PRAISE GOD! What Washington Just Announced about Abortion Proves God is on Trump’s Side!


We all know that Trump’s nomination to the Highest Court of the land, Neil Gorsuch, is now sitting on that bench.

And now, there is speculation that another Justice on the Supreme Court will retire soon!  Senator Chuck Grassley, Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, spoke in Iowa this week and said, “I would expect a resignation this summer,” reports the Muscatine Journal.

In law school, it was drilled into us the supreme importance of the Supreme Court. What it decides becomes the law of the land.  It is important that the public understand just how important the SCOTUS is, because it affects all of our lives every single day.

Senator Grassley would not say which Justice it might be, and there are several possibilities, based upon age:  Ruth Bader Ginsburg is 84, Anthony Kennedy is 80 and Stephen Breyer is 78.

According to the ABA Journal, however, Justice Kennedy “is reportedly mulling retirement.”  Justice Kennedy came onto the SCOTUS during Ronald Reagan’s presidency.

Why is this so important and why does it show that God is on Trump’s, and our, side?  University of California at Irvine Law Professor Richard Hasen explained:  “If progressives think the Supreme Court is conservative now, just wait.”  He further explained that, if President Donald Trump gets to appoint another replacement,  “there could well be five justices to overturn Roe v. Wade[.]”

How about that, ya’ll?!

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  1. It would be lot more exciting if the States had nullified this “ruling” the day it was made since this right belongs to the states, not the Fed Gov.

    • As the creator of all life, the right to end one belongs only to Him. I didn’t know this until 7 years ago when He took my beautiful daughter back. I had always thought she was mine but someone gave me a wonderful prayer during that time that burned the truth into my heart that she had always been His, and if He wanted to take her back, I had to be willing to let her go. Jeremiah 29:11, “For I know the plans I have for you…..”Jeremiah 1:5 “Before I placed you in your mother’s womb, I knew you…” This truth enabled me to sit by her death bed for 3+ days sure in the knowledge that her spirit would soon return to Him who made her. Throughout that ordeal, I was never angry at God and have never since then blamed Him. He gave me the “peace that passeth understanding” that has held me steady. We must stop slaughtering babies!

      • Sorry about your daughter. Too bad she had to suffer.
        as to slaughtered babies–
        we should also stop factory farming which raises animal babies (calves) in veal crates unable to turn around , kept anemic (so the meat is tender), and then be slaughtered and served up on a plate for Sunday after church dinner.
        Drones and warfare kills human babies, children, moms, dads and old people..I guess God wants them all back too.

        • Yes, that is important but it isn’the more important than human life. Fix this first and then work on the others.

      • Sandra, you have a good heart. I know this had to have been painful. I too lost my son to a motorcycle accident. My husband and I, plus our two daughters knew he would be alright and one day we would see him again. And I agree with you, the slaughtering of babies needs to stop. And it will, as I’m sure God is too crying for those little ones. Man’s free will has gone far enough.

      • Sandra I know what you are talking about, I lost my infant daughter to SIDS and God comforted me in the most amazing ways while letting me know he didn’t take her to hurt me, but for reasons only he knows. He also promised me another child and even though I struggled having another and it took longer than I wanted, he in his time gave me 4 more beautiful children. Children are God’s gift to us and don’t deserve to be murdered in the womb. However the evil one is at work in our country and if roe vs wade is reversed, I am afraid there would be a lot of violence and possible civil war.

      • SANDRA PARROTT, there is always a reason that GOD acts in our Lives just let the Holy Spirit have His way with you, you will be in my Daily Prayers. Praise JESUS CHRIST. I AM BROTHER LEONARD.

      • We too lost our youngest son suddenly and unexpectedly.. and we know God took him and we have had so many reassurances that he is still alive and we will see him again one day.. when we lose a dear on we are left behind and we do suffer great pain from the loss… not because we don’t know that the loved one is now safe forever, but because we miss them… our grief just proves our great love for them.. God truly gave me this son so I agree that He had every right to take him when He thought best… I just pray that one day I will be able to join him… that I will be forgiven…

    • yeah, uppity women shouldn’t have any say in anything. Amazing that they were allowed to vote. Or drive cars. Or even let out of the house.

    • The states don’t have that right either. Our Constitution, as adopted and ratified by all the states, declares that right to life to be a natural right, i.e. coming from nature and nature’s god.

