MOST AMERICANS Didn’t See The 1 Thing James Comey Did Today That’ll Bring Down Obama!

Image Source: RT

FBI Director James Comey told Congress that the FBI will be continuing its investigation into the Russian interference in the 2016 election.

Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) asked FBI Director Comey who would have gotten access to the leaked phone call transcript between Michael Flynn and White House officials. Most people didn’t see what Comey said next…

Notice that Comey refused to answer whether he briefed President Obama about the Flynn call. That’s because he may have. You know what that means. It means you can’t trust Comey, but you can trust that he definitely avoided that question.


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This is huge. Get this out there. James Comey avoided that question on purpose. Do you trust that man??

Let’s say a prayer for Donald Trump. Please God keep Donald Trump safe during this tough times. Amen. SHARE this prayer! (h/t The Gateway Pundit)

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  1. Comey is as just as guilty as he can be for not keeping up with Hillary Clinton’s investigation and for not following through with recommending a full fledged prosecution. So NO I DON’T TRUST HIM!!

  2. I pray for Trump and Pence every day. Evidently Flynn was the fall guy for wiretapping since he’s not there anymore. Obama certainly knew about it. He probably also knew about the Clintons blaming Russia for her loss! He thought will everybody blaming each other he would be sitting in a cool place and nobody would blame him

  3. Comey’s negligence to not take the initiative to investigate leaks from within the FBI and closely knit intelligence agencies will hopefully cost him his job, if not, for “knowin nothin bout nothin.”

  4. Why can’t the politicians be made to take a poligraph test just as a private citizen would have to to deem if they were telling the truth? It would appear to me to be the logical route to take rather than all of them spin their answers all around the subject being discussed in court or the Senate ,house or wherever,It looks like they are all just going through the routine of investigating someone without ever coming to a conclusion. With all the reports of wrong doing by both parties how can they just be worried if Russia hacked emails to discredit Hillary and help Trump to become POTUS .why aren’t they investigating Hillary,McCain.Obama,Pelosi Ryan and many others who appear to have skeletons in their closets. This investigation of Russia will probably turn out to be a witch hunt as many others have and rhe same folks stay in power and con’t to deceive the American people into thinking they are working for us while lining their pockets with financial gain with bribery,collusion and theft. our politicians are worse in most cases than any organized crime family. Again both parties are one big lying family. Why do they have greater benefits than the normal tax paying citizen? Such as full retirement after their term in Amy government position is over even for such a short stint in office, most have stolen,connived, annd don’t care if they aren’t re-elected as they will continue to receive an over paid salary.

  5. Our Father Who Art in Heaven, Hallowed be Thy Name, Thy Kingdom Come, Thy Will Be Done, In the United States of America as it is in Heaven. God bless President Donald Trump, his family and all his Administration. Thank You Jesus, in your Name We Pray Amen!

  6. Paris,,as an American,,,,and as an older Person (62years) -I See America on a Serious DownFall of MORALITY ,Honesty,Compassion,Run by WAR Mongers,Military Industrial Complex Devils,Bankers and SINFUL People .I want to THANK You for your TRUTH and News and Prayers for President TRUMP…EVIL Exist’s…in WA.DC..In Congress,in the CIA-NSA—FBI and Globalists-Elite Bankers,,,IN Feminism,,Radical Gays ,Pizza Gate – ETC…,,,Your reports are Deeply Appreciated,,,,,,,Keep Reporting and INCREASE,,,,Your REPORTS and Expand them to MANY MORE People. GOD BLESS YOU and –Best Regards,–Jaya Madhava das—-(Micahel J.Koval) USA-Ex-pat Moscow Russia

  7. After seeing this, and in all fairness, and don’t get me wrong I voted for Trump, but the video clip above was from his introductory statement and NOT an answer to any particular question. I believe you referenced the incorrect clip. Please do your audience a favor and state that in a spirit of journalism integrity.


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