SURPRISE: President Trump Just Revealed a Special Treat for Every Trump Supporter…This is GREAT!


President Donald Trump has had a ton of success since he took office, although the mainstream media would rather you NOT know about it.

That why today he unveiled a special treat for all his supporters to enjoy that the media will hate… a brand new website that sets the record straight!

The First 100 days website by Trump tells all of his amazing, historic achievements so We the People can see the kinda president he actually is.

Trump lists all the biggies, including:

  • Creating over 500,000 new American jobs
  • Approve Dakota Access Pipeline
  • A 60% drop in illegal immigration
  • Hold Sanctuary cities accountable
  • Increased Military Budget
  • 5-year Lobbying ban and Lifetime Foreign lobbying ban
  • Got Neil Gorsuch confirmed to the Supreme Court
  • And many, many more…

See what I mean? That’s not too shabby for only having been president for 3 months! At least he hasn’t done anything to decimate our country like Obama did.

Here, check out a bit of the site for yourself so you can see:

Like I said, not too bad. So let’s show Donald Trump that We the People know the TRUTH. He is a great president who keeps his promises. Their lies and spins won’t change that.

If you wanna help build up Trump’s legacy, then help him get this Shared to anyone and everyone you know with a big “Thank You President Trump.”


  1. Thank you President Trump. We pray for you and VP Pence everyday. Stay strong, continue the good works and Make America Great Again.
    Beverly and Craig Hoffman
    South Carolina deplorable

  2. Thank you Mr. President for a fantastic job well done! Continued prayers for you and your precious family! Great to be an American!

  3. Thank you President Trump!! I know this doesnt mean much, but I am SO proud of you!! You are being used as a mighty instrument in GODS perfect plan. I know that I am a Canadian, BUT YOU ARE MY PRESIDENT!! I am a prayer warrior for you ALWAYS.

  4. Thank you, Mr. President.
    You walked into a mess, from the Obama administration. It’s great to see that “We the People”, finally have a President that cares about how this Country has been going. May God continue to protect you and your family, cabinet, and the USA. I voted for you and have no regrets.

  5. Thank you president Trump keeping your promise to us.Keep the good work up God Bless you and your family and all of your team in the White House

  6. Build the wall this year please. Do something about fickle Congress etc. Term limits will give a whole new balance…Get rid of the useless money wasters on our dole…. Fire Ryan.

  7. There no longer exists a “Main Stream Media.” It’s been the MAKE-BELIEVE MEDIA for at least the past two decades. NOTHING they “report” can be considered Truth!

  8. Thanks President Trump for promises kept. Just like you said you would do all along at your rallies.
    I am happy to share this info

  9. THANK You.Mr. President, you are working very hard.
    We appreciate all you doawaiting for The First Lady to move to White House

  10. Love what you are accomplishing. There are more people supporting you than the fake media will report! Proud of you and your awesome family!

  11. Thank You President Trump, you are an awesome president!
    We the people sure do support you all the way.

    Thank You Donna Pfaff

  12. I am so thankful for President Trump. Will never understand why the government lawmakers have not imprisoned Obama, Hillary and all their cronies. What has happened to America. The leftist liberals are the only ones who have “freedom of speech””. All this is happening because of removing God and His Son, Jesus Christ out of everything they possibly can. I just read that Obama takes page from Hillary’s book, getting beaucoup dollars for Wall Street speech. I cannot stand to look at either one of them because they just reek of evil.

  13. Wow! To see an article listing all the positives Trump has accomplished since in office. It needs to be bronzed and put in the Smithsonian as a rare artifact.

  14. President Trump is the best thing that has happened to this country since Ronald Regan. Mr President, you are working so fast at doing a great job, the Libral Press can’t keep up with you. We love you & your family. Keep up the great job.

  15. Thank you President Trump , you have made so many of us proud to be Americans again :-)! But I’m still waiting for Hillary Clinton to be held accountable for her recklessness and corruptions 🙂

  16. President Trump is a true American and proud of it. He is working hard against the government hypocrites. They spread their lies,blacklist anyone who doesn’t think they are right. I’m not into mind control. All of the remind me of the hunger games movie. They want to kill off the people who work hard and belief in life liberty and happiness,and support ythe president. They’re afraid they are going to lose their riches and have to come out of the closet with their drug habits or alcohol abuse. They would help anyone but expect everyone to help them, sorry I’m not in to self destructing. Thank God for they people like President Trump. Amen

  17. I think he has done a wonderful job in these first 100 days. Considering he has had to fight the demarcates every step of the way. I am very proud to have a fighter in the white house because that is what it will take to uphold our constitution.

  18. Thank you President Trump….we are so very proud of your accomplishments and keeping your promises to Make America Great Again.

  19. THANKYOU President Trump I hope you know that We the People Your Supporter know that you are doing everything you can You are Fighting for us in a way that No President has in a very long time ! I pray that Congress would do the same and stop with all the obstruction. May God continue to watch over and Bless you in all your endeavors. God Bless America

  20. Now the United States finally has
    a real President…Thank you President Trump for doing a fantastic job in just over ninety days!

