Judge Napolitano IMMEDIATELY Fired From Fox After What He Said About Trump In This Video!

Image Source: Fox News

This is a breaking news report from Fox News. Judge Napolitano is going to be pulled off air indefinitely. Judge Napolitano made a claim that British intelligence wiretapped Trump Tower at the behest of Obama.

Fox News has not responded yet, according to the L.A. Times. Napolitano is now missing from Fox News – even during this historic coverage of Neil Gorsuch’s nomination.

Inside sources to LA Times said that Napolitano is not expected to return to Fox News any time in the near future. Napolitano has not commented currently.

Here is the video that got Judge Napolitano pulled of Fox News.


Judge Napolitano said this: “Fox News has spoken to intelligence community members who believe that surveillance did occur, that it was done by British intelligence.”

Fox News forced its anchors to walk back this statement. “Fox News knows of no evidence of any kind that the now-president of the United States was surveilled at any time, in any way,” professional shill Shepard Smith told viewers Friday.

Napolitano stands by his statements currently: He “reported what the sources told me, reported it accurately and I do believe the substance of what they told me.”


Do you think Trump was spied on? Do you think Judge Napolitano is right?? Trump can’t get anyone to go up to bat for them.

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We the people of the United States deserve to know who wiretapped Trump! We cannot let the Democratic controlled media spin this crap. (h/t L.A. Times)

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  1. Bring him back FOX ! Believe he is correct in what he said…but we all know the cover-ups that go on with the Clinton’s and Obamas…so to actually ever get to the truth is another question.

  2. Nothing wrong wth the judge he is telling the truth I have thought all along the wire tapped him the right person knows and has not stepped up yet

  3. the JUDGE shou dge the Next appointment on the Supreme Court!!… No one IS More Qualified !!!!!……
    and Talented and HONEST !!! and Constituional….

  4. I back the judge, Fox should not of fired him. I hope he finds a way to continue communicating the truth with us. He’s an honorable judge and man.

  5. Every time somebody hits a nerve they get whisked off to a dark hole never to be heard from again. I think Judge Napolitano was spot on .. It has to be..the network used Shepherd Smith to recuse itself and he is a substantial liar & leftie. God bless & keep the Judge! I don’t know how to vindicate him. As of now Fox has no one to go deep!

  6. They need to investigate the Intel community on the leaks they are trying to sweep under the carpet. The Russia investigation is just smoke and mirrors to hide the real collusion in the campaign .by the Obama administration to destroy Trump. That’s why they don’t want to investigate the leaks. They are trying to protect their own from criminal charges.

  7. In my humble opinion, all of this business with the wire-tapping, whether true or not, is totally beside the point. Let us allow our President to get on with his work! The Congress has not even finished allowing him to completely fill his Cabinet posts! What on earth is going on? In addition, the very important hearings in the Senate for our Supreme Court Justice nominee Neil Gorsuch need to be center stage right now! Can the media just drop this whole thing and focus on what is important? I wonder…

  8. Where do you think all these leaks came from if not from the wire taps! You got to be an idiot to think they just came out from the cracks and not from the tap installed.

  9. Quick question what was Judge Napolitano fired for? From what I can see if this is true, is that he was doing his job, and doing it well I might add. I support Donald Trump.

  10. I believe that Judge Napolitano is correct, I have read this as well I think it was SOTN that had a really good article. Fox News, in my opinion, is censoring the truth, our new president has a lot of enemies right now. The American people has to continue praying for Donald J Trump and his TRUE administration. The poor man is wading through shark infested waters and no one accept for the true media, the Alternative Media is behind him. The Dems has had the White House for over 35 yrs. I mean, let’s face it the Bushes were RINO’s. They were so dirty it is pathetic. I know, that’s a whole other story.
    Pray for our president, God will hear our prayers and has been.
    Judge Napolitano is a good man, maybe some cool alternative media site will pick him up….hint, hint.
    Jerome Corsi as well as being with WND.com he is also writing for Alex Jones Infowars. I could see Napolitano writing articles, for Liberty Writers, WND, Infowars. Any site that stands up for our Constitution. Fox was lucky to have him as long as they did.
    Well, thanks for listening!!!
    With Kindness

  11. FOX NEWS YOU & the Other Fools on Fox, Like Shepard Smith, ARE THE ONE WHO Should be Fired. FOX NEWS, You The Arrogant Fools You WILL GO DOWN Just Like the Other Fake NEWS the More You follow their LIES!!! Their ARE PROVEN FACT That Obama did have something to do with Trump Towers being Spied On!

