work and keep the citizens of this country informed of the real news. We have to stand up for president Trump and give him all our support. We can’t let the left and it’s leaders get away with do much crap. Thank you

  4. Just get all of those ARSE kissers of Obama’s and more and in jail for a very very long time – they still are destroying America!

  5. Paris Stade: “and all you other so-called writers is just imitators.” Paris, since you claim to be the “best writer on the internet,” you might want to correct your verb “is” to “are.”

  6. Hopefully it will come out, and all of the other crap! Then let the Domino effect take over, and with GOD’S will, it all of the dealings done in the dark will be brought to the light!

  7. The truth is finally coming out! Of course the Dems are still pushing the Russian hacking theory, bc they know that once all this comes out, they’re going to be next! Obama, Hillary & whoever else is involved, Lynch, Comey, should be made to surrender their passports so they can’t flee from jurisdiction!

  8. We know that Clinton while Secretary of State revealed a closely held human Intelligence source to unauthorized members of her staff. Huma, Mills and Kennedy. They openly discussed him on unsecured media (the Clinton server) and provided information which could have allowed him to be identified. The agent was subsequently executed for espionage by Iran.

    That is sufficient evidence to convict them of violations of the espionage act and possibly murder.

  9. At last I’m vindicated by the General. I wrote his story a long time ago about thr Russians and since Clapper said he found nothing, that’s when I said it was an elaborate rousse. Granted a lot of people said I was nuts, but watching Obama and Hillary for the past decade,by here is nothing that would surprise me or that I would dare put beyond them. Check their psychological characteristics then put 2 and 2 together.

  10. I think that’s a bunch of BS trump is looking for anything to point the finger on obama, trump should look in the mirror he’s as crooked as they come.

  11. The FBI Director Comey who has been protecting Hillary “the dishonorable” Clinton and unfortunately her husband the “X” President William J. Clinton and especially her actions! He has protected and helped her out well actually the both Comey and Lynch of them going clear back to when they both were a DOJ Prosecutor for the northern eastern part of this Republic. Also “X” DOJ Loretta Lynch also helped the Clintons out of a pickle then and in 2016. Both of these individuals should of recused themselves because contrary to what they think they could not remain unbiased to do there job properly. Lynch meeting on the tarmac in Phoenix Arizona. Come on you know as well as I do they were not discussing Grandchildren for over thirty minutes the a couple of days later she says the DOJ will not prosecute. Then coming comes several times saying no evidence to request the DOJ prosecute because of her stupidity. Stupidity is not a legal out they do not recognize that when they go after military personnel for misfiling a single documents they prosecute them. I mean really Hillary “the dishonorable” Clinton has pulled the I hurt my head routine several times and the I don’t remember crap over thirty years. The last time Comey came out and no matter how you play it in the eyes of the citizens see it he has dirtied himself again and again when he claimed a week after the NYPD turned over Weiners lap top to the FBI because of the file they opened up and found all that document evidence that his wife Huma Abedin stored in a file that had 650,000 federal documents ranging from classified to SAP file the “closed system do not ever remove inside a special building no access by outside PC systems” that came off of Hillary “the dishonorable” Clinton’s private server hardrives! That Comey took one week to say there was nothing or no new evidence on them to prosecute her for! What a total load of duplicitous BS out of Comey’s mouth! He screwed himself from the very beginning when he answered before a Congressional committee yes to everyone of there questions such as is she guilty, was there classified documents, was her unsecured system hacked? He answered in the affirmative or yes to every question then has the audascity to say she’s your stupid to be prosecuted! The point is he should of recused himself from any investigation dealing with the Clinton’s and Obama because contrary to his statement he knew and that orders were given! Frankly I just don’t see how Comey can think he can be impartial when he can’t after how he’s handled it and frankly the way it looks from the outside knowing how things work that he gives the appearance of being in cahoots and probably should be prosecuted or fired for his actions. Either Comey recuses himself now and let’s another ranking FBI agent who has absolutely no past with any people envolved to handle all the investigations until Comey can proved innocent or duplicitous to clear himself. In either event he should be put on suspension or fired!

  12. Of course it was a Cover Up; it’s what They ALWAYS DO! They do something unethical or unlawful; people become suspicious and then have evidence of the wrong; they Vehemently deny it; they blame the accuser and try to make them look Crazy; they GET CAUGHT; THEY MAKE UP A LIE TO COVER UP! That sounds about right! All they do is make Trump supporters dig their heels in deeper and even produce Trump converts!


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