TRUMP’S A HERO! What He Just SECRETLY Did for American Arrested in Egypt Will Make You CHEER!

Source: Michael Vandon

Donald Trump is a real American hero. He is so kind that he doesn’t even need to let the world know. Just check out the AMAZING thing he did for this American Charity worker who was arrested in Egypt.

So Aya Hijazi, an Egyptian-American charity worker, has been in jail in Egypt for the past 3 years for human trafficking. She didn’t even do it!

Well, you can bet that bothered President Trump. She is an American after all. So, during his private meeting with Egyptian President Al-Sisi, Trump secretly made a deal to get her back.

Last night Aya Hijazi was freed thanks to the efforts of President Trump!


She, along with 7 others, were finally acquitted of all of their charges.

Hijazi has since been flown privately back to the Joint Base Andrews in Washington, D.C. She then returned to her family.

Aya Hijazi founded Belady, which works to help care for street children and get them off the street. Now she can finally get back to her good work of helping others thanks to our wonderful President.

Hey, Donald Trump may not have bragged about it, but I see no reason why we can’t. If you are proud, then show it by Sharing this out.

Also leave a prayer for Trump, his family, and Hijazi. AMEN!



  1. Some difference today happenings in the past hundred days from previous happenings . I think Trump is doing the job he said he would .may take a little longer then he planed but it is happening. Having to deal with those like Schumer the belly acre is I am sure just a breeze for him.


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