JUST IN: Trump Just Invited The Entire Senate To Emergency Briefing! Look What They Are Discussing…

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The Trump administration is prepared to brief all 100 senators this week on North Korea. President Donald Trump called the country a “real threat to the world.” The unusual full-Senate briefing has been scheduled for Wednesday.

The full-Senate briefing is scheduled for Wednesday after Trump criticized North Korea’s “continued belligerence” after his call with President Xi Jinping of China on Sunday.

Here is what Trump said about North Korea:


Trump is going to go hard after North Korea. He says that “North Korea is a big world problem” and “people have put blinders on for decades.”

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According to Reuters, 100 senators have been invited to the White House for Wednesday. Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis, Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats and Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Gen. Joseph Dunford.

Thanks for reading. This is huge and needs to bet out.

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  1. Kim Jong Un is a bully, and he treats the people as ” lower than humans” instead of world war 111 he is a danger to many. Eliminate him.

  2. China is who should take care of that situation. They already have a relationship with N Korea. We do not want another additional war. WE have had it with wars !
    Time for someone else to pay world police for a change !

  3. Its about time north korea must be taught a lesson anout respect and diplomacy. A small country doing the intimidating to super power nations is quite troubling, including the saber rattling.

  4. like your work. I read very few on here because their news is not trustworthy. Oh, and I loved Ben Franklin’s work.

  5. Comment: US hore of babilon..you playd with GOD. now its time for you to see THAT your coverment is not the GOD of heaven. We the people the white minority. we are the lion of juda!! I smell the bĺood of white genocide on your hand so does à big lot of the WORLD. I hope they nuke the hell out of you
    compare to 23 years 0f hell you help to make in SA. you had it çoming

  6. Why don’t we get on our horse and go blast N. Korea into the sea……….and get it over with. Its an ignorant nation following a madman.


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