  2. That would be Great to overturn Roe vs Wade, Praise GOD ALL MIGHTY & JESUS CHRIST for paying the PRICE of DEATH for us SINNERS, remember this THE HOLY SPIRIT is on this Earth holding back the Anti Christ he will not be made know until the church the true church of Jesus is taken off this Earth, now there are many anti Christ on this earth meaning them that stand against Jesus Christ but the main one is here but he will not be made know as of yet, there still will be terrible times on the earth with Christians that is why we will miss the Great Tribulation that is for ISRAEL and the end of SIN with the coming of our Saviour and His Saved ARMY to put the rebellion down and it will be bad never before on this earth was it. enough said. I AM BROTHER LEONARD.

    • Do you think he approves of Hillary with her anti-Christian agenda and saying abortion is okay up late term? The Bible says every ruler and king is put in by the authority of God.

    • Why are you on this web site? Think what you will, but one day, even YOUR knee will bow down to Him. And if you dont repent, you will be thrown into hell. Better think about your callousness and ask Christ to forgive your sins.

      • Which knee-my good knee or the lesser good knee? Isn’t Hell “down there” deep in the bowels of earth? But if one keeps going down into hell far enough, one would pop up on the other side of earth (considering for the argument, that the earth is no longer flat, but round or ovoid with a slight wobble) other words- somewhere in China.
        There is hell on is called tight shoes.

    • LOrranie—-and you now speak for God??? and you really think that God would prefer Kilary? you can not be that dumb.

    • We can’t know what God has in mind for Trump. I believe that He placed Trump in this position to stop the downward spiral this nation has been in .

  3. Many of us prayed for Trump’s Presidency.. Obama appointed two liberals Sotomayor and Kagen.. So what is wrong with appointing another Conservative? Obama could do it but Trump as our President is opposed all the way by the liberal Democrats.

  4. What is the purpose of a comment when all you want is something that you agree with. I hope God agrees with you on something. I also thought that we are supposed to honor FREE SPEACH.!!!

  5. We pray every day for America, and thank God for His mercy, grace, and patience with us as sinners have mocked Him and blatantly gone against His Commandments. I pray for our leaders in all levels of government to govern according to God’s precepts.

    • Many Republicans were for him. What you don’t understand the democrats have brought America to a new low with all their things they are doing now complete idiots with all the rioting that Obam has did by pushing riots he and his other 3 black ones, Sharpton and Jessie Jackson and Holder 4 they cheered the rioting on just what Obam was waiting for. Obama was never for us. He had a well laid plan to take us down. get real. How would you like to a woman of a Muslim, head dress and all?

  6. It’s about time -eh God, Ruth Ginsberg is long over due . . . actually, the other two are also – time to stop and smell the roses . . .

    • I don’t see why they should retire, as long as they still have a sound mind. I would think their experience and wisdom when it comes to the laws would be more of an asset than someone younger who hasn’t seen as much of what America has been through.

      • You, Gloria, keep showing your callous ignorance. Or do you actually think you’re funny? “Get thee behind me, Satan”. You are worthy of our scorn and derision.

    • I pray every child has a loving Christian pair of straight White parents. I pray every teenager practices abstinence until they marry in the church. The Christian church of course, no mosque, no synagogue, no grove of trees. I pray the children only attend Christian schools, only go to Christian run stores, only watch Christian televison, and wear Christian approved clothing covering the entire sinful body…head to toe. Something white (not like a dark burka) maybe something with a pointed hood, oh, and a bright red cross on the front. Entertainment will commence with a lit cross on the village green. Bring non-kosher hot dogs.

  7. What would His 100 days have been like without the stupidity of having to fight an hostile media instead of constructive criticism of an enlightened media working together for the good of America. In 80 years on Gods planet I have never found anyone who is right 100% of the time so why do the media and “stars” think they are.

  8. Is it possible that too many careless women don’t bother with birth control because they know the taxpayers will be forced to cover their a$$es should they ‘accidentally’ get pregnant?

    • Damn those shameless hussies! If they covered their asses with a tight girdle they never would get pregnant in the first place!

      • GH: Yeah, it’s really a shame that males of the human species cannot control themselves. Sort of makes one wonder why they are (mostly) in charge of things. Women would not need to cover themselves with a tight girdle if the men kept themselves covered and under tighter control.

