TRUMP IS SHOCKED! Right After Trump’s Bombing, Syria Did the UNIMAGINABLE!

Source: White House

Donald Trump has been basically unstoppable this week. He got Gorsuch, met China, and took down Assad. Unbelievable!

What will really amaze you, however, is what the Syrian people did AFTER President Trump bombed their Hom’s Airfield.

Syrians Across the World Fell in Love with Donald Trump!

Like I said, this is INCREDIBLE. Social Media has been eaten up with Pro-Trump accounts from Syria for fighting ISIS and Assad when Obama never would.

Many of them changed their Profile Pictures to President Trump in honor of his victory.

The individual support, while overwhelming, was not all our President got.

Many major Syrian anti-Assad groups sang Trump’s praises as well!

It looks like President Donald Trump has done the impossible yet again. In a matter of moments, he won over the hearts and minds of the Syrian people.

But President Trump was not done there. He also announced the building of refugee centers and safe zones INSIDE Syria to handle the Refugees without sending them across the world.

I think we all need to take a second and say a special prayer for President Trump.

“God, Thank you for blessing us with such an incredible and good-hearted leader. Please keep him and the civilians in Syria safe as he works to make America even better!”

Share this if you believe in Trump and give him an AMEN!


  1. Absolutely ….God is on President Trumps side and no one can take and destroy that..Thank you God for giving us a man with a huge heart for children

  2. And you fools fall for twitter and Facebook posts, it is all propaganda. And can make up an account in two minutes. They are called the CIA. Fools

  3. AMEN, AMEN, and Amen. Thank you for taking the risk you did in Syria.
    Lord, thank you for our President Trump and VP Pence and their families.
    Watch over VP Pence and familie while they are on their long trip and
    Bring them back safely.
    President Trump you are such a brave man to look after us the way you do.
    We love you and appreciate you so much. I know he Lord will look after your
    Family while you are so busy. Please keep him and his family safe. Lord we thank you in
    Advance because we know you will do the right thing for all of us.

  4. I believed in him in the beginning and do now more than ever. Give him the opportunity to learn the ropes and make a difference. Make OUR country safe and God please take care of him, so he can continue He is strong and not weak like Obama, who never did anything. LEAD in his pants altho, not in his mouth.

  5. Only one problem, Assad did NOT do it – he has NEVER thus far attacked his own people as he has been accused of by the Globalists who want to replace him with their own puppet. ISIS makes it look like he did, and the bottom line is the Globalists are who want Assad out so the world bankers can take over Syria. Assad has been fighting against the OWG and that is why Russia had been protecting him, as they too reject the control of Russia by the Globalists. Now The OWG will move in and try to replace Assad – the duly elected leader by the people – with their own leader who will bow to the Globalists. It is the usual regime changes that DC has been making world wide as they take over the countries for the OWG.
    THAT is the problem.


  6. The issue is that this is coming from where? Both sides put out false info to help their cause. Is this genuine support? I don’t know. But if he builds safe zones in Syria, then that to me is more credible than some alleged facebook page with his picture on it. That really means nothing.

  7. God Bless you Mr. President! I wholeheartedly agree with you. Take care of the mission; then, let the news media know when the job is done!That is the only way you’re going to be able to kick butt, and protect our military in the process! Go get ’em sir! From the heart of a Lady Patriot!

  8. My prayer is this, “All things work together for good to those who Love the Lord and are the called according to God’s purpose! I pray for Peace! I know that President Donald J. TRUMP is called according to God’s Purpose! He was an Answer to our millions of daily Prayers! I know that we are not walking in his shoes at this time and can’t know all that he is privvy to nor understand but I know His Heart is for America and that he loves and cares about his fellowman in the world and we will see how this works out but God’s Word is true and His Promise is sure! We may not understand but This Great American has a Good Heart and God will take it from there! In my life as a follower of God and a lover of mankind, I have often prayed, Lord, I don’t understand, but I know your Word! I know Your Promise is sure and I am waiting to see what You do with this for our Good! In Jesus Name I Pray, AMEN!

  9. Very thankful our President took a stand against the barbaric action of Assad who murdered innocent babies, children, women and men.
    I pray for President Trump and his family. Also Vice President Pence and his family.
    In the last 8 year’s there was never a choice of stronng action’s taken against the leader’s of countries that committed murderous act’s, and dispicable immoral act’s against innocent men, women, children and infant’s.
    Many American’s are saying enough! No more!
    This is not some stupid video game. These are the lives of human beings who have no way of defending themselves.
    President Trump has made it very clear what he will not tolerate.
    May God continue to bless him, keep His hand upon him and let NO Weapon formed against him prosper. In Jesus Name.


  11. I’m sorry Danny but this is just more Fake News from the Neocons. The guy who survived the 2013 chemical attack? Really, the proven hoax attack? Now says how grateful he is to Trump, this is hype and media rubbish!!!!

  12. Thank you GOD FOR OUR ANSWERED PRAYERS THAT WE NOW HAVE PRESIDENTDONALD. TRUMP AND MIKE AS VICE PRESIDENT! AMERICA could not have 2 better men who love GOD AND. JESUS CHRIST! We pray that you will continue to guide these 2 men to follow your path! We also pray that all the evil people’s hearth would warm up so they would keep JESUS IN THE CENTER OF THEIR LIFE!

  13. We have a new sheriff in town who doesn’t take any s— from anyone. he has America behind also a lot of other nations!!

  14. These poor people have lived in the face of terror for years. They now see a man, President Trump who gives them hope for a better tomorrow , where they can live and not hide out from those who intend to cause evil and violence to flourish. My heart goes out to them to have to live day by day not knowing whether you would be bombed and killed. President Trump will not only unite America but the World to face the fact if this evil remains , we will all be destroyed. When you create more Wars there is no winner but there are those who live by this and will seek there agendas. Banning together is our only hope to destroy them so we can then all live in peace. . Give the refugees more Safe Cities and Zones , so they can stay in there own Countries

  15. I supported President Trump, after I seen the video of what Syria done to their own children and adults with the chemical war fare which is outlawed in all countries , why they done this to their own people, because they were not Muslim? They have to be stopped? The International law, from what I read, is NO CHEMICAL WARFARE IS ALLOWEDED ANYMORE? If you let them get by with it, they will do it elsewhere. Some innocent and some young may have died, but more would have died if it was not stopped?

  16. Let s investigate completely and find who really was responsible for the chemical attack or explosion. This smells strongly of false flag, CIA or ISIS planning for propaganda.

  17. Good heared Man we have in the White House. God had sent him to look over the oppress! Bless the President’s heart and may he be protected always from above!

  18. Prayers up for President Trump, Vice President Pence and their families. Prayers up for the Syrian people. May God bless our President, our military and the Syrian people in getting rid of the EVIL that has infiltrated​their homeland.

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