THIS IS GENIUS! Trump Just Signed New Bill That Will Bring Planned Parenthood To Its Knees!

Source: White House

President Trump may have done a lot of big stuff this week, but one of the BIGGEST he managed to keep totally quiet.

Trump signed a new bill today that is almost guaranteed to RUIN Planned Parenthood and every other publicly funded abortion provider out there.

Donald Trump ended Obama’s rule that protected federally funded abortions!

You see, near the end of 2016 Obama signed a bill that made stopped states from denying funds to Abortion providers. According to NPR, the law “states pass along family-planning grants — regardless of whether the groups they’re passing them along to offer abortion services as well.”

With a flick of his pen, Trump ended that barbaric practice. Now states will finally have the right to choose for themselves whether or not they fund the murder of so many children.


So, once again, Donald Trump managed to keep his campaign promise. I’m not one bit surprised. He has basically done EVERYTHING he told us he would. That is why the media hates him!

If you wanna see your state STOP taking federal funds to pay for abortions, then show them by sharing this out! Also leave a special prayer thanking Trump for his amazing work protecting kids. AMEN!



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