What Donald Trump Just Said On Fox News Will Make Elizabeth Warren Start CRYING Tears Of Fear!

Image Source: Fox News, Elizabethwarren.com

OH MY GOD. What Donald Trump Just Said Will Make Elizabeth Warren Start Crying Tears Of Fear!

Last night on “Watter’s World,” President Trump told Jesse Watters that it would be a “dream” to run against goofy Elizabeth Warren.

During the interview on FOX News, Trump said that the idea of running against Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren would be very fun for him.


He said that it would be a “dream come true.”

“I think she’d lose so badly,” Trump said. “I think, honestly, I think she hurt Hillary Clinton so badly.”


Trump says that the Democratic senator had a ton of anger in her heart. That is just classic Trump. This is why we the people love him. It’s because he tells the truth.

He will absolutely crush Elizabeth Warren if she runs. The good thing is that Hillary Clinton would never let another female Democrat run for President before she could.

Do you think Trump would win?? #SHARE this if you would. Let’s show Elizabeth Warren that we don’t want her goofiness in the Whitehouse. (h/t AOL)

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