Trump Brought a Surprise Guest to His Rally Last Night that Made EVERYONE Cry Tears of Joy!

Source: Youtube

President Donald Trump sure knows how to hold a rally. People were already excited to see the President, but they had NO IDEA the special surprise Trump has planned for them…

Moments before Trump walked on stage, Legendary singer Lee Greenwood walked out on stage and performed God Bless the USA so beautifully that there was not a dry eye in the house!

The song went on, the people cheered. However, the Trump supporters had no down time since moments later President Trump himself marched on stage and joined Greenwood.


Oh man, I only wish all y’all could have been there. It was a truly magical night that ended with one of the greatest Trump speeches in history.

He called for a United America, where we are no longer divided by race, religion, or economic class. One where we can FINALLY all be treated equally with the same great opportunities and protections our founders only dreamed of.

Please, leave a prayer for our WONDERFUL president. He deserves it. He still has another 8 years to go to fix this country, and he’s gonna need each and every one of you to help him make this country great again. GOD BLESS YOU ALL!



  1. Mr. President, keep on listening with your spirit to how God is leading you.
    As God’s man, you have been prepared and called to this special assignment to, ” MAKE AMERICA
    GREAT AGAIN! ONE NATION UNDER GOD! HE has gifted you with a tenacious attitude for this very huge assignment. There are millions of us out here that are praying for and cheering you on!

  2. I am so proud of our President Donald Trump. He did not have to put himself out there going tgrew so much to save our Country from ruin but he loves this Country enough to do the job. We support you President Trump

  3. Lord God, we pray Psalm 91 over He, His Family, his cabinet, the Supreme Court, DC … release Your warring angels. We lift him up that he would have a sweeping of the Holy Spirit fall on him, in the name of Jesus, the Lamb of God!

  4. God Bless America ! We should all be praying for our country and our true and faithful leaders. Thank you President Trump !

  5. Dear Lord as President Trump and his dream team allow You to use them to restore America to greatness, please lead, strengthen and protect them and their families. Move Your mighty hand Father and make our enemies of no affect. In Jesus name, so be it.

  6. God Bless President Trump,Lord please be with our president and lead him the way to go for our country! Thank you Lord!

  7. God bless our country, its people, our government and our President. Even the liberals trying to destroy our freedom. If we do not unite we invite ternary and bloodshed. Wake up America and become part of the solution and not the problem!

  8. May God continue to guide you, protect you and bless you as you make America Great Again. So proud of you. In Jesus’s holy name. Amen

  9. God bless you President Trump. Thank you for sacrificing yourself for our country. America will be great again because of you. Please dont give up. We’ve got your back.

  10. May the grace of God be with you and his legions of angels surround you with protection. May He bless the fruit of your mouth and teach your hands to war against your enemies. May He continue to give you wise counsel and understanding. May He reveal those who are traitors in your camp so you can purge and drain the swamp of those who hate you and hate America. May He continue to protect you and your family. God Bless America indeed… Jesus name I pray amen

  11. If Obummer had still been President, Obama would have drug out some liberal insane Communist? It is great that we have a President that loves the American people. and is trying to work for the American people rather that the UN international social Fascist.

  12. I’m so sick of not seeing anyone not getting locked up. There is so much proof on Hillary Clinton and even Obama and people in our government. Why has no one been locked up yet? I’m losesing hope in our government and even our president! I’m I the only one who feels like this?

  13. President Trump is such a genuine person and it’s so great to hear him tell America what he is doing and what he is going to do. This has not happened before in my lifetime. I’ve heard politicians make all kinds of promises (even lies) and they never materialize. We certainly were never kept abreast of what they were doing after they were in office. During the last administration the way we found out what had been done was to be told what we could and could not do regarding our freedoms. That was a regular message going along.

  14. Pres. Trump wants to see a united America, but unless the liberals get off their high horse, and start contributing to making America a nation that everyone can be proud to be a part of, it will never happen. You see, the liberal Democrats think they are the only ones who can make it great. They have had the last eight years to push their agenda through, of course, they had the help of a liberal Democrat President. Now, they are fighting tooth and nail to undermine the President. They won’t confirm all of the cabinet members, and they say they won’t confirm Judge Gorsuch to the Supreme Court. It is time for the Republicans to by-pass the Senate and put the Supreme Court nominee on the bench.

  15. God Bless the USA and courageous men who defend the absolute freedom of every man woman and child–
    thanks for a great post!! I’m so glad someone has stood up with all the resources to make sure we are able to
    live peacefully and safe and be a beacon lighthouse to other nations!!

  16. President Trump…I am praying for you. You were chosen by God to be the president. He does not make mistakes. Stand strong in the name of the Lord. The weapons against you will form but they shall not prosper. I pray every plot against you and your true supports are exposed and nullified. Seek God first. Many around you have hidden agendas…but God knows how to make America great again. Please ban abortions. The shedding of innocent blood in this country must stop.

    Lord, bless my President. Keep him safe day and night. Order his steps. Bless his family and true supporters. Move upon the hearts of his haters. Cause them to lay down their weapons and cancel all plots. This I ask in the name of Jesus. Amen!

  17. I watched the show… truly was beautiful. Lee Greenwood was fantastic as usual. Your speech was
    great Mr. Trump and you truly do have a heart of gold when it comes to America.
    Please get rid of those who won’t work with you and are constantly fighting with you…..point your finger and say “there is the door” take it. All the luck in the world and God Bless. Go carefully

  18. I am so surprised to receive the “Liberty Writers”, I am actually looking behind me to see if there isn’t somekind of liberal shock just around the corner. I cannot believe we will actually be reading the truth for a change!!!!


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