IT’S FINALLY OVER: What Just Happened To Hillary Clinton Has Trump In Total Disbelief!


It’s finally happening. Hillary Clinton will not run for public office again.

That’s if you can trust Hillary Clinton at her word. According to the Los Angeles Times, Clinton said that she would not seek public office again and would remain in “public service.”

Hillary said that she was going to work on getting the Democrats in control of Congress again in 2018.

“As a person, I’m OK. As an American, I’m pretty worried,” she said. “I’m not making any plans to do anything.”

You heard that right here on Liberty Writers!

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  1. By the time the next election comes around this Broom Rider will be dead. Her health won’t hold up very long. Them ole SLICK WILLIE will be freey to try on any female he likes without her big fat lips covering for that idiot. Tow of the most PATHETIC HUMANS IN HISTORY, BAR NONE.

  2. If her lips are moving she’s telling a lie. The world would be a much better place if what she said is true. Not only should she never hold office again, she should be in prison for treason, and murder.

  3. That is not a nightmare. Trump is the nightmare and you need to wake up. Soon the his followers and you will understand what a nightmare Trump really is.

  4. No one is so naive as to believe what she said as she is a compulsive liar. Who cares anyway. Even if she stands in 2018 she will be soundly defeated again. No one in his/her right mind would want a crook and liar to be POTUS. Nuff said !!

  5. She got that right she is interested in women and particularly kids. And not the way she’s saying it. The worst way.
    She also lies a lot she also knows were coming after her. We dont buy it another way to get crap started murderer. We havent forgot the trail of blood behind you and especially Benjazi.

  6. Does anybody believe Hillary Clinton? Not me, Judging this on the basis of her activity and pronouncements in the past, I just don’t believe her at all.She has a very good track record of telling lies.

  7. “Trust” and Hillary Clinton are not words that work well together. I do not believe a word of it and the nightmare is far from over. It will not be over until the resurrection takes place and we all stand before Jehovah at the judgment bar. The nightmare of the “Last Days” has just begun.


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