Watch Elizabeth Warren Lose Her Mind On Live TV… She Just Exposed Who She Really Is!


Elizabeth Warren is a loser or that’s what people say.

Elizabeth Warren told MSNBC that Donald Trump won because of a “ugly stew of racism.” Can we get a break? This wasn’t racism. This was wholesome patriotism that won Trump the election.

Trump worked very hard. All these Democrats are convinced that they will retake Pennsylvania, Ohio, Wisconsin, Michigan and Iowa. They really think that by calling everyone a racist that they are going to be able to make this happen. Watch it below.


Good luck, Elizabeth Warren.

That’s right, Elizabeth Warren. People in this country are angry that their politicians have corrupted the fabric of this nation.

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Let’s send her a message that we are tired of the partisan politics. It’s time to make this country great again mates! (h/t The Gateway Pundit)

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  1. Air head!!!! She bellyaches about things but doesn’t talk about all the money she made illegally with Obama. And how she was ever a college professor is way beyond me. She is an idiot – even Trey Gowdy just gave up when he tried to question her because she is so dense.


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