  21. Yes, I would like to let President Trump know that I appreciate all the hard work and long hours you have spent working for our Great Country. Even tho some think all you do is play golf like ex-obama did. Thats why you have accomplished wha you have by long hours of work and golf. Well, I say you gotta have fun while you work, as long as you are getting the job done. Which is exactally what you have and are still doing. More than I can ever say about ex-obama. Thank You President Donald J. Trump and all your Administration and Cabinet for your honest hard work for We The People. God Bless You All.

  22. Thu all the bad guys & gals who wanna hurt our President — President Trump has paddled on—No hesitation–He said he would do things for the people & he has been hell bent on keeping his word–The main stream Media are a bunch of crap who accuses him of not keeping promises of lying etc–& yet he paddles on–This man is /has to be the most Honest–The most principled man in the world—We know–The American people know–he was Gods pick to lift us up out of this sewer Obama was putting us in–His choices to help him & to advise him –to stay beside him are super choices only he could have brought in–I am so proud of this President–No one in this world could have ever completed so much & brought us so far out of the mess we were drowning in—Thanks President Trump & Vice President Pence–OH an afterthought but should have been on the top line is Thank You God–

    I copied & paste this that I had just posted on f/b—Said it before I read the request —-

  23. President Trump, You are like the song that says.
    , “You are some kind of WONDERFUL “,YES YOU ARE!” Some kind a wonderful!!!!!”
    We watch you on TV most of the time – LOVE the POSITIVITY!!! If you need us out here, just ASK!!!
    Kaye Clemens in Piedmont, Missouri

  24. Thank you for honorable persistence in achieving so much for this country so soon! I admire you, sir, but I sure don’t envy you. God bless you!

  25. Thank you MR. PRESIDENT! Finally a president who is actually a patriot and loves this country !

  26. Thank you President Trump! Thank you for all of your hard work. Now you need to get Civics classes mandatory back in all schools! We need to acknowledge that if our kids were taught the truth about America, they would respect it. Thank you so much…

  27. I am with you President Trump. You will go down as one of the best presidents ever in my books! Thank you for all you have done and are still doing!!

  28. Thank you President Trump. I appreciate your service to our great country. You are such a blessing and I support you 100%.

  29. It’s great to have a president that loves America and is doing good things for the country. Thank you President Trump

  30. Thank you President Trump for following Gods call on your life, our prayers are with you your family and those close to you daily. Know that God is with you and will give you great success.

  31. Yes, just knowing we can trust him to do what he says, and that is no small task with the crybaby Dems against him putting every obstacle in his way! They are in way helping to better this country

  32. I truly believe God brought you to us just when we needed you the most. Praise God and thank you for taking on this monumental task. Great job!

  33. Sure more $$ for the military at the expense of the EPA, healthy lunches for needy children, trashing meal on wheels, trashing planned parenthood, trashing health care except for him and his cronies, wasting taxpayers $$ on golfing and he owns the resort where all stay so the profits are his. I could go on but I am sick of him!! Wake up America!

  34. Thank you Mr. President Trump, the people have the last word, and we think your doing a great job, keep up the good work. We need you

  35. Everyday I’am amassed by you ,thank you Mr.President n I truly thank your parents for your birth,We are so lucky having you as our President ! I pray daily that the Lord keeps you ,your family,our Vice President,his family and the men n women (your Administration) safe,healthy n you all continue the good work for America n it’s people!Amen,thanks be to God!❤️

  36. Thank you for putting America and it’s people first. I’m proud to say that I voted for you. Keep up the good work. I hope to one day be able to hear you speak in person.

  37. Thank you President Trump for being the best President America has had in many years. Thank you for bringing God back ! May God bless you,your family and your administration!

  38. From the time I first saw you come down the stairs and spoke. two present day I knew you would be the one who we could trust to get this country back thank you President Trump .We love you. you are the greatest.

  39. President Trump, thank you! I knew from the Start that you would be winning! Always believed in you!

  40. Thankful for the Man I Voted to be President if America! You are in fact One of Thee Best President’s that America has ever had. I luv you & your family & praying for you daily!!!

  41. I’m with trump and Pence and deplore the hate directed towards them. Pray for them and all Lawmakers daily.God Bless and keep the President, vice president and their families.

  42. Thank you President Trump for respecting our Military and making America great again. Please keep Rev Dr. Randy Wallace of Killeen, Tx as he and his lovely wife Patty minister to the families of Ft. Hood. God Bless you. ❤️

  43. We liked what we heard, when Donald Trump spoke, we believe in him, we trust his word and if the stupid people would let him do his job then I know that he will make America Great Again…..
    He is unlike any President that we have had and he will fulfill his promises if left alone…
    we respect President Trump and hope he can tolerate all the ridicule he is getting and stay in the office for another term… get real America . and thanks to the people who are letting him accomplish what he has set out to do … and shame, shame on the others


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