HE HAS LOST IT! Bruce Springsteen Just Did Something UNFORGIVABLE to Donald Trump Today!

Source: (Left) Wikimedia, (Right) Michael Vandon

Now y’all know it makes me REAL sad to have to do this. I used to love Bruce Springsteen. After what he just did to Donald Trump, however, I will NEVER be able to forgive him.

Bruce Springsteen and his buddy Joe Grushecky teamed up to write a SUPER anti-Trump song: “That’s What Makes Us Great”

So I’m sure you are wondering to yourself, “How bad can it be?” Well, the song doesn’t get officially released until tomorrow, but here are a few of they “lyrics”, just to give you a taste:

“Don’t tell me a lie / And sell it as a fact / I’ve been down that road before / And I ain’t goin’ back / And don’t you brag to me / That you never read a book / I never put my faith / In a con man and his crooks.”

See what I mean? And this is coming from the mouth of the same loser who got SUPER political when he supported Obama and Hillary Clinton.


Look, there is no redemption for this man. I mean “Born in the USA” was great, but that won’t justify what he has gone and become.

If you wanna help make this nationwide boycott of all Springsteen crap a reality, then you gotta do your part and help Share this out!




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