Ruth Bader Ginsburg is FINISHED! She Could be GONE TOMORROW After What She Was Caught Doing Last Night!


Of all the Justices on the Supreme Court that Donald Trump would LOVE to replace, none are more fit to be ousted than Ruth Bader Ginsburg. She has proved time and again that she is a politically biased heavy drinker who is more interested in pushing her own agenda than protecting the Constitution.


You see, despite their political differences, all the Supreme Court Justices showed up to see Trump speak to the United States Congress last night except Mrs. Ginsburg, who apparently thinks she is too good to listen to a Republican President speak.

See? No Ruth Bader Ginsburg to be seen.


Of course, maybe it is for the best. After all, here is the “honorable” Justice of the Supreme Court during Obama’s 2015 State of the Union address where she was so drunk she passed out in the middle of it!

So embarrassing, not just for her, but for the entire United States of America.

Look, I know the Supreme Court is a life-long appointment. Also, I have no problem with Democrats having justices on it. It’s their right to do so. But this woman is CLEARLY no longer fit to serve ANYTHING!

Let’s share this baby out all over America and the country and force her to finally step down so we can put a REAL Supreme Court justice in her place. America deserves a functioning Justice department, not a sorority house!

(H/T – Daily Mail)




  1. She should already have been replaced. When we fall asleep on our job, we get fired, she is no better than we are. So finally make her retire, she does not love our country, she has proven that over and over again.

  2. My suggestion: introduce legislation to limit time served and also, mechanism of dismissal when dementia is a hurdle to proper behaviour in such a crucial position.

  3. Why have we come to expect decent behavior from liberal democrats. They are only interested in moving forward their evil ideology and never act in the best interest of the USA

  4. I thought she said she would retire if Donald won the election.
    Well time to go Ruth, In case you haven’t sobered up yet, Mr. Trump had won so its time to go or are you not a women of your word?
    We cant have a liar on the Supreme Court.

  5. She should have been impeached back in 2015 but odummer didn’t care, he let it ride. If she is that old and needs a nap during a Presidential speech then its time to kick her off of the SCOTUS.

  6. What did she do last night? The statement mentioned she is gone after what she did last night but nothing says anything about it. I would love to have her out but, she has to do something to get booted out.

  7. Although she clearly is, not listening to obama. We can only guess as to whether she is asleep or passed out drunk. This is how fake news gets started. Stop it and report what you can confirm. And do do in a way that as a person reads it they clearly can see the research and proven facts.
    I am not a fan of this judge, but I am upset with this report.

    • Agree with you, Yolanda…stooping to liberal tactics with unsubstantiated claims is their turf..I think Ginsburg is the enemy of the American way of life and its people. Many of her actions are deplorable. But lets stick to provable facts lest conservatives be grouped with the rest of the “global warming will burn us all by 2020” morons.

  8. Well, what was she “caught doing”? What a bunch of crap and misleading headline! If you, Danny Gold, is “America’s #1 Writer”, I’m Queen of England.

  9. Justice Ginsburg was a friend of Justice Scalia and that speaks volumes. I hope Justice Ginsburg has relatives that will take care of her in her final years, that is the way society is supposed to work. On the other hand she could live to be a hundred and her relatives will need assisted care. Anyway, I respect her sevice and dedication to the USA, she ranks among the heroins that have served this country and she deserves our gratitude.


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