        LJB:Careless women? What about careless men who do not bother with birth control? … because they know if a pregnancy results, it will be the women who get all the blame. Why don’t they keep themselves to themselves?

    • I am not against giving the women or men birth control. You are right if the taxpayers were not forced to pay for abortions then they might give second thought about killing their un born. That is where most of the money goes for delivery. or killing the baby. The evil doctors that do abortions for a living Also it is the wat some mothers makes a living birthing.

  9. Ginsburg is the most liberal, unqualified judge on the Supreme court. She has gotten involved in the politics of the day several times. Her point of view is always against the constitution. Evil

  10. God can raise to power and demonstrate His will through the most unlikely vessels. President Donald Trump is turning to God’s wisdom, and humbly submitting his life to the Lord with a God-fearing VP to edify and encourage God’s choice–despite his past. If God can change me, he can certainly change Donald Trump. Continue praying for them both.

    • When was the last time Trump was seen in church? If Trump was humbled, how about letting the homeless spend a few nights in one of the towers he owns?

      • Gloria, Trump has helped many people, but is one that doesn’t let others know it, but many have brought out what he has done…but they were able to find out. Do some searching on the web and you’ll find some. As far as Trump Towers go, he did hire immigrants that needed jobs years ago and was good to them. You can find this too.

        • tarbella – you can also find those that Trump hired and did not pay.

          RC: Trump is not turning himself to God at all. His VP was chosen in order to get more support, and ONLY to get more support. Trump has just signed deals worth billions with Saudi Arabia – to make weapons for them and to support killing. Doesn’t sound like anything that God would want.

      • That’s ridiculous sarcasm. Especially the part about White parents. I pray every child is allowed to live and have two wonderful straight parents of any nationality. I pray the children learn to love God and his word so they are able to attend public school and be a shining light to those who don’t understand the truth. I pray they learn to discern the type of television that is constructive to their wellbeing. I pray they learn on their own what to wear that is modern, but modest. I pray they chose entertainment that again is constructive and brings happiness, not shame to themselves and those who love them.

  11. Thank God He is using President Trump to return America to Godly heritage on which it was founded. When King Solomon ascended the throne of Judah,he started by asking God for wisdom to lead His people. He was the most successful King of Israel because he put God first. No leader on earth can go wrong when God is in charge. Praise God for VP Pence who is a Christian and spiritual support to him. Sent President the verse 2Chronicle 1:10 Hope he read it, obviously he did. Also happy to learn of B Study and prayer certain times in the W House by a Pastor.

  12. We've got to quit spoiling innocent blood an abortion's are nation be any judgment if we don't God bless America and Donald Trump praise God praise God

    We’ve got to quit spoiling innocent blood an abortion’s are nation be any judgment if we don’t God bless America and Donald Trump praise God praise God

    • We must continue to pray for a soft heart and for him to continue seeking guidance from God 1 Timothy 2:1-6

    • Don’t blasphaemous believing that God takes sides and that, in so doing, He even supports such a nullity!

        • Ahahahahah! Maybe, God will get up and turn off the light you forgot toturn ff befre going to sleep! By the way, I read the Biblewith the same interest with which I read the Iliad or Cicero’s letters: to learn how ancient people were thinking!

          • Then that’s your problem. You don’t read it in faith, but instead a critical heart, you won’t get anything out of the Bible. People all across this nation did as He asked; humbled ourselves, prayed, repented and asked Him to intervene. He did.

          • If you read in faith and not with a scientifical critical mind, you must also believe the Quran or the Indu Gita. Did you ask Him to turn off the lights you forgot on when you got to bed?

          • My faith is in the Bible. As for your childish question, no, He knows I can get up and turn them off on my own.

          • that’s why God invented a cure for cancer, no more disease, no more domestic violence, no more miscarriages, everyone has a full tummy and gets to sleep in a warm bed at night. Cause every one prayed about it and God answered. Maybe you didn’t get the message.

          • Maybe if you looked at Gods word, you would see the purpose for the things going on now. Remember, we all have free will, what we do with it, is up to us. Are we doing it Gods way or our own way?

          • We are now doing it God’s way. The liberals want to do it Satan’s way. enslave all of us all and take away all of our freedoms and make our lives miserable.

