BREAKING: North Korea Just Launched a Missile Right Near Mike Pence! Then a Miracle Happened

Source: KNS

North Korea just did exactly what everyone was worried they would do. On their biggest holiday, the Day of the Sun, Kim Jong Un launched a missile.

The ICBM is thought to have been one of his new, nuclear ready missiles that he called a “game changer.” To make it worse, Mike Pence was flying in a jetĀ on his way to South Korea right then!

However, when everything seemed at its darkest, a miracle happened…



That’s right! Thank God the North Koreans still only build mediocre weapons. Their missile didn’t even take off!

However, what they did prove by trying to fire it was that we are past the point of reason. The Kim family needs to be dealt with right now.

The news of their failure was released by the South Korean Defense Ministry, which said,

‘North Korea attempted to test an unidentified type of missile from Sinpo area in the South Hamkyong Province this morning, but we suspect the launch has failed.’

I just wanna take a second and say Thank You to God for keeping VP Pence safe.

Now that that’s out of the way, I think it’s time for Trump and Mattis to do whatever they think is best and deal with this once and for all. Send your Prayers!



  1. If you left them alone they would stop living in fear and stop showing off their little unimportant muscles. However all the world is in fear not of Iran or Korea but of the USA, country that never had a year without a war that it started or encouraged.

  2. Those people and his military are starving to death while that fat little pig builds weapons that will destroy him and his country, what a buffoon, and I thought obuma was incompetent and stupid..

  3. No I don’t think this is a situation that calls for a response that could start a war. It is serious and doesn’t need to be ignored. But a missle for a missle or weapon for a weapon is not the answer. Need to send mrs trump. So she. An sweep the nut off his feet.

  4. Since he has run his country into total starvation he just wants to rattle his sabre for a while and then yell I surrender and let the U.S. rebuild his country like we have done to all other countries.How about shoot him and all of his leaders first though.

  5. Just BACK OFF from this LUNATIC! Not worth WWIII for some backwater scum nation like N.K.! Get Him when HE least expects!


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