  12. FOX NEWS YOU & the Other Fools on Fox, Like Shepard Smith, ARE THE ONE WHO Should be Fired. FOX NEWS, You The Arrogant Fools You WILL GO DOWN Just Like the Other Fake NEWS the More You follow their LIES!!! Their ARE PROVEN FACT That Obama did have something to do with Trump Towers being Spied On!

  13. LEGAL SPYING, NO — Given the BHO regime’s penchant for intrigue, subterfuge, violence, intel leaks, funding of Arab terrorism, etc. (lest we forget the three score mysterious premature deaths in the Clinton circles), it is easy to believe Trump was spied on illegally from the gitgo, considering that all of today’s electric circuits can listen in on anyone.. Can’t imagine HRC sitting idly by with no intel on the Trump goings on, or the GOP backroom planning. I believe everyone who knows what actually transpired is protecting the top the Demo donkeys because spying not approved by a federal judge could mean even Obama goes to jail. Anyway, the Investigation was begun last July on candidate Donald Trump and continues today with no public announcement of specifics with no smoking guns found — except in the streets of Chicago.

  14. Well, now I have a reason to stop watching FOX News, after a 20 year commitment.
    Loved the views of the Judge, and he made viewing worth it.
    If the Dems spied on their own candidate (Sanders), why not a competing contender?


  16. I think the American public is learning a lot about the inner workings of intelligence gathering — and that it is a two-edged sword that can be swung against the ordinary American citizen as easily as it might swing against foreign adversaries. There is no doubt in my mind that the Obama administration routinely used it against political adversaries. In the final analysis, their isn’t much difference between the Russian KGB, the Chinese intelligence, and the various American intelligence agencies like the CIA, NSA, FBI.

    I think Napolitano revealed a wide open pipeline that skirts all the supposed safeguards — using our allies togather what they cannot legally gather. Comey is not to be trusted.

  17. Very good article….I just wrote to the White House regarding this…they need to change the NDAA, as that is where they are being allowed to spy on everyone, and including imprisonment of anyone they desire. Maybe why so many ranchers are in prison out west, and not getting a speedy trial or even a proper trial. This will not end until President Trump does something about it, and he can, if they don’t get him impeached doing this stuff. They can make things up as well, they have the technology to do that and make it look like he said or did something that was illegal. They have the technology, as WiKi Leaks Vault 7 proved what kind of technology they have. We have lost our 4th Amendment with this NDAA and it seems to get worse every time they change it.

  18. media has not treated trump fairly and if i was to say who wiretapped trump and had it done . id defiantely say attorney general loretta alynch had it done . and obama ordered it . anything obama or hillary wanted done leggaly or illegaly loretta lynch made it legal . every one knows rthis to be true . no matter what the meddia says we know whos behind hiding all every thing corrupted gov . loretta lynch and gop andfbi cia and democrats and some republicans . BUT LORETTA LYNCH WAS ORDERED BY OBAMA TO HAVE THE WIRETAPP DONE ON TRUMP AND FBI HES IN ON IT TTHEY KNOW THEY ARE ALL CORRUPT . COMEY HIDS EVERYTHING EACH SYSTEM OF GOV HIDES WHAT THE NEXT DOES.


  19. Judge Napolitano is one of the best on Fox. If you don’t like the truth then don’t listen to him. If they can’t find the leak, how can they find out anything about wiretapping. Comey needs to be replaced.

  20. Yes, I will miss him, he is knowledgeable. They need to get rid of Shepard Smith.. I change the channel when Smith is speaking. Also Juan William, Jessica Tarlov can’t stand her squeaky voice. I watch Fox every day throughout the day and evening. I am forced to change the channel when these 3 are on. Oh, I forgot Geraldo Rivera.

  21. This is outrage what Fox is do in. You leave the judge alone. No more Fox for me. Next victim will be Judge Janine. Then Hannity.

  22. Hey, a lot of those Brits are socialists and it is not beyond the realm of possibility that they did eavesdrop on DJT. I’ll bet that the Judge will be just fine with Fox.
    I wonder what Chelsea Handler handles? She’s just pissed because a certain someone did not handle her.
    Now we have a dem Rep Salwell from CA saying the Russians committed an act of war by meddling in the election. What a total dumb ass. I think the Russians would have preferred the witch over DJT.
    Now let’s talk about war, in WW2,the Russians lost over a million soldiers killed and another million captured and still kicked the Germans butt. The Russians are good people, all you have to do is knock back a few shots Vodka and they will give you Beluga Caviar. That’s my formula for diplomacy.