          • Yes, Satan has a hold on them, but by not knowing God, the libs are doing his bidding. As the bible says. Satan is working in high places.

          • Satan is working in the white house…how higher up in America can it be? well, maybe in the corporate board rooms.

          • Yep! And he works with those that care nothing about anyone but themselves. He will also try and taunt Christians, as he hates them too.

          • Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat? Who is taking away our freedoms? Arresting people for asking questions, for laughing, for partaking in protests? Hint: it isn’t the liberals.

          • And America is so much in need of many more liberals to become again a member in good standing of the club of the civilized countries!

          • We’re in a fallen world, bad things are going to happen, most of them we can’t stop. Yet, for those of us who have faith in God, He will see to our needs. If we approach Him with a haughty heart and a sneer on our lips, well, would YOU want to help someone who comes to YOU with that kind of nasty attitude?

          • Alberto you are one that God calls foolish. For the past 8-9 years now, I have come across quit a few like you and all any of you want to do is argue. You really don’t want to know God.

          • The problem is that you, as too many people, are unable to get rid of the well knwn old pagan superstitions that conceive God just as a very powerful human being wih magical abilities| For me,God is the only existing Being and you,me, my cat, the oceans, the stars, the parallel universes of which somebody has started talking are just cells of the body of God, if you accept my exemplifying with a biological language and excuse me for it, because I have practiced surgery and thaught it in several universities in two continents! Stop conceiving God the way the old Greek-Roman were conceiving Juppiter or Mars!,

          • God is spirit, Alberto, so He has no cells. If you have done surgery and taught it too, then you saw the works of God. Science is nice, I like science and know quit a bit about it, and science has shown me more of God and his wonderful ways. After all the research and study I have done, God has grown closer to me and I to him. That’s what happens when you begin to want answers. There is much I could tell you that has happened to me that God has allowed just because I love him and care. You would never believe it, if I told you, because science has become your God. The closer you become to God, the closer He becomes to you, in more ways than one.

          • You refer to God as a he. How do you know God is a he? God has a penis? Chest hair? is he balding? What if God was a she? Would she ovulate, get PMS? Does God/Goddess live in Olympus replacing the outdated gods of the ancients? Out in space? If God is a spirit, then there is no sex, no body.

          • Again, if you read the bible it shows in it what God looks like. And you will notice words when talking about Christ that God is mentioned as the father…father is male. Right, there is no sex in the spiritual realm, but the spirit body does have shape and form. Gloria, have you never read about the angels and what they look like? Have you never read any of the bible?

          • yes I read about angels,they have blue eyes, blonde/blond hair, wings and are described as beams of light. Yes I have read some of the bible(omitted reading the racy parts) , also the Keys to the Scriptures, some of the Pearl of Great Price, some of Book of the Mormon, and some of Banned books of the Bible. My ancestors were Free Methodist missionaries who in Haiti/ Dominican Republic, and Puerto Rico set about to convert the locals from Catholicism using lots of hell fire and brimstone. Torture was outlawed, otherwise, they would have tried that too.

          • Gloria, you are blessed because you have learned how Satan can deceive. Many do not know this because they have not experienced real evil. Gloria, there is but one God and that God is love. That God said, I am not a God of confusion and He isn’t. I too looked at many different forms of religion, but wasn’t satisfied, so began to learn much on my own, through study and research. I tried to make sure I was getting to the truth by always asking God to make sure I had the right books and information for the study I began with the bible. I knew there were false sayings out there and wanted so bad to know the truth and He has lead me in the right direction…but, I had to WANT to know the truth first. The one powerful thing I have learned, is, if you study, you begin to get closer to God and He in return gets closer to you. I have been blessed to see things that God has allowed me to see that others haven’t…but even with that I knew I always have had to question first if what I saw, heard, or experienced was of God or Satan. God tells us to test the spirits if they be evil or good, and I do. Gloria, you have a better chance of knowing the truth because of what you have already experienced. I have experienced it too, but in another way.
            Hell fire and brimstone are over rated. My grandmother quit going to church many years ago [ she is dead now ] because they mostly spoke [ more like screamed ] of hell and how everyone was going to hell, etc. Through out much of my study, I found the truth on that, and the Catholic Church also knows the truth on that, but don’t tell the people.

          • Alberto, you may have read all those books but you have not comprehended what God told us in the one He left for us.

