HELL FRICKIN’ YES! In His First 2 Months In Office, Trump Did The One Thing That Obama Never Could!

Image Source: Photo by Max Goldberg

Trump has now officially reduced the debt by $100 Billion since Obama increased the debt by $400 billion. That’s a half a trillion dollar difference.

Are you tired of winning yet??

On January 20th, the day after Trump’s inauguration the US Debt stood at $19,947 billion. By March 16, the most recent US debt stands at $19,846 billion.


That means that Trump has cut the US debt by $100 billion and 0.5% in the very first months since his inauguration.

President Trump has increased the Debt burden by $400 billion after his inauguration in March 19th, 2009. This happened in his first two months in office. Obama increased our debt by 3.9% during his first Stimulus bill. It was a colossal failure.

This comes one month after Trump cut the US debt by $12 billion. It is now at $100 billion. We will never stop winning! (h/t The Gateway Pundit)

We can’t stop winning, winning and winning, patriots! If you love Donald Trump, SHARE this article on your wall right away! Whew! God bless our President.

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  1. We love this President Trump. Let’s win big with President Trump all the way to 8 years in office. Then V. President Pence after 8 years. GOD BLESS THIS ADMINISTRATION!!

  2. Error in paragraph between two charts. Should say Obama increased debt $400 billion, instead of Trump, in 2009.


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