BIG WIN! Trump Just Made Democrats CRINGE With What He Just Did to Obamacare!

Source: (Left) Gage Skidmore, (Right) Obama WH

Donald Trump is a man who likes to see results. He said he was gonna make Republicans repeal and replace Obamacare, and look what he just did!

Today it was revealed that congressional Republicans have been working in secret to make a good replacement and IT IS ALMOST FINISHED!

Trump told reporters at a press conference,

“We have a good chance of getting it soon. I’d like to say next week, but I believe we will get it.”


So how soon are we thinking? Well, the goal is to get it by next week so Trump can have the win before his first 100 days are up.

While no exact date has been given, Paul Ryan told reporters at a separate conference in London, “We’re very close.”

This time they have everyone in on it. We are talking the classic politicians and the Tea Party and the Trump congressmen. Hopefully, we can FINALLY get something passed. 2018 is coming up!

Still, it’s good to see that President Trump did his job and lit a fire under their a$$es. Let’s help make them finish the job by sharing this out and letting them know Obamacare needs to be gone YESTERDAY!



  1. If The US Congress takes the new plan in place of their plan and does not exempt DC Swamp members. Then you might have a winner. However you Notice how No One talks about the price or quality of health care and is only concerned about Insurance Coverage, Insurance prices and Medical service Companies. No Thought to the consumers actual well being. If they really wanted to Help YOU the Public. ALL Medical Companies and Medical Ins Companies would be OFF Wall Street and would be regulated NFP corporations That benefit the public. NOT Wall Street who is making money off Your health care costs. Very Sick Crony Capitalist Idea. Corporate Capitalism at its worse. we need regulated Not for Profit Corps for health care coverage


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