After Bombing Syria, Trump Just Came Out On TV & Said 4 Words That’ll ROCK The World! 

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NBC just an hour ago reported that the U.S. military has launched 50-60 tomahawk missiles at a Syrian airbase in retaliation for chemical attacks.

Here is the video:

In case you missed it, Trump said the following 4 words about Syria. He said that it is:

A “Vital National Security Interest”


President Trump is now currently at Mar-A-Lago and is meeting with the Chinese President to discuss trade. According to the Associated Press, here is Trump’s statement so far on the air strikes.

*** GOD BLESS TRUMP! He just did the 1 thing that nobody expected him to do.

We do not need concerned patriots that do not trust Trump to start whining right now. We have to hold the line. Our President has just made a huge move that will make everyone respect him.


if you didn’t know, Trump spent the day with the President of China: Xi Jinping. Trump just showed Xi Jinping that is not Obama and means business. (h/t The Gateway Pundit)

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  1. God bless our President! Brave and courageous! “Never Again” to a holocaust applies to Syria…the carnage, killing and torture has to stop now! Thank you Mr. President!

  2. I am a huge Trump supporter……But this was a careless and hastily put together campaign against someone we do not have any business removing…This will instead encourage the Sunni Wahhabi to rally and kill even more innocent civilians.
    You do not go to a bully’s house that is 7500 mils away to pound your chest so the other bully’s take notice.
    Especially when that bully is the only friggen one in that area containing the bullies that are sweeping over this globe beheading everyone else……..

  3. I don’t like war There comes a time for us to show what we stand for. That time is now I support our President. God bless America and all the world.

  4. OMGosh, our Trumpster’s speech on this is so heartfelt and genuine, he is our hero, he faces our enemies squarely with resolve and fortitude to protect all innocent peoples of the world, to do what must be done to the bullies of the world who have no repect for human life at all. What could possibly been the motive of the monster who gased his own peoples? What hatred he must have and for what?

  5. God bless Donald Trump and The USA I pray the other Countries will stand by him this has to stop and Donald trump says the buck stops here our PM in Canada has removed the CF18 jets and will not respond to this call for support but I hope Britain and the other countries will support Donald trump and the USA God Bless US all

  6. So sad that Obama didn’t keep his word after the fictitious ‘red line’ he drew concerning chem. weapons in Syria but sadly after they were used.. well we all know how that went. All Obama had was empty words & bravado. OH… and then we also had the creation of ISIS which continues to this day thanks to his feckless ‘leadership’.

    Pres. Trump showed courage in giving the OK to this action. It can’t bring back those innocents killed or end the suffering of those left alive after the cowardly attack by Assad against his OWN citizens. But hopefully it will make him stop and reconsider the consequences before doing it again. I certainly PRAY so!

  7. …are just imitators, not “writers is just imitators”. “Is” is for when one person did something and “are” is for when the number (of people) in the subject are plural.

  8. We have a President who has enough manliness about himself to carryout his campaign promises and that’s why we voted for him. Let us stand with him and once and for all let these bully nation’s know that their days not holding America hostage are about to end

  9. Paris Swade, did you mistake yourself with Fabio, or something? You, the best writer on the internet, and “all you OTHER so-called writers is just imitators”? Damn, you blew your grammar spectacularly!

  10. Pay heed world ! The United people of North America have spoken ! We will not let anyone stop us ,,From taking the power back !

  11. I support Trump 110%, but he made a big mistake when he wasted those missils.

    there is no democratic movement in Syria to take over if Assade is taken out. Just another ripe country for Isis to take over. We can support Israel without fighting their wars for them.


  13. Thank you President Trump for standing up for the people of America.We don’t really know what to say ,for we haven’t had a leader of our Country to let the bad leaders in other country know that you are not going to put up with it .We stand behind you all the way . Love our new President and Vice President .

  14. I knew all along tht I voted for the right person. I AM SO PROUD OF WHAT ACTION PRESIDENT TRUMP DID!! ALL YOU DEMOCRATS SIT DOWN AND SHUT THE HECK UP. We will not stand by and let you start your crap!!!

  15. I had not given any thought to a punitive strike and figured nothing would happen. DJT Surprised the world without hesitation with absolute justification.

  16. I know president Trump has targeted an area of no consequence. He was talked into taking action due a relentless pressure from the west. He still supports wiping out Islamic terror, still supports talks with Russia and Assad. Their is no proof who did this. The uk has supplied alsorts of weapons including chemical. It may have just been a container hit with a missile. I do not believe any western media . I listen to rt to a balanced view.

  17. God bless Trump!!! Finally a man that isn’t going to back down, compromise or be intimidated by the left wing Obama leftovers! Stay strong Sir! You are more than qualified for your Presidency!❤❤❤


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