          • When and where did God talk to you to tell you what, according to your superstition , I did not comprehended?

          • Rulers. God Ordained Three Institutions, Marriage, Family and Government. Ever hear of Deborah, a Judge. Before There Were Kings.
            He Gave The People a Judge, Because they Said They Could Not Self Govern. Hint. Why a True Democracy Will Not Work. Also A Totalitarian Government. Like What Many Leftists Desire. He Also Set Up Samuel, a Judge, Solomon and David. Kings.

          • God did not ordain any of those three institutions you mention! Thay evolved from acommon decision or agreement of the human beings, simply to make their own daily life easier!

          • God ordained the family and marriage….. but governments were institutions of men. The only earthly government that God set up was when He gave the Law to Moses…. with He Himself as the King and the judges judging only according to His law…. no people making up laws and no human king to oppress them. When Israel demanded a King, God gave them one, but He warned them against it and told them that this government of man would be oppressive to them….. the Israelites refused to listen and they got their King Saul who was….. you guessed it….. very oppressive just like all man-made governments.

          • Incorrect. “God Instituted Government for the Good of All”
            “Every ruling authority that exists has been established by God (Rom. 13:1–2). Human government is a derived authority.”
            “Let everyone be subject to the governing authorities, for there is no
            authority except that which God has established. The authorities that
            exist have been established by God.”

            “By the time we reach Judges 4,
            Israel has already had two judges. God raised up Othniel to deliver
            Israel from Cushan-rishathaim, king of Mesopotamia (3:7-11). Then Ehud,
            the left-handed Benjamite, was God’s deliverer from the hand of Eglon,
            the king of Moab (3:12-31).”

            Judg. 4:4-9 Before there were kings, God called Judges to rule. Deborah, who also commanded armies. Samuel was called as a Judge. Then there were kings, Solomon, David, Josiah, Asa, Jotham, to just name a few.


          • Wrong again buddy…. it says that God established the “authorities” and then goes on to describe what legitimate authority is (rewarding good and punishing evil) and it is clear that that “authority” resides in THE INDIVIDUAL who then delegates some of his OWN INDIVIDUAL AUTHORITY to his servant, the government….. You are reading Romans 13 backward…. just like the tyrants have trained you to do….

      • almighty G-d !!!!!!!!!! You Blithering IDIOT! Does CARE about who IIS! Murdering!! babies! and Sacrificing THEM to THEIR democRAT!! ” god! ” Lucifer !!!! Or WHY! are Y’ALL Changing the Entire Plan! for the Family!; Which IS! from almighty G-d! ????????? hymmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm???

          • YO! Doofus … Rev 22:19 “if any man shall take away from the words of this book…. te book of life… G-d shall take away his part in the book of Life….” G-d also warned us that there “shall be scoffer’s” … and those who are Willingly!! Stupid.” Holy Bible..You have free will, to choose.

          • Why don’t you try to mention ideas instead of relying on what you read in fiction books???

          • all YOU … DO! IS! Just Whine about Reality!! Wait Until the GWT Jusdgement Smart Alec. I Have Faith!!! YOU HAVE A BIG MOUTH !!!!

          • Thank you for confirming what I have already said to you: “Since you mention in your blabber the word IDIOT, I assume you are talking of yourself!”

      • God answers prayer, All we have done is agree with the prayer. God gets involved in anything he wants to. The demon’s are in trouble as our president is following God’s law. Not Satan’s law. Satan’s way is a path of total misery.

      • God is love…that’s his number. Don’t bother telling me about the old Testament and those He had allowed to be killed, I have heard it before and as I told people back then, God has a reason for all that he does. If you want to know him, you have to study and research the bible. If you want truth, you sometimes have to dig for it. I’ve been doing it for 48 years now, learned a lot, but still have more to learn. We’re finished here.

        • My dear friend, I practiced and thought surgery at the university in a few countries and I assure you that in inventing living beings and immediately inventing every sort of diseases to plague them there no love at all, but only a virulent sadism! God is innocent of this simply because he had nothing to do with what you call creation, something that happened just by chance!

          • Alberto—“I practiced and though surgery” please tell me how that makes you have any common sense or know anything? You must have “studied” at a school who teaches what to think in place of how to think–

          • You need badly to go to a school where they teach you how to think, but, unfortunately for you, you must have gone to school in a place where philosophy is not a compulsory subject, as it is in the schools I attended!

