SURPRISE! Sean Spicer Was Giving His Speech When Gronkowski Walked In and Did the Unthinkable!

Source: White House

Sean Spicer just had the GREATEST day he has ever had as Press Secretary by a mile.

He was busy giving his usual speech. Nothing out of the blue. That’s when Rob Gronkowski, star tight end of the New England Patriots, popped in, looked at Spicer, and said:

“Need some help?”

‘I think I got this, but thank you,’ Spicer¬†laughed back.

‘You sure?’ Gronkowski responded.


¬†‘Uhh maybe. Alright, thanks man, I’ll see you in a minute.”

Then, in a moment of joy, Spicer told the press:

“That Was Cool!”

Now, in case you didn’t know it, Sean Spicer grew up a HUGE New England Patriots fan. Seeing Gronkowski like that was such a huge treat for him.

You can see the joy in the Press Secretary’s face when he meets a sporting legend and one of his personal heroes like Gronk.

This is really great. Now admittedly I am a bit biased. You see, I LOVE the New England Patriots and the Trump administration. 2017 has been such a treat for me. And to see them getting together like this? Perfection.

After all the crap the press gives Sean Spicer, it’s good to see him having fun at work. Let’s help spread the joy and amazement and send Gronk and Spicer a prayer of peace and success. AMEN!



  1. I’m not a fan of the New England Patriots, especially when they beat the Broncos, but what a fun news bite that was to watch happen. I like Gronkowski most of the time (note exception in line above) and even if Sean Spicer didn’t equate the ovens at Auschwich with modern chemical warfare, I still like him. He is at least as good if not better than some other Press Secretaries have been. You could tell that Gronk made Spicer’s day!!


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