SHE’S THE BEST! Donald Trump Just Gave Ivanka a Special Gift that Drives Democrats NUTS!

Source: Max Goldberg

You know, I don’t think it’s too much to say that Ivanka Trump is hands-down the BEST First Daughter America has ever had.

Forget her looks, she is sharp as a tack, great at politics, and a top-class business woman to boot! Well, now Donald Trump has managed to secure for her the BEST gift imaginable

Ivanka Trump was just given a White House Office AND security access so she can help her dad!

Look, there is nobody more deserving of this position than Ivanka:

From that time she hosted Latina businesswomen,

Twitter @IvankaTrump

To Leading CEOs,

Twitter @IvankaTrump

All the way to her joining talks with German Chancellor Angela Merkel,

Twitter Ivanka Trump

She is, in the words of that woman who lost to Donald Trump, the most qualified woman to EVER have that job!


She technically will NOT be a government employee, so no fat paycheck, but she has sworn to follow all the ethics requirements as if she were.

So let’s all send Ivanka Trump our well wishes and prayers. She has a LOT of work ahead of her. At least 8 years (more if she runs for President!) And Spread this all around to show her that we support her and her family!





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