THANK GOD: After So Many Attacks on Trump, He Just Hired a Marine for the Ultimate Job

Source: (Left) US Customs, (Right) Gage Skidmore

President Donald Trump has had a lot of nut jobs threatening his life ever since he took office. There have been people jumping the White House Fence, driving cars into it, stealing guns to attack him, and many other bad things.

Sadly, the Secret Service has NOT been doing their job very well. That’s why Trump did the only sensible thing…Call in the Marines!

According to Politico, Trump is about to hire retired Marine Major Gen. Randolph Alles to take over the Secret Service.

Alles is extremely qualified for the job. Besides serving 35 years in the US Marines, he currently works as acting deputy commissioner of U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

Maj. Gen. Alles will be replacing Joe Clancy, Obama’s pick to head the Secret Service who has done an absolutely HORRIBLE job his entire time in the office.


Just last month, under Clancy’s watch, one attacker jumped the White House fence and ran around for 17 minutes before the Secret Service caught him! That’s so bad…

I think an accomplished Marine like Randolph Alles is a GREAT pick for this job. The number one concern here is the safety of the President, so whoever can do it is who we need.

If you think Trump is smart to surround himself with Marines, then Share this with your family & friends and let them know. God bless President Donald Trump and his entire family.


  1. Whoever is over the Secret Service MUST be replaced!
    He has proven he is over his head! Yes, Marines are the best
    For this job! Keep draining the swamp!

  2. Sounds right to me . Too many try’s not to notice what a terrible job Secret Service is doing ! I guess they need some guidance !

  3. I think his choices have all been great. He will not get credit, but we in our hearts know he is working hard and, doing a good job. May God Bless our president

  4. Clancy is doing a terrible job…well daugh! He is an Obama goon probably doing exactly what Obama is paying him and ordering him to do…see the death of Trump. I would have cleaned house of all Obama’s appointees day one. You can’t trust them.

  5. I pray for my Presidents safety every day, and now I will pray that God gives Marine Major Gen. Randolph Alles all the knowledge and competency that he needs to protect our President.

  6. I think this is a very good thing for him to do! Let the idiots know that if they want to get to him they’ll need to go through the marines! Simper Fi!!!

  7. Whatever it takes to keep President Trump safe is
    the answer. Hiring a Marine
    to handle safety and security for President
    Trump is fantastic!
    God bless President
    Trump and his new hire!

  8. I hope Obama, Clinton and all the other devils who broke so many laws gets what they deserve soon and then feed the bodies to the fish…..

  9. I just thank God that he put somebody in your heart to replace the head of secret service but I’ve been doing such a lousy job. He will definitely shake up that whole division and make it were supposed to be like two decades ago. Lord please bless and protect president Trump and all who is responsible to protect him let them be keen in observance and may they all be well trained in hand-to-hand combat and totally well that’s it and weapons of all sorts. Amen.

  10. Well of course Joe Clancy did a horrible job!!!!!!! He didn’t want to protect Trump!!! He probably gave the attacker a ladder and a gun! He worked for the enemy!!!!!!!
    Get everyone who had anything to do with that demon as far away as you can!!! They’re all against our wonderful president!!!!!!!
    God bless the Trumps and America!!!!!!!

  11. THANK GOD! Good Move, Mr. President! We Christians must Pray Daily for Our Christian/American President Donald J. Trump & Vice President Michael R. Pence, their wives, their children, their families and loved ones, their staff members, their supporters and especially their enemies! That God will expose the works of darkness and any plans to harm them. That God will go before them and make the crooked places straight. That God will surround them, their families, loved ones and staff members with a wall of fire and a wall of angels to protect their lives. God will Bless, Protect and Prosper Donald J. Trump & Michael R. Pence. Millions of us believe God raised them up for just such a time as this and they will MAKE AMERICA SAFE & GREAT AGAIN!

  12. Great idea!!!! Drain the SWAMP! That was campaign promise, but for President Trump it is to keep his AGENDA in forefront to get it done! Repeal obamacare, totally Repeal, that is what we expect!!!!!!!!

  13. President Trump is a very smart man, and choosing Marines for security is just common sense. They are brave, strong, and patriotic, not to mention very tough! Good choice, Mr. President!

  14. Even though the Secret Service fell apart in the Ohbongo Administration, they were (unfortunately) still able to keep him safe from harm. I have great confidence the Secret Service will be greatly improved under the leadership of a Marine. If you want a job done correctly, give it to a Marine.

  15. Absolutely President Trump should hae the most trustworhy Protection Please make sure our
    President is safe God Bless
    Thank You

  16. A great decision, I feel that our president is so much more protected now –G-D BLESS PRESIDENT TRUMP ! G-D BLESS this great Marine

  17. There is a lesson here for President Trump. If it has been so difficult to keep people from jumping the White House fence, how does he expect to keep people from jumping over his Mexican wall?

  18. Yes, fire the incompetent and hire the best, is another facet of draining the swamp. And on draining the swamp, I am, perhaps, the Presidents strongest advocate! Drain the swamp! And may God almighty speed him on!

  19. Hate, envy, jealousy, people are full of this things. We finally elect a man who really cares for America, and it’s laws, and wants to make America Great again, and people are peeing and pooping in their underwear because he won’t do what THEY want him to do.
    Beside the Marines, get you some Green Berets, and some Navy Seals, and protect yourself and your family> God Bless President Trump!

  20. God bless president Trump and his family! I’m sure Randolph Alles will do an awesome job! God bless all the marines and our military!

  21. Now the Major General needs to ease these SS people out and replace them with Retired or those with a great security record who got out in their places. These guys all will have a security clearances as well as some of the very best training and combat experience. Swarn to do the duty assigned to them as well as to the Constutition of the United States. No more screw off ps as well as those that don’t follow orders from the GENERAL.


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