IT’S HAPPENING! If Jason Chaffetz Is Right, Obama Will Be Behind Bars By Tomorrow!

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Utah Congressman Jason Chaffetz has subpoenaed two agents from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms to appearĀ before his committee. They are doing this in connection with Obama’s gun-running program, Fast and Furious. These firearms that were essentially given to cartels under Obama’s watch were involved in the murder of Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agent Jaime Zapata in Mexico. That’s sick.

May he rest in peace, ICE Special Agent Jaime Zapata

Chaffetz issued the subpoena after the two ATF agents refused to show up before the committee voluntarily. This is what we need to do. We need to force these people to be responsible for what they have done. FINALLY.

Get him, Chaffetz! Why did Obama never get in trouble for Fast and Furious gun trafficking when he left office. This lead to Agent Zapata being killed by one of the guns involved in the gun trafficking scheme that went on under Obama’s watch.

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The Democrats have blood on their hands. It’s time to make Obama pay for it finally. If our representatives keep on doing stuff like this, we might get to see Obama finally go down for all the crimes under his watch (h/t Breitbart)


  1. I love Chaffetz, especially when he is from my home state. Glad he’s on our side. If ever the feces was about to hit the AC it is now. Wiretapping, under-the-table money to his private fund, Fast and Furious and obstinate agents, not to mention his not-too-invisible program to unseat Trump? The bricks are stacked and leaning in O-Bummer’s direction with Chaffetz on the other side pushing. Get ’em, JC!

  2. So in the past decade, Barack the “Manchurian President” and clearly the “enemy from within” created the worst kind of hatred and division EVER! He engaged in one illegal scandal after another, Destroyed health care in America, Sent the crime rate and unemployment rate sky rocketing…The staggering deficit under dictator Hussein…. Sadly, this is too little too late. The damage he inflicted is EXACTLY what Soros owned Obama’s mission was. To bring America to her knees. The entire system CIA,FBI,IRS,NSA,HOMELAND SECURITY, MSM,Our military and our school system have been compromised with greedy, bad people who have no moral compass. Hero President Trump is a Daniel in the lions den. David taking on Goliath. He needs divine intervention and our prayers to drain this putrid swamp!

  3. Why do you have these ‘fake’ headlines? I would like nothing better than to see Obama in jail tomorrow, but this isn’t going to happen. These fake headlines are as bad as fake news!

  4. Let’s get the ball rolling. The pins are about to fall. People will turn on each other to protect themselves…get a lesser sentence…book deals etc. Winning again. GO TRUMP GO

  5. Uh..yeah..sure..right..uh huh..ok..yeah..sure..I’ll believe that s–t when I see it..uh huh..yep..yes sir..crock of you-know-what!

  6. Holy Krap..Did Maloney actually mention the BOGUS, FEMA drill, Sandy Hook HOAX!?!? This is not about the liberal, Gun Control agenda. This is about bad people committing crimes and a corrupt Obama regime covering for it!!!!

  7. I’ll. Believe it when I see it
    Whatever came from the big Issa hearings?
    The Gowdy hearings?

    They were like cheap fireworks….
    Lots of smoke & sizzle…. then fizzle..
    No Bang

    Those hearings are like paid election campaign ads… paid by the taxpayers.

  8. I guess this is pretty good. Running weapons to the drug cartel and then an agent gets murder who is suppose to be accountable? The man at the top.
    This is really hard to compress, government officials people we voted for , murdering, embezzling tax payers money is this what we hav become?

  9. I like the senator. I think he’s a good man and he certainly means well … BUT … The Obamas and the Clintons and the mole-skunks like Comey are so well connected (not to mention the dirt they have on so many in the congress and in the alphabet agencies) … not a one of them will ever spend as much as 15 minutes in jail. I don’t know how these skunk-moles have 10 year contracts (or any kind of contracts), but the FBI director IS under the authority of the Justice Department and THAT is Mr. Sessions! The U.S. Attorney General should keep Comey busy sharpening pencils and ASSIGN the really important and meaningful work to one of the lawyers who hasn’t been bought off yet. Same thing with ALL the anti-Trump Obama skunk-moles. If they can’t be fired then give them assignments that will keep them OUT of the administrations business!

  10. Chaffetz must REVOKE the agents’ Fifth Amendment priveleges before prosecuting and indicting.

    But it sounds as if the agents may want to go directly jail rather than address Congress’ Chaffetz prosecution.

  11. No it’s never happening. All the politicians get away with pretty much everything. I would like to see truth and justice with the politicians, but decades of abuse and nothing happens to them.

  12. And do not forget Holder who is equally guilty under our laws…Also both supplied arms to the enemy ISIS along with Hillary…Get all three.

  13. It would be nice if your writers would at least learn to spell and use proper grammar. It would add to your credibility if it did not appear to be written by a third grader.


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