          • Alberto, nothing can happen by chance, there has to be something there in the first place. Its like cloning an animal, they had to take something from that animal first in order to clone. God said, He was, is, and always will be. I know that can blow your mind, but its true. The question, where did God come from, is exactly what He said…He always was, is, and will be. That was the beginning…God! Alberto, right now, you’re thinking like a human and not in the spiritual sense, Read Romans 1: 20 and also, Hebrews 11: 1-3

          • Tarbella, EVERYTHING in nature does happen by chance because no rational planner would have invented the so many useless and idiotic things that are part of life. You are a woman I believe and how can you imagine a more silly and more cruel and sadistic way of letting you produce chidren, f. e.?

          • Alberto, there has to be a reason you are so angry [ and others like you ]. If you understood who and why God is, you would not be so upset. God is a lot more than you think, a whole lot more, but you have to get to know him in order to find out. Everything He has created is for a purpose…everything. You say you like science, go to the library and get some books on nature and see what they say. Yes, there are some very unusual critters, creatures, plants, etc, out there that makes you wonder what their use is. If you study about them you will find out. God is not cruel, nor sadistic, He is wise in what and why He does certain things. To us humans, we may not always understand, but one day, we are going to understand much and more. We have many answers to many things right now…if we just do some study. God tells us to prove all things. There are many, many things that God is going to show us later and questions answered…John 21: 25.
            And yes, I’m a women who has had children and had no problem with it. I have always wanted to be a wife and mother and let me tell you, there is nothing like family. I will tell you this, Alberto, God DOES love you very much and you may have given up on him, but He has not given up on you…you will see that later as much is coming.

          • Your god and Mrs.Gloria Hafner’s is cruel and sadistic, not mine! I believe that only God does exist and that you, me, my cat, our planet, the stars, the parallel universes of which somebody has started talking, are just components of him (I said cells instead of components or parts, due to my medical way or thinking!)

          • Alberto, I was being sarcastic. I don’t believe in Satan. Nor the vindictive mean god of the old testament. I believe in Darwin- life adapts, evolves or goes bye bye. I believe there is order to this thing called life. Or, maybe it is all chaos and chance..but it is interesting isn’t it?
            We either evolve as an empathetic and cooperative species or make room for the era of insects (surviving nuclear war). Earth will continue to wobble and spin, the sun will die out and new galaxies will be born and cease to be.

          • I understand and agree with you.I too was sarcastic withthese persons that conceive God as being similar to a nasty neighbour or did not evevolve from the superstions of the stone age (like John, underneath) and still think tha satan is an existing being instead of a fable to terrorize children and idiots!!

          • Go Alberto and pray to your own god Satan and when you get to hell after death you will learn first hand that Satan will reward you with a bath in the lake of fire for all of eternity.

          • Sorry for you, but your hell cannot exist because it is not possible to calculate it with Einstein equations!

          • Sin caused the suffering, not God…. God made it clear that we should not sin but we do anyways….. we are to blame for the condition of our world, not God.

        • God had a reason to kill the Jews and millions others in the Holocaust. God wanted Stalin, Mao to kill millions more later. God has a plan for cancer, still births, etc…it’s all because God is testing everyone. Only Christians have the’s the Bible.
          Everyone else is going to Hell, fast, in a hand basket. The music of harps will drown out the damned’s nashing of teeth. It could get very boring in heaven after a few years. God may even get tired of hearing praises. And maybe miss some of the damned? At least they gave him comic relief from the sound of the righteous patting themselves on the back.

          • Gloria, you need to read and study the bible, that is the only way your going to truly understand the whys of what God has allowed and not allowed. There is a reason for all that has happened in the bible.

          • Why should Gloria read the Bible and not Mickey Mous’ adventures? At least Mickey Mouse stories are more rational and a more entertaining reading!

          • The reason for all that happened in the bible is that the stories were selected by flesh and blood men in order to scare the crap out of (at that time) illiterate peasants. Thus, the men of the church could side in with rulers to keep the flock terrified into following on crusades to kill the infidels, to burn property owning old women (“witches”), heretics and scientists that dared to question. Millions of people lost their lives via zealous god-fearin folks. Then came the plagues (diseases brought back from the righteous crusaders) to further scare people into churches.

