EPIC FAIL! What Just Happened to North Korea Will Have You Praising the Lord!


Easter is a day to celebrate that our Lord and Savior has risen!

And we have another reason to celebrate this Easter:  the bomb North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un has been threatening, which he reportedly launched on Easter morning, fizzled out!

South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff have stated that North Korea’s attempted missile launch on Sunday morning failed,  reports the Yonhap News Agency.

Kim Jong-Un is  nothing but a Bully!

And what’s the best way to deal with a bully?  Stand up to him!  And that’s just what President Trump is doing.


The United States has a carrier strike group operating near the North Korean peninsula, reports the Daily Caller.  Furthermore, President Trump used his leadership and amazing negotiating skills, to negotiate with Chinese President Xi Jinping, to further protect us from the outrageous Kim Jong-Un.



Our President Trump is a brilliant negotiator!  He knows that first and foremost, over anything else, we much keep this world safe from violent bullies like Kim Jong-Un.

Happy Easter, ya’ll!  Our Lord is risen and we have much reason for joyous praise! SHARE with everyone you want to have a very joyous Easter!

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  1. The best solution to the DPRK problem is for the people to get rid of him. I wonder if the CIA is doing anything along these lines to help them. Tough job when the target is a paranoid psychopath.

  2. Our God always moves in mysterious ways.. This show’s that evil does not prospers, no matter what Satan throw’s at us..He will always place His Hedge of Protection around His beloved Christians.Thank you Lord for your love and grace. Amen

  3. We like President Trump very much and support him 100 per cent. Hopefully the lib cry babies will grow up and stop crying like spoiled kids and allow him to bring our country back to Greatness.
    Don Baber

  4. If President Trump will continue to show the world we wil not be threatned
    I think we will be better off. No one wants a nucular war, but the that what ww3 will be. It’s hard to understand these crazy gooks but we will do what we must do to survive. It may be war or not. Time will tell.

  5. AND there are Things to Come to return us to a “Government of, by and for THE PEOPLE” such as LIMITS on the amount that any one entity can control. When such extreme wealth is contrlled by a Soros, a Bill or a Zuck, then all other systems will fail because the operators will be BOUGHT as has recently happened to the Democrat Party. Our laws must be re-written with ctriminal penalties stiff enough to prevent ALL CRIME.

  6. If anyone doubts that our Lord didn’t have his hands in electing Pres Trump your definitely a non believer because he DID! Only Pres Trump and VP Pence could deal with the LEFT, and the Uprising in our country and this world!

  7. I thank the Lord for giving President Trump the wisdom to negotiate this deal. China is to be given much credit for for putting the little fat boy back in his place. I hope the pres. & Chinese Pres. got his attention.He needs some kind of “war toy” from Wal-Mart” to play with, something to keep himself occupied, & something he can’t hurt himself or someone else with it. Does anyone have any ideas. Must be for a little boy say from 10 to 14.

  8. I am reading a book by a North Korean escapee who was in the highest echelon of their government before he defected. Title is “Dear Leader” written by Jang Jin-Sung. Although I am only in the 2nd chapter (the chapter where he begins to see what was happening out in the highways and by-ways) it is very revealing as to how they “Dear Leader” thinks and acts, and how he controls the people. I found my copy in a store where all is sold for a dollar. I recommend people read this to see just how diabolical their leaders are in running their country.


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