UC Berkley Just Did Something HORRIBLE to Ann Coulter and Conservative Speech. THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE!


The University of California-Berkley has just cancelled Ann Coulter’s scheduled appearance there on April 27.  The university cited security concerns but Coulter ain’t buying, or accepting, that excuse, reports the Daily Caller.

Universities across our great country do not like conservative ideas to be expressed on their campuses.  They want students to be indoctrinated with liberal ideas and agendas by the time they graduate, and do whatever they can to stop the expression of conservative values.


We believe that it is important to allow both conservative and liberal ideas to be expressed at our country’s institutions of higher learning, especially since our tax dollars are supporting these places.

Ann Coulter does too, and she is not backing down.  Coulter told the Hollywood Reporter, “I’m giving a speech” and that “speech will go on.” She cited the fact that she is an American with Constitutional rights.


Of course she is and of course she does!  It’s high time someone takes a stand against the suppression of conservative speech at institutions of higher learning that are supported by our tax dollars.

And it appears the Federal Courts will back Coulter on this. Just this week, a Federal Court granted a motion that would force Auburn University to allow  a “white nationalist” leader to speak there, reports ThePlainsman.com, Auburn’s student newspaper.

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  1. if they cut free speech … cut their fed. grants and loans. the gov. was helping to educate not indoctrinate the liberal agenda. if only paying conservatives attend college we can end this craziness.

  2. These schools are awful places to learn anything worthwhile. They’re raising a bunch of misfit, ignorant, disgusting and hateful Communists!


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