  23. Obama’s own daughter, while out drinking (underage drinking) with her friends, got very loosed tongued and told her friends about her Dad actually listening to phone conversations, at Trump Tower, for hours, daily, at the WH. If this is true, I think President Trump should return the favor because Obama is probably conversing with his ISIS friends, pretty often now. And it seems, the way the law is written, he can do it, if he wants to. Just because you Can do something, doesn’t mean you Should do it. Besides, Obama was always very good at skirting and thumbing his nose at our laws, anyway. I wish they would drop all this and move on. When are they going to indite Hillary? That’s what I want to know!

  24. There you have it! FOX news is turning into a liberal station. They are following a liberal line. If someone says something or has a different opinion than what they agree with, they get fired. First this judge and then Lahren because she is pro choice. So much for journalism that you can trust. They have sent the very same message as the liberal stations: do not have a differing opinion or lose your job. Just goes to show you, doesn’t matter what side of the aisle you fall on, it is party line or nothing.

  25. FOX is wrong to do this and they know it!!!!!!!!!! This Judge DOES the RIGHT thing and is pulled off the air. Judges that do the WRONG thing are stopping OUR POTUS from DOING THE JOB WE THE PEOPLE VOTED HIM TO DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS IS INSANE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. I definitely believe Trump Tower was surveilled and it was ordered by Obama! Judge Napolitano should return to Fox and Shepard Smith, who may be taking Soros money or is after it , is obnoxious and anti- President and should be FIRED! I can’t stand that obnoxious idiot and I turn off the tv when he comes on!! He spreads all kind of fake news against our President and is a yellow journalist!!!

  27. FOX screwed up by pulling Judge Napolitano off the air for airing his views. I thought FOX stood for “Fair and Balanced”. I guess we’ve been fooled by yet another mainstream media outlet.

  28. The Brits are dirty. Queen Elizabeth is one of the New World Order Global Elitists’ as is Barack Obama. Yes, I could very easily believe that Obama had British Intelligence wiretap Trump Tower. Now whether it’s true or not remains to be seen, but it is possible. Bring back Judge Napolitano to FOX. He’s one of the good guys.

  29. Judge Napolitano has always been one of my favorite commentators on Fox News. I do not know what is happening at Fox but I really resent this latest change in their lineup. Also I hardly ever see Katy Pavlich anymore and that has been upsetting, too. Maybe I should start watching CNN or NBC where they cover real stuff, such as hair extensions and recipes. This is going to hurt Fox News or should, Juneus Kendall

  30. The ones denying the wiretapping must had been paid, President Trump has no reason to create this without been sure. To me somebody told him about the spionage and after deny it.. .Simple, another way to create distress and time waisted. Mr Trump is fighting against the clock, he doesn’t need this.

  31. To not believe it happened is to stick your head in the sand. It happens all the time. For Christ’s sake you can used a satellite these days to hear a pin drop. It doesn’t take much imagination to know this is a reality and that the media is again trying to drive a wedge between Trump and the American People that elected him. Keep driving, you’re just making a fool of yourself.

  32. of course this is true ….if it wasn’t true they woulld never had pulled it.. as for shepard smith, he is one creepy reporter…if anybody was to be fired it should be him…he gets his rocks off at every turn if it is negative to Trump…

  33. I believe Judge Napolitano. Sheppard is very liberal and is totally against President Trump.
    I believe that all reporters who can’t be impartial in telling the news, should be fired or retired.

  34. Hope Fox News doesn’t succumb to all the cover ups and lies that the other networks have. If you know it for the truth, then tell it. That is what your viewership expects. That’s what got you where you are today. Do the Trump supporters believe Trump Towers was wire tapped, yes we do, just as we believed Donna Brazile was lying through her teeth when she first denied feeding the questions to the Hillary camp. The truth on the wire taps will come out, you better be on board with that truth when it does!

  35. Sounds to me like this judge knows exactly what he’s talking about . Does Fox news have proof he lied .Has anyone seen this proof ,I’m ashamed of Fox news ,I hope a truthful station would take this judge on their program. Oh I forgot there isn’t any taking up for our PRESIDENT. !!!

  36. Wouldn’t surprise me…..maybe British, maybe Germany….and I think the Israeli government knows who put trump under surveillance…..if he indeed was…

  37. Didn’t Snowden say exactly this years ago? That due to strict laws on surveilling your own citizens, the five-eyes group was set up not only to pool intel, but also essentially permit surveillance on one another *for* one another, to circumvent such legal restrictions.

  38. I believe the Judge! He would never, never say something of this nature if he didn’t have proof!! I believe the President was under surveillance!!!!Bring the Judge back!!

  39. I agree. Fox News doesn’t have the evidence that what he said was untrue and until they do, I am very disappointed in the way they have reacted!!!!


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