THIS MEANS WAR! Trump Just Threatened to ATTACK North Korea If they Don’t Do THIS Immediately!

Source: Gage Skidmore

Donald Trump made it very clear today that the US will not put up with North Korea building nukes and threatening us and our allies any longer!

Today he sent Secretary of State Rex Tillerson to South Korea with a very clear message,

Stop building nukes and throw yours away or we will attack!

Of course, right before Tillerson started his legendary speech, President Trump tweeted this:


Man. You can bet this had the North and China on their toes. Of course, it was nothing compared to Rex Tillerson’s speech.

Tillerson said,

“Let me be very clear: the policy of strategic patience has ended!” 

“The diplomatic and other efforts of the past 20 years to bring North Korea to a point of de-nuclearization have failed. So we have 20 years of [a] failed approach. And that includes a period in which the U.S. provided $1.35 billion in assistance to North Korea as an encouragement to take a different pathway.”

“If they elevate the threat of their weapons program to a level we believe requires action that option is on the table.”

In case you are wondering exactly how scared North Korea is, this picture explains it all. Rex Tillerson went and visited the neutral zone in South Korea

Rex Tillerson went and visited the neutral zone in South Korea. When he did, a North Korean spy snuck behind him and started taking pictures!


This actually freaked Tillerson out so much that he ended his trip early and said he felt under the weather. I would too if they were that freaking close to me. Glad he is safe.

I am proud that a President is FINALLY taking a stand against this menace. It should have happened DECADES ago.

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  1. This is faked! There is a neutral room and he would be sitting on the South Korean side. There is no way a N. Korean would be behind him taking pictures as he would have to be in South Korea! This is more freaking fake news!

  2. I have read that if you get on the wrong side of Kim he stands you up against a wall and shoots you with an anti aircraft gun. He is a lot like Stalin, if there is a hint of betrayal, you are gone.


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