Last Night Donald Trump and Judge Jeanine did the ULTIMATE REVENGE to END Paul Ryan’s Career!

Source: (Judge Jeanine) FOX News, (Trump) Gage Skidmore

Last night was a HORRIBLE night for anyone named Paul Ryan and also works as the Speaker of the House. Donald Trump and his friend Judge Jeanine Pirro had a VERY special message for him…

The pair worked together to build up an episode of Judge Jeanine where she told Paul Ryan:

Step Down as House Speaker Because You FAILED Health Care!

So I am sure you are wondering what President Trump had to do with this?

Well, it just so happens that yesterday morning Trump sent out this very peculiar tweet to all his fans with one simple command: Watch Judge Jeanine TONIGHT!

Everyone THOUGHT it was about her special on Obama wiretapping “revelations”. However, Trump never SAID that was the reason. And we all know he was not happy with how the Republican party had a chance to repeal Obamacare and failed.

Now it’s up to us to help President Trump. His message was loud-and-clear: We need to Drain the Republican swamp first!

That does not mean ALL Republicans should go. It simply means we gotta swap out the losers for winners. It’s time to end people like:

  • Paul Ryan
  • John McCain
  • Lindsey Graham
  • Mitch McConnell
  • And many, many more.

Clearly there is a lot of work to be done. Help clean the swamp with your 2018 vote and help SHARE the word to ALL voters.

Also please comment the names of any more FAKE “Republicans” who need to get Swamp Drained!



  1. Replace Paul Ryan. Plain and simple. Paul Ryan is a two-faced Republican politician. I never did trust his rhetoric. CWO2, U.S. Navy Retired.

  2. Why did Paul Ryan an hour after the healthcare bill did not go through was spotted out with Obamas people being so secretive. Ryan is obamas boy following his agenda.

  3. Would love to participate in a Drain The GOP Swamp Rally Someone please Organize it throughout the Nation. I’m in Orlando

    • Yes…. I’d go to that too…. think Pres Trump is biding his time and will do just that!!!! Lets hope he will anyway….it’s long over due.

  4. Why is she attacking the Freedom Caucus? Is she in favor of getting a bad bill passed? This was not what they promised, any of them, including Paul Ryan and Donald Trump. They promised repeal and replace, not a watered down version of the same old liberal crap. Yes, Ryan needs to go, unless he suddenly gets a brain and starts noticing that the Republican party includes conservatives and he needs to include them in the equation, because they (WE) are not going away. If you hate Ryan and his RINO buddies and you hate the conservative Freedom Caucus, Judge, who is it that you think should be running things? Democrats?

  5. I am praying for President Trump to remember God is ultimately in control and I am praying for him to stand strong and that God will remove these people that stand in the way of God’s will in for this nation in Jesus Name!

  6. To whom it may concern; This is to inform you that since you have hurt my President and all he is trying to do for our country, I am going to help him in “DRAINING THE SWAMP” by, getting as many of my friends and relatives(and I have many) as I can, to do whatever he may ask us of us! You know who I am referring to when I make the statement, YOU DON’T HURT MY PRESIDENT,THEN GLOAT OVER IT! The nerve and yes, ignorance also, to carry on like idiots. We will terminate the positions in the next election, guaranteed, if not before! I hope that I made myself clear, you cannot do these dastardly things, then gloat over them without some sort of repercussion! Must I repeat again or maybe a thousand times the statement, “YOU DON’T HURT “MY” PRESIDENT.” God Bless President Trump and God Bless America!……

  7. The sooner we get rid of these rhinos the better. Can we impeach them? I am disgusted with them They are working for Obama rather than for the constituents who put them in office. They have outlived their usefulness. We need term limits NOW!

  8. I totally agree on the list but am not 100 % convinced McConnell is as bad as the first three…. I may be wrong & if so I will admit it immediately…. But, the first three are not loyal to our country ,our party, the voters, or our President…… I believe they are hopelessly corrupt……. I am certain MCCain & Graham are…… I think Ryan is just as bad…. Not only is he owned by someone but his wife is an extremely far left liberal that bundles tons of money for Hillary in this last campaign …. I do not trust Ryan & I think the ‘Never Trumpers’ are very corrupt people that had their pockets stuffed by Hillary to turn on their own party…… I know Bill Krystal &
    many, many others that brag about their serious conservatism stuffed their pockets & turned on the best leader we have had since Reagan …. They are a disgrace & I will never forgive the never Trumpers….. They need to move away & never be heard from again …. We will never trust you & you are shallow greedy people with zero love of country !!!

  9. Republicans in Congress have had 7 years to come up with a plan to repeal Obamacare. But the Republicans never believed Donald Trump would be the President. Maybe a Bush or even a Clinton or the like; some establishment caricature that already fit a preconceived mold of what a Republican is supposed to be: A RINO! But a rebel? A businessman? A Donald Trump? Never!

  10. The only problem is these Senators are elecited in their home states and I think they are all in good with their constituents except for McCain and he probably will retire after this term if God doesn’t get him first.

  11. What they all need to remember, is that they pledged to replace Obamacare! The bill that was put forth, was nothing more than just a watered down version of that same bill! We do not deserve to have a watered down version, need a whole new one! If they can’t get one, then they should leave it alone! It may not be perfect, and nothing DC ever does IS perfect, but it at least provides some healthcare for most! What would be best, is to let the American People in on the Congressional Healthcare System, that even if we had to pay a modest premium for it, would give us good healthcare!

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