What This Top Democrat Told Judge Jeanine Last Night Has Trump’s JAW ON THE FLOOR!

Image Source: Fox News

Mary Anne Marsh is the principal of the Dewey Square Group – a Democratic public relations consultant, said that the Obama administration has been spying on Donald Trump since the spring of 2015, says The Gateway Pundit.

Donald Trump announced his candidacy in June of 2015.

Mary Ann Marsh: “fact, the investigation of Trump, his associates and their relationship with Russia started in the spring of 2015. That is a fact. That is widely known.”

This is massive.

 God bless Donald Trump! This man was spied on the whole time and still beat Hillary’s crooked ass.

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The mainstream media needs to answer for this. (h/t The Gateway Pundit)


  1. So, the dems knew all along that Trump was being spied upon and he is the one who is lying. I can almost guarantee that Schiff knew, that is why he really doesn’t want the investigation of leaking to happen.
    It is funny. The Lord says the truth will always be revealed.

  2. Beep beep, big dust cloud with the Road Runner way out in front and Wylie Coyote in tatters. Oh it is so funny the demorats are gong over the cliff.


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