          • The reason for what has happened in the bible is because of sin and another reason for what is in the bible is for us…learning and growing so one day we will become a part of Gods family… that’s what He wants is a huge family and one day we are going to be it, but sin cannot enter…only love. And if you read the bible you would know this [ 11 Peter19-21 and 11 Timothy 3:16-17 ]. And yes, there were cruel men and women in those times as well as in our times, why? Because they did not know God and they did what they thought was right in their own minds and too, God allowed Christians and Jews to be killed in those times, why? Because they left God, didn’t obey him and many went the way of paganism . God said He was a jealous God. He loves us and wants us to be happy, but if we go the way of evil, we will not be and then we are no longer on the same page with God . Gods Commandments ARE a way of life, they help us to be better people, loving people, yet we have gone against many of his Commandments and then blame it all on God, when we are the ones that disobeyed him and caused our own problems.

          • The nonsensicalidea that pain and dieseases were caused by the originalsin is an invention of St.Augustine, that the churh made a saint instead of lockinghim into a mental department. Nobody had the commn sense to ask Augustine why, iIf we human beings must be punished because of the original sin with pain, infections and cancers, the same ills affect also innocent animals that had nothing to do with the stealing of the forbidden apple.

          • Alberto, first off, there are no human saints, man started that. Second, God does not punish those that obey him and love him. And humans have free will, they don’t have to love God, but humans will find out soon enough that their ways will only get them in trouble in many ways…through disease, war, cancer, mental problems, etc. And sadly, yes, it can affect animals, even children. Mankind is bringing about the destruction of mankind, not God. Man makes his own choices.

          • well said. It may have been a pomegranate instead of an apple, because they are hard as hell to open let alone, eat.
            A coconut falling out of the tree probably would have killed Eve, thus leaving Adam to his own devices, dying a lonely man…but, had Eve been a nag, he would have died a happy less lonely man.

          • Because this world belongs to us….. God gave it to humans and set us up as rulers over all of the Earth…. since we opened the door to sin and it’s consequences, it came upon the whole earth…. animals plants, etc.
            Just like when a nations leaders open their borders to criminals, those criminals come and do harm to many of the citizens on that nation, not just the foolish leaders….
            The answer to your question is simple….. I know you ask it in an attempt to suggest that God is not just….. but you are wrong, He is just and righteous…..
            It is we humans who are responsible for introducing sin, destruction and needless suffering to this world, not God….

          • LOL…. labeling something a “superstition” doesn’t make it so…. and your philosophy is weak if all you can do is offer an insult in the face of a very logical and very plausible answer to your question…..
            Sin is obvious (murder, rape, theft, covetousness, selfishness, etc.)…. as is the handi-work of a Creator displayed throughout the physical world…. That is one of the main problems with sin though…. it makes you blind to reality, which is why you need a Saviour to open your eyes, just like the rest of us sinners….. Or you can continue your mental gymnastics and continue to reject the reality that lays bare before your eyes…. the choice is yours just like it always has been. Choose wisely.

          • As a Christian I just want to tell everyone that God is not like this. He does not want anyone to perish. It is called His strange act for He is love. And while the wicked will perish it is everlasting punishment, not everlasting punishing. Satan is behind all the evil of this world, not God. But Jesus will come soon in love to take his children home.

      • He doesn’t need one. He already knows all about you. And Alberto you are looking forward to an eternity with satan from the way you write. right on Arthur Hamann!

  13. We must continue praying- we dont stop doing so after election, the real battle is now – no more complacency – because we are fighting against powers of darkness and not the minds of men. You can see the vileness of the dark side spewing forth from the other side.

  14. How can you consider democratic a country in which the executive can appoint judges? In a modern democracy, judges are appointed after winning a competitive examination held by sitting judges, who mark the essays written by the candidates withour knowing their names!

    • First liberal dork, we are not a democracy, we are a representative republic. Our founders considered a democracy a very vile form of government.

      • So,according to you, your republic was founded by nazi-fascists! Did you pass your elementary school examination in history? Democracy comes from the Greek language and means Government of the people, as opposed to government of a dictatorial ruler, so yours should be a democracy, even if your lacking education does not permit to understand it!

