SATURDAY SURPRISE! Seconds Ago Trump Sent North Korea Something They Won’t Like…


A U.S. aircraft carrier strike group is now heading toward the Western Pacific Ocean to be stationed near the Korean Peninsula – according to CNN.

The strike group is being commanded by Adm. Harry Harris and the USS Carl Vinson sailed north to the Western Pacific from Singapore, according to Pacific Command.

This move is happening because of the actions North Korea has been taking.


Trump is now taking names. This is why we made him President. He is going to rock the world and get America back on track.

We are the most powerful nation on the planet. It’s time that we start acting like it.

This week North Korea launched a Scud extended-range missile that blew up in flight. The North Korea regime threatens peace in the region. We cannot let them be a strong nuclear power.

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Give him an ‘AMEN’ in the comments and get this news out there! Let’s send a message to North Korea that we are coming! The U.S is back baby!! (h/t CNN)

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  1. I am with you Mr. President, trusting you will always take advice from your Admirals and Generals. Protecting our country and all our the allies…

  2. Amen! President Trump is the best President, that We The People, have been so blessed to have, which I truly believe, that Our Beloved Father, intervened, so We The People, finally can be so proud, once again. I pray, as so many pray, for his safety and his families safety. It would be AWFUL, for We The People, if Killary had been voted in. But Our Beloved Father, gave us a second chance and now We The People, truly have President Trump, who LOVES OUR Country and dedicated to Our Country! God Bless us all! Amen!

  3. I support all that our President is doing to protect our nation. But need to keep vigilent eyes and ears also on obama, hillary, and all the ones who are against President Trump. These sneeky chicken livered liars will take any opportunity they can to move on anything tbey can to hurt America and our President. So, we must keep someone watching constantly so they don’t attack while President Trump is otherwise occupied with what is going on with Syria and Korea.

  4. AMEN President Trump. It’s to bad things happened as they did in Syria, but at least these Foreign Countries know they are not going to push America around. We have a President that will stand up against any of them. It sounds cruel in some ways, but this is something that had to happen in Syria to show ISIS and others DON’T TREAD ON ME. America is back in full swing so don’t think you can push us around like you did when Obama was in office.

  5. You are Fake News and I am reporting you to the authorities. You may think it is funny to take advantage of Pro Trump people. Remove me from your mailing list. President Trump knows about you now……….maybe you and better get a new line of work……..a REAL JOB.

  6. Amen, God Bless America, God Bless Mr. Trump
    An US citizen is a POW under Taiwan terrorist hand, need help
    Mayday Mayday, Roger Roger

  7. It’s time, we can’t keep getting pushed around by these 3rd world country’s. Give them an inch they will take a yard .

  8. I am so thankful for this young man. May he stay strong and have courage! God bless him, too, in every way, for being a watchman on the wall.

  9. The smartest move President Trump could make as North Korea posses an enormous threat They feel empowered now to take us all out. Beware for the leader is determined he will do this no matter what. A very dangerous situation and he has been preparing for this for a long time. They must be stopped!

  10. President Trump is doing just fine so far. He has my backing all the way. I don’t think he will turn tail and run making the US look bad or weak.

  11. I have a precious nephew on one of those ships! I pray for you and all the men and women that serve the USA! God please take care of all these precious life’s!


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