NO WAY! Trump, Sarah Palin & Ted Nugent Teamed Up To Do 1 NASTY Thing To Hillary Today…

Image Source: Sarah Palin Facebook

Sarah Palin was at the White House on Wednesday and visited President Donald Trump with her friends Kid Rock and Ted Nugent.

Don’t we love America’s most political hockey mom! She brought her daughter Willow and her camera so that she could take photos of her hanging out with President Trump.

Then look what happened! 🙂


Hell yeah, Sarah!

Here is the official picture of them all hanging out with President Trump.

Then Sarah got a little one on one time with Jared Kushner.

Via Sarah Palin Facebook

Then Sarah got a little time to hang out with the President.

Then they all got to hang out with our President. Ted Nugent snapped this pic.

He pulled out the axe and proceeded to play a little guitar for our Pesident. The Nuuuuuuggennnntttt!!!! YAH!

Don’t you love our President? He is going to be the best President of all time!?

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The rest of the world needs to see what Sarah Palin did to Hillary Clinton. Aren’t you glad that we didn’t have her as President? (h/t Daily Mail)

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  1. Who wrote up his little bio? …all you other so-called writers is just…
    How about …writers are. ??
    There are so many editing mistakes on so many things that I read that I don’t think that they are edited at all!!


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