Every Single Veteran Is CHEERING After Seeing What Trump Just Signed Seconds Ago!

Image Source: Whitehouse.gov

President Trump has signed a bill to extend the program that lets some veterans will be able to seek medical care in the private medical sector.

The extension will give the Veterans Affairs Secretary David Shulkin the time to develop a greeeaaat plan to let veterans to get outside of the failed VA health system for care.

This means that the veterans will finally have a choice again on healthcare.


Trump says that veterans have “not been taken care of properly” and the bill will extend and improve the program to let them pick any doctor they choose.

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Trump is completing his promises and helping our vets. Don’t you love our President? (h/t News Max)


  1. Its about time veterans got some help, they are the one’s who are risking their live’s every day for us. God is good isn’t he. Give s big thanks to President Trump. They deserve good health care just like government employees of all types.

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