HE DID IT! China Just Threatened the UNTHINKABLE to North Korea and It’s All Thanks to Trump!

Source: (Trump) Gage Skidmore

It’s a whole new world we are livin’ in, folks. President Donald Trump did the IMPOSSIBLE today when he FINALLY forced China’s hand on North Korea!

It all started with a Tweet Trump sent earlier offering China better trade deals IF they help with North Korea. Next thing you know…

China declared they are ready to take out Kim Jong Un!

The Chinese Military released an official statement in the Global Times,


“China has a bottom line it will protect at all costs, that is the security and stability of northeast China.”

“If the bottom line is touched, China will employ all means available including the military means to strike back.”

“By that time the Chinese People’s Liberation Army will launch attacks to DPRK nuclear facilities of its own.”

See? There is nothing candid about that. Kim Jong Un threatened the US with a nuclear strike and China turned on them.

China has also set 150,000 troops on their border near North Korea and stopped buying coal from Pyongyang. Now they are setting up to buy American!

So with Trump sending aircraft carriers and China positioning their army, it looks like North Korea will be gone VERY soon. This is all thanks to the incredible negotiating work of President Donald Trump.


If you have time, I need as many of y’all as possible to give Trump a hand and help Share this historic news out everywhere. We won!




  1. Trump has done it again making America safe and great again hope all people will finally realize what an amazing president we have we are so luck

  2. Please don’t forget where Trump gets his power–from the hand of Almighty God in this. When our leaders trust in God, everything works better.

  3. Why he really didn’t do anything, the Chinese President already stated he wants nothing to do with punk ass “45” remember he blasted him about his Russian connection an refused to shake hands with him on a state visit. China is just protecting their own interest an it has nothing to do with “45” so your spin just does not hold water.

    • You just can’t give credit where credit it due. President is doing a great job nothing happens overnight. He is doing a great job considering the left is working against him 24/7.

    • I am a Trump follower, I believe in President Trump, but you sir are correct in the fact we cannot give all the credit to our President, some not all. We must not take China for granted that they will go along with the United States every step of the way for they are a communistic country. The Ruler of China is a very smart individual who is looking at the trade situations and too looking at the source of N. Korea and how Kim Jong Un is an unstable dictator of which wants to see nuclear war and WW3. China does not want this for all concerned, but the fact still remains China is N. Korea’s ally so if all hell was to break loose then at that point, China will back them, they have no choice in the matter. The people of the US needs to simmer their accolades as if Trump won over China for this is not the case, we cannot force the hand of China as they ours. China is going to do what is best for their country not the United States and we must never take that country for granted for it would be a huge mistake on all parties involved.

    • True everything is in Gods hand. However world war 3 is coming and the Russian planes are testing us. This is bad! But good as the rapture will come quickly and the antichrist will appear

  4. Somebody, please tell me that Trump is not the quintessential master of negotiation. I dare you. He knew all along what he was doing. He knew that we were China’s biggest market and ally (although you might not agree with the ally thing), and that they will shortly become our biggest market. There are no shrewder people than the Chinese and Trump knows it. Pres. Xi is no fool by any stretch of the imagination and neither is Trump. Hate them as you may, they are the future and things are starting to look pretty good. Now, we’ll see how Tillerson handles Putin- two more shrewd and very smart men.

  5. America Can Hold Her Head Up Again!!! – Thank You President Trump for getting the Chinese Government to ‘negotiate a great deal’ with the United States.

  6. AWESOME !! PRESIDENT TRUMP – America Can Hold Her Head Up Again. Thank you President Trump for ‘negotiating a great deal’ with the Chinese Government. You are THE MAN

  7. AWESOME !! – PRESIDENT TRUMP – America Can Hold Up Her Head Again. Thank you President Trump for ‘negotiating a great deal’ with the Chinese Government.

  8. Once again, Trump has demonstrated to the world that he is indeed a world leader. There is a Scripture that reads: “When the righteous rule, the people rejoice;but when the wicked are in power, the people groan” (Proverbs 29:2). and another pretty well describes the past eight years under Obama – “When the wicked flourish, wrongdoing flourishes, but the righteous will witness their downfall” (Proverbs 29:16).

  9. Your headline leaves me wondering how in the world you could slant this story by saying what you did regarding taking out of Kim Jong Un. I just listened to President Trump – he never said one thing remotely regarding China’s taking out North Korea. If you expect to get a huge audience, you are going to have to speak the TRUTH! NOT MAKE UP A LIE!!!

    • Thank you Dianne, for being the voice of reason here. Any idiot can take one of the orange clown’s tweets and act like they are a state address. And that same idiot can then claim he is a good leader but that would be a pretty weak argument. This happened because of Trump’s unscrupulous business practices spilling over into politics. He had no direct plan, he is a bumbling idiot in the world theatre. War between super powers is nothing to celebrate.

  10. Trump inherited so many Problems from Obama’s tyranny to take the USA down. Trump is doing all he can to fix what Obama jacked up. Trump is doing great for the USA and he is probably the only man that can get us out of messes Obama put us in.

  11. Looks like to me that China basically said to N Korea, if you threaten us we will act. Do you think for a minute China needed Trump to explain their own interests to them? Do you really even think China’s position has even changed? I give President Trump credit for working with China and believe the action they have taken is positive for U.S. (They could have taken a position strongly supporting N Korea) but it seems to me you overstate the case.

  12. The “Fat Little Boy” may have to use the potty after he hears China would use nukes if he screws with them! Do they have lots of tissue in NK for his sweat and tears? What’s the name for Korean suicide? Fat Litle Boy might want to use it!

  13. All the gays, illegals and muslims who hate trump come out in droves to down play his accomplishments. Posting lies. If you hate Trump, get the hell out of this country. Because you are not a America lover.

  14. This tub of Lard Un is the biggest threat we have as he is determined to take us down by any means at his disposal and that means inter Continental ballistic Missiles. He is insane with Power and has even killed members of his own family and friends. H even killed his own girl friend and will stop at nothing to reach his objective. China agrees with Trump as he is a threat to China and other near by Countries. also. Trump is very intelligent and the master deal maker. China does not want to see the trade deals we have with them flushed down the toilet. China could squash North Korea like a bug. Un knows this and has backed off in the meantime. China is no longer sending different goods and has stopped air traffic to them. He is tightening the screws and letting this crazy nut know , he will go further, if necessary. This we will have to see if this is enough to keep him at bay. If not President Trump will do what needs to be done to protect us and others.

  15. Nobody has actually won anything being that Russia is backing North Korea and has sent tanks,weapons and ammunition to the 11 Mile border that they have with North Korea, as well as Russia making a statement that if anything happens to North Korea they will retaliate on the US with lethal force of Their Own

  16. Negotiating? President Trump’s tweet regarding this matter has nothing to do with China’s posture towards North Korea. China does what China wants to do…..period! To believe that an early morning tweet has been earth-shaking and a major diplomacy accomplishment is actually self-delusionment.


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