Trump Just Turned to the Camera and Revealed the REAL Reason Health Care Failed! THIS IS BAD!

Source: CNN

President Donald Trump was not one bit happy when he learned that Republicans decided to KEEP Obamacare instead of repealing it today.

However, he knows something the rest of us don’t know. He knows the REAL, hidden reason his Health Care bill failed…


You see, the Democrats stonewalled the vote by refusing to even listen. Now we are STUCK with Obamacare, which is about to freaking EXPLODE!


Trump told reporters,

“The losers are Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, because now they own Obamacare. They own it. One hundred percent own it. They have Obamacare for a little while longer until it ceases to exist, which it will at some point in the near future.”

“And just remember this is not our bill. This is their bill. Now when they all become civilized and get together and try to work out a great health care bill for the people of this country, we’re open to it.”

Ouch! The Democrats really are trying to screw over America. Now the Gauntlet has been thrown by President Trump, but will ANY Democrat have the courage to accept?

The best thing we can do is, in 2018, VOTE OUT all the Democrats we can AND get rid of the dead weight in the Republican Party like Lindsey Graham, Mitch McConnell, John McCain, and Paul Ryan.

It’s time we vote in some Republicans who actually represent US! SHARE this with everyone to help get the word out!



  1. How easy is turn the people in to Slaves !!! Specially here in America Now I can say this country economically is done completely!!

  2. So now, Obamacare is back where it belongs – the Democratic Party. Let’s simply wait for the final countdown starting today. Meanwhile more and more people will be dropping out of Obamacare. Why? Not many people can’t really afford the expensive deductible and monthly premiums. They have to decide whether to buy food or healthcare! So the feds will continue to service Medicaid patients who get free healthcare. It’s a good time to be poor in America!!!

  3. What it amounts to, the Republican party lied to its voters. The Democrats don’t care if it fails. They want Government run health care.

    • I think you should rephrase your acquisition to read “Paul Ryan is to blame”, he is not a conservative, he had 7 years to get a health plan together, when it came time to present his plan, all h had was a rehashed version of Obama care. We need a new leader in the House.

  4. Let it EXPLODE! President Trump ran on REPEAL! One week before vote day he started touting repeal and replace. If healthcare was so great we wouldn’t need a federal law to make us buy it. Enough making doctors and lawyers rich! Enough BIG PHARMA/Universities bought and paid for by BigPharma. ENOUGH ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!! Ya know in the 80 The Fed tried to make truckers stop using their CB Radios. They didn’t listen, some got tickets, then it became a dead law. If people don’t buy it it’ll be just another dead law.

    • I agree that lawyers and Big Pharma make huge bucks as do Hospitals. but you need to know that the doctors for what they do are some of the most underpaid people in America. The Malpractice insurance is a huge burden.

  5. I sure as heck hope President Trump STAYS AWAY FROM THE DEMOCRATS WHEN IT EXPLODES! We do not need the government mixed in with our healthcare. I for one would like to know whose big bright idea government controlled healthcare is what WE NEED. Things were just fine the way they were. People who did not have insurance were offered Badgercare here in WI and if they couldn’t afford anything because of welfare they got it many times for $1.00 per visit. WE, THE PEOPLE could decide if we wanted health insurance or not and we weren’t fined for not having it. They say, IF IT ISN’T BROKEN DON’T FIX IT. There were alot that didn’t have insurance but if they were poor enough they got better care than the middle income people. BO ruined the day when he forced the ACA on us all – it has been and will continue to be PURE HELL. I will make it very simple here – this is all we need from the government: 1. A law that says HSA’s roll over every year and become part of a person’s estate if there is anything left. (this put the responsibility of saving on each and every AMERICAN which is where it should be, they can save as little or as much as they want). 2. Health insurance should NOT BE MANDATED. 3. The government should NOT dictate to us what type of insurance we need/want – this is indeed a very personal decision 4. We should have the power to purchase insurance over state lines. THESE 4 POINTS ARE ALL THAT IS NEEDED. I know, MILLIONS will loose health insurance – this is the way it was for years and it was ok – the poor still got healthcare, as did the lazy ones. Pelosi, Schumer, EW & M. Waters – IT IS NOT THE JOB OF THE GOVERNMENT TO MAKE SURE WE HAVE INSURANCE – GROW UP AND FORGETY ABOUT IT. I FOR ONE AM IN FAVOR OF TAKING THE GOVERNMENT OUT OF THEIR SO-CALLED HEALTHCARE BUSINESS.

