THE RESULTS ARE IN! Politico Just Caught Hiding BEST Donald Trump News EVER!

Source: Youtube

It’s amazing how desperate the Leftist media is getting to cover up the SUCCESS of President Donald Trump. Hell, just yesterday Politico was caught RED HANDED hiding the best news of all!

A new Politico poll revealed that 52% of all responders (mostly liberal) approve of the Job President Trump has done!

That’s pretty amazing, right? You would think that would be HUGE news. However, sneaky Politico decided to HIDE this in the last 2 paragraphs of an article criticizing Paul Ryan’s health care!

The article reads:


Public opinion of the new health care proposal is limited thus far, though the POLITICO/Morning Consult poll does show less fervent opposition to the bill than a SurveyMonkey poll of adult Americans released on Tuesday.

Similarly, the Politico/Morning Consult survey also shows more positive opinions of the job Trump is doing as president. In the new poll, 52 percent of voters approve of Trump’s job performance, more than the 43 percent who disapprove. But, on balance, most polls show more disapprove than approve of the job Trump is doing.

Wow. Congratulations President Trump! Isn’t it just pitiful to see a company like Politico disrespecting their own readers so much that they would HIDE a poll they took just because, maybe, they are actually HAPPY with our president?

They could not even admit to it. They tried to quote other unnamed polls to disprove their own! Sounds pretty loserish to me.

Let’s give Trump a hand and Share this AMAZING poll out everywhere so the nation can see the truth: EVEN DEMOCRATS ARE WARMING UP TO PRESIDENT TRUMP!




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