  15. Prophecy from Mark Taylor given to him in 2011 & released before the election last year when he was a candidate for the presidency…
    4-28-11 Commander in Chief
    The Spirit of God says, I have chosen this man, Donald Trump, for such a time as this.
    For as Benjamin Netanyahu is to lsrael, so shall this man be to the United States of
    America! For I will use this man to bring honor, respect and restoration to America.
    America will be respected once again as the most powerful and prosperous nation on
    earth, (other than lsrael). The dollar will be the strongest it has ever been in the history
    of the United States, and will once again be the currency by which all others are judged.
    The Spirit of God says, the enemy will quake and shake and fear this man I have
    anointed. They will even quake and shake when he announces he is running for
    president, it will be like the shot heard across the world. The enemy will say what shall
    we do now? This man knows all our tricks and schemes. We have been robbing
    America for decades, what shall we do to stop this? The Spirit says HA! No one shall
    stop this that l have started! For the enemy has stolen from America for decades and it
    stops now! For I will use this man to reap the harvest that the United States has sown
    for and plunder from the enemy what he has stolen and return it 7 fold back to the
    United States. The enemy will say lsrael, lsrael, what about lsrael? For lsrael will be
    protected by America once again. The spirit says yes! America will once again stand
    hand and hand with lsrael, and the two shall be as one. For the ties between lsrael and
    America will be stronger than ever, and lsrael will flourish like never before.
    The Spirit of God says, I will protect America and lsrael, for this next president will be a
    man of his word, when he speaks the world will listen and know that there is something
    greater in him than all the others before him. This man’s word is his bond and the world
    and America will know this and the enemy will fear this, for this man will be fearless.
    The Spirit says, when the financial harvest begins so shall it parallel in the spiritual for
    The Spirit of God says, in this next election they will spend billions to keep this president
    in; it will be like flushing their money down the toilet. Let them waist their money, for it
    comes from and it is being used by evil forces at work, but they will not succeed, for this
    next election will be a clean sweep for the man I have chosen. They will say things
    about this man (the enemy), but it will not affect him, and they shall say it rolls off of him
    like the duck, for as the feathers of a duck protect it, so shall my feathers protect this
    next president. Even mainstream news media will be captivated by this man and the
    abilities that I have gifted him with, and they will even begin to agree with him says the
    Spirit of God.

  16. I read that the lady who fought for the Roe v. Wade decision (her real name was not Roe) turned into a pro-lifer later. But that seems to have been kept very quiet.

      • So glad somebody else also knows it! I do not suppose abortion providers ever show their patients a video of the proceedings? That would end abortions so fast nobody would believe the speed.

        • If I saw a video of knee surgery I would never have one either.
          I saw how animals are raised in factory farms, rounded up, slaughtered in front of the next animal, skinned alive..yeah, made me give up meat. Incidentally, in some states there is a ban and therefore, against the law- to video tape factory farms.

          • Before I had eye surgery I also did not watch videos/films of the process. But such videos/films are available, should one want to have a look. Abortion videos/films, on the other hand, are very scarce (at least in my country). It seems abortionists do not often show their patients what it is they do, as surgeons in various fields do.

  17. I am thinking that there should be an age limit. People are living longer than ever and they are not always physically or mentally able to make such important and major decisions. What do you think? Should Supreme Court Justices be a life-time appointment?

  18. Please enable us to publish the Posts, opinion articles, videos in the Linkedin Professional Network where they are a lot of hypocrite Democrats (Socialists) or Liberals

  19. America needs to repent, honor, and worship God, So America can once again be Blessed by God. You can see how the world has deteriorated since the decline of putting God first in our Country, States, Cities, and towns. It is in utter chaos and getting worse by the minute! Give your heart to Jesus Christ and just watch Him restore your joy, contentment, blessings, and hope. You are not an accident of nature. You are a marvelous creation of the Creator of the Universe. You are royalty! Do not throw away your place at the King of King’s table! Do not give away an eternal life in God’s Kingdom for a few years of wicked pleasure, smoke, and mirrors!

  20. When You stop the Abortions and the population increases tenfold with orphaned children no one wants and there is not enough food to feed all the extra people you will realize where you god stands on this issue.
    And then you will blame the rest of us for that as well.
    I am not dem or rep..I stand on neutral ground, and see all this stupidity.

  21. LOL. America is only #1 in three things:
    1. people in prison (per capita)
    2. obesity
    3. adults who think angels are real

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