    • you are totally wrong, ALL the other countries could not be wrong, why do you consider us right to deny preexistion conditions by insurance companies, we need a single payer system get the insurance companies out of the equations.. the happiest countries have a single payer system, why are we 39 on the happiest coutnries list….check it out…. this is not the 1880’s this is the future,, backward thinking people like you are holding back the country…..just because you have health care don’t mean everyone else does, The hospitals are tired of taking card of everyone in the emergency room, I know peole that don’t have insurance that go the the emergency room every month, and who pays for the this, the taxpayer, this IS wrong, these people that cant afford health insurance MUST be put on medicare….. would you say that Medicare is failing….when you get to be 65 you wil be on and and glad you are… this needs to be expanded to everyone, it is already proven……. and works great…..get out of the “Krotch” brothers mindset…..get with it

  6. The swamp needs a lot of draining and is still full of nasty critters who will crawl out and continue to impede Trumps Presidency. The Russians did not interfere with the 2016 election because Killary, OVomit were hard at it causing havoc and paying people to disrupt rallies and cause violence. They shelled out money right and left to get the job done. Then there was OVomit still acting President going around using tax payers money to get Killary elected. He even told people they better vote for her. I might be wrong but I do believe this is called interference! Why do they ignore what needs to be addressed which is quite obvious. They are the puppets and someone is pulling there strings. The Media is corrupt as they are. Let them eat this bill as it fails miserably. President Trump did everything he could but the fix was in. Lets rid ourselves of these worthless no good Rats and Liberals. Keep the faith fellow Americans as we have just begun to fight.

  7. I’m sure we wouldn’t have heard this news unless sources like yours say it. I’m glad President Trump put the issue right back to its origins: Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Shumer. Thanks for the story, Danny Gold!

  8. Thank You President Trump for all your hard work .. hopefully all the democrats have to use the same insurance as us. They are just trying to bring you down, stay strong !! God Bless and protect you and your beautiful family. Happy Birthday to Barron (we share the same birthdate).
    I am one of your biggest supporters and believe you were sent from God, our country needs you.
    God Bless
    Gail Coldwell

  9. Democrats that are true Americans need to vote in people that have American’s welfare first! Nancy and Chuck are just out for power and nothing more. Just to stop any good that Americans may get from this government the next 4 years. They would rather destroy American families struggling! I don’t care what party you are, that is unacceptable to do. They aren’t forced to take Obamacare! So they don’t care!

  10. Can Trump guarantee that all of the US citizens who have to rely on free health care or partially free health care will not have to do without any of their medications that they might rely on to stay alive? Will people who rely on the assistance and are US citizens going to have to suffer because the government puts illegals above their own citizens and usually gives them more from our taxpayer dollars then a citizen of this country who pays their fair share of taxes? Will they have to do without medications and doctor visits because they didn’t get enough from the state to cover the expenses for the year? Too many people truly need help and if it’s going to affect their health care then wait until something is found that won’t make them do without.

  11. Something HUGE should come out of this and that is the voters in this country must not forget the babyish way the dumbocrats have acted and next year, with many of them up for re-election we must make sure their time in office is history. We must go to the polls and vote in people who are actually FOR the U.S. and not themselves as the idiots on the left have shown us to be.

  12. Well, Democrats, who is holding the country hostage, now. Your ex Third Reich leader did during his time in office HIS FAVORITE LINE during budget meetings ” I WILL NOT NEGOCIATE ” These word re something that Hilter would have probably said in his time. Which party, now, wants to divide the country. Your leader the ex black task master trained you well because ALL you democrats in CONGRESS walk in IGORANCE, if you went to college go back to your institute of learning and ask for your money back. You didn’t learn a DAMN thing except do what your ex black task master told you to do. Now for some Republicans get your head out of your ass and get off knees stop playing Monica for those Democrats. Do what you is right for the country and people who put you there. The country needs more people like SENATOR TERY GOWDY. To him it doesn’t matter what party he cares for the people and the country. The Constitution means nothing to the whole Democratic Party and some Republicans. What matters to them is how they can get richer and follow the majority of ignorant people in this country.

  13. Someone explain what the difference is between Obamacare and Trumpcare. There are no substantive differences. They should have repealed the whole thing en mass, like they tried to do 60 times before under Obama. The fact they didn’t proves they have no intention of changing the ACA. YOU WERE DUPED.

  14. If you can afford Obamacare you are getting it free or are one of the upper 1%, you are not the middle class or maybe your employer pays for it.

  15. Unfortunately, Danny, The ACA’s approval Rating just keeps going up and up, while #44,1’s just keeps getting worse and worse. I guess folks in Rural Areas over age 40 just object to being “Price Gouged” Whoda thunk it?

  16. Sally you are too verbose, I suspect most of what you wrote is very good but most people will not take the time to read it. Keep it short and simple, KISS and you will have more traction.

  17. Trump dealmaker…

    Believe me folks, we are going to win, win, win. We will win so much that you’ll get sick of winning.

    Nobody knows politics as much as I do…

    I can make a deal with anyone….


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