TRUMP STRIKES BACK! The Judge Who Block Trump’s Travel Ban Just Got a BRUTAL Awakening!

Source: (Left) Gage Skidmore, (Right) Wikimedia Commons

When they blocked his first Travel ban, Donald Trump TRIED to work with the Liberals. He revised the whole thing to fit their exact specifications. What do they do to thank him? THEY BLOCKED HIM AGAIN!

Now the judge who blocked the second ban, Hawaii judge Derrick Watson, just got a BRUTAL awakening straight from the White House.


This is not just some threat on Twitter, either. The DOJ has officially filed a formal appeal of the ruling that could take them all the way up to the Supreme Court.


If they wanna play this way, fine. Donald Trump has been to court so many times it would make your head spin. Oh, and he ALWAYS WINS!

This BS needs to stop right now! It is a temporary travel ban on just a handful of nations that ISIS has captured. A huge majority of Muslim nations aren’t even on the list! If Obama had tried to pass it, Republicans would have GLADLY approved.

We need to keep our country SAFE from terrorism. Let’s get this message out everywhere and let them know America wants Trump’s ban!



  1. What they need to do is flood Hawaii with Syrians and let that judge feed them. He wants tourists give them to him.

  2. That is a lie. IF President Obama tried to do what ever the Republicans would block him like that have done for the eight years he was in office. Trump is a liar and bully. If he doesn’t get his way he lies and insults the other person. When it is proven that he lied about the wire tap everyone one else he says lied, when it was him himself that lied.

  3. Should do impeachment of Judge for exceeding his authority. In the meantime send ALL new entrants to Hawaii let them deal with them.

  4. It’s time to start impeaching these Left wing activist judges. They are supposed to apply law not make it up as they go. If they don’t like the terms and conditions of their job they need to go flip hamburgers some place. No trial attorney would be allowed to make up the law to suit their own agenda.

  5. Democrats should be held accountable for failing to keep America safe..
    These liberal judges should be removed for not acting in the interest and welfare of America and its citizens.

  6. Obama visited this smart ass judge THE DAY BEFORE HE MADE HIS DECISION. He made his decision to create more havoc with immigration on the basis of Trumps comments BEFORE the election about wanting all Muslims verified upon entry of leaving their place or origin. Two ‘wrongs’ done make it ‘right’.

  7. not mess up with a very savy…weedy..experienced..bright……man!..all in one…that is our president!…i am proud of him! Trump ..Trump

  8. Has it occurred to anyone that Trump could be winings court battles, not because he is right but because he can financially outlast most people?

  9. Why a judge from Hawaii of all places? Oh yeah, well just so happes that Obama was in Hawaii for 2 days prior to the judgement.

  10. I totally agree, actually I thought he should have taken them to court on the first one, but better late than never I guess.
    BTW, let’s remember, the object of what the dastardly liberals do is not to stop or start something, but to delay, delay, delay…. and that is exactly what this judge is doing. He really don’t care if he wins or loses in court, it’s the delay and disruption that is driving his agenda!!!! Obama is proud of him!!

  11. The only thing these liberal degenerates understand is a political ass beating, which we are more than happy to provide with each beatdown we give to their ignorant assaults.

  12. It’s time that the two sides come together for the people who they represent…set aside the hurt feelings, the anger, and constant battles… its a waste of time and energy …not to mention tax dollars that could go elsewhere that would help the people.
    Let us not forget that Trump is doing what other presidents have done… trying to protect all people of this country in a time when there is an enemy at every turn.

  13. Like I’ve always said …don’t mess with the Don..native NewYorker don’t play that. Proud of our president to be fighting for us as a real president should. Thank you President Trump. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  14. Why is it these slobbering neanderthal judges who we don’t even vote for get to rule the whole country? I say until the court date Trump needs to send every illegal and banned immigrants to Hawaii and say they are not allowed to leave there. That just might stop this garbage.

  15. put a ban on anyone coming into america , from anywhere…. they can move to any country and fly in from there……. let the countries like england and france and others do the sorting at their end…and save us money and time at this end…

  16. WE THE PEOPLE voted for President Trump and are tired of all the opposition to him n his policys, which are right n wholesome for our country. VOTE these idiots out of office. Stop terrorists. President Trump is doing nothing that most other presidents have done. They dont care about the law, our country, or us !! They r just opposing everything n putting up roadblocks because their polital views are different. WRONG!! WE THE PEOPLE, DEPLORABLES WILL RISE UP AGAIN IF THIS DOESNT STOP. DRAIN THE SWAMP

  17. We the People WANT the travel bans! The President is trying to keep us safe and if he wants to do this IT IS HIS RIGHT AS PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES! TJesé so called judges are overstepping their authority! These judges need to be impeached!!

  18. This article is stupid. Do you think a Judge will be threatened by Trump and Sessions saying they will take him to court? A judge…. Duh he feels best while in court. He is a F’ing judge

  19. Obummer learned from the Clinton’s, you put your friends in positions of authority and you will always like the outcome.


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