It’s Over: 3 Richest Democrates Just Went on FOX Today and Give Trump Something Unfathomable

Source: FOX Business

This is a very special day from President Trump. This morning Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, and Charlie Munger went on FOX News and dropped the kind of bombshell the Left fears most.

The 3 Richest Democrats just gave Trump full support of his job as President.

The three mega-billionaires were asked to give their opinions on President Trump as well as “tips” for him.

Warren Buffet said,

“I would certainly say to him [Trump] the same thing I would say to any other president—that their most important job is to protect us from weapons of mass destruction and that they are the most important person in the world, to put the emphasis on that.”

Charlie Munger then jumped in to add a very direct praise of the President,

“I am a great admirer of the Trump change of mind about China and making an ally out of China instead of screaming about their trade.”

Bill Gates decided to go a different route and offer the President his personal counsel.

“Whether it’s research, making sure that pandemics don’t come to get us and helping other countries … I’d make sure he knew all about it.”

It’s funny because Democrats LOVE pointing to these men as “geniuses” and using their quotes to back their point.

Reality Check! Gates, Buffet, and Munger may not be on the Trump-Train just yet, but at least they are willing to praise the job he has done as President so far.

Help get this shared out across space and time and let the world know that the Liberal establishment is crumbling.


  1. These 3 are worried about what skeletons may be coming out!! “All that is hidden will be uncovered”.(scrip.)…. Wolves in sheep’s clothing will be exposed…. Amazing that one mentions PANDEMICS, and one applauding Trump’s supposed 180 toward globalism ( nicer to World Traders and China)… “We will see more of that..” These guys are scary with so much power into fewer hands, but our God is more powerful, and sees all that they do!!

    • What is comforting, God doesn’t need all that money for having the greatest power of all. Hallelujah!

      • Amen! Yep. The love of money is the root of all evil. (scrip.) AND it is harder for a rich man to seek the kingdom as a camel getting through the eye of a needle.(para.scrip.) Though David was flawed (he was courageous and loved God) and God called him beloved…

        • People and religion are the root of all evil. People make the money, they control it and people along with it. As for a God, no such thing as a big ghost in the sky. Time for the world to grow up and stop believing in fairytales. Stupid beliefs in one of the MANY gods around the world is what causes people to remain willfully ignorant and causes almost ALL the conflict around the world. It has help back our true potential for 100’s of years.

          • Very sad view of life. Also very ignorant one considering the GOOD most of those “fairy tale” groups have done around the world for a millennium. Tell your tale to the selfless people going into war torn, poverty and disease stricken areas around the world to give aid and help the down trodden and afflicted. Perhaps you’ll get a smile. I don’t see any of your group sending teams out to these areas to help these people. Just a lot of mouth with no substance. There is indeed a blight on the human race. It is indifference and lack of faith. SO sad. And so glad I don’t live with your bitter frame of mind and perception of the world. Would make one wonder what the point of life is in the first place, I would think, and why we are even here. Then again, the omission of that question is exactly what does lead to the evil and oppression. You are one case of a sad reality of the downfall of humanity.

          • The history of mankind is drowned in blood and intolerance. Don’t limit it to one group. We are a species of violence, xenophobia, narcissism, intolerance, and greed. Evil? Not necessarily. Self serving? Definitely. It is that nature that allowed us to survive, however, a departure from those baser instincts is what puts us at the top of the food chain and makes us something more than the avg species in the animal kingdom. You can mock, hate and insult “religious types” but without a moral code and system of faith & beliefs sociology proves that a civilization will not survive. It will destroy itself. Define it however you want but mankind needs exactly what you blame for the woes of the world. Yet, impartial examination will show that it is the very departure from that faith and belief is exactly what led to the path the human race is on, today, with all of the craziness going on around us. We are not growing; we are regressing. Cynicism, intolerance within virtually all sects, lack of empathy, reliance on “blame the other people” and even blame God. Everything I read here proves exactly what I have said and it will only get worse. Those of you so quick to point fingers and insult those “religious types”, remember, the majority of them today are peace loving and out to do good in the world, not destroy it. There will come a time when all will wish there were more in that mindset than what we are developing in to because the path we are on is not pretty. Once again, just read some of these posts. A sad commentary on mankind, in general.

          • “This government is only adequate with a moral and religious people”(para.John Adams ). We will pray for you to have eyes to see, and ears to hear!!!(scrip.)

          • Brett , you are a total and complete Idiot. Do you have an education above the 4th.grade? Can you read? Try reading something about history , government or current events….And if you can comprehend above a 9th.grade level , try the Bible. Or , you can stay in your mothers baasement and rot your brain even more! I really feel sorry for your kind , Twinkie.

          • “uh duh 4th grade dropout uh duh looser doshbag duh lol uh duh in Moms basement duh pitiful looser you need to be just like me or die duh”

            Spoken just like an Afghan cave dweller

          • Brett,
            I don’t think you are stupid or an idiot just maybe misinformed. First
            let me start by stating you are correct that God is not a “big ghost in the sky”. He is the Trinity; God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. He is the “I am” and I don’t need to defend God, He does a good job of that for Himself. It is very clear in the book of Proverbs about arguing with fools. On religion and people being the root of all evil; actually Satan is the author of evil. We as people have the power through Christ to overcome evil but reality is we are all human and allow bad thoughts which then turn into bad choices/actions.

          • Book of Proverbs, the Old Testament.
            You realize that you can not pick the parts of the bible you want to follow, right? You have to follow it all, so say the Bible and Jesus.
            Matthew 5:17-20

          • Tut, tut Brett. You have upset all the religious types. I am sure they will complain to the magic man in the sky who each and every day is looking after their interests. Not sure if the magic man in the sky is doing a good job though. He or it seems to be a bit of a slacker to me.

  2. Trump is not a globalist at all. Obama was and is. and has come right out in the open about what an absolute un American monster he is and has always been. God bless President Trump for trying so hard to clean up the massive mess left by the democrats .They have become our enemies within.

  3. Always worried about “other” people of different countries! Don’t give a damn about America!

  4. Far left DEMs must have their far left political blinders on to not recognize the good that President Trump has been doing for all of the USA in such a short time. A lot of our rational Democrats are running Right to the Independents and GOP … based on recent elections nationwide.

      • Short List:
        Increased jobs, increased economy in record numbers, strengthened military, equality for all sections of American citizens, protection of American citizens for unlawful, removal of burdensome regulations serving no one but the pockets of officials and lobbyists, revision of burdensome, bloated tax code (in process), repair of failing health care ins system (in process) before it falls under its own weight, renewed fair treatment of military – active and veterans, American citizens first (as should be from the American leader), crackdown on illegal immigration and the burden and danger it poses to American citizens within our own country, reducing unnecessary, costly business regulations bringing chased out American companies back home to renew our economy, limiting self-interest lobbyists by banning for years after serving in public office, weeding out unnecessary, bloated govt employees costing American tax payers astronomical costs, and the list goes on but it should at least get you started. This country needed a good business man to fix it – not a politician, and that’s why Donald Trump may well go down as one of our greatest Presidents, able to fix what damage the previous several created to what was one the greatest, most respected nation in the world. Closing your eyes and refusing to accept or believe it is moot. Just makes you a fool.

        • First, may I have your permission to republish that comment? With or without attribution, however you like. Also, just to make sure I’m not misunderstanding, you’re saying this is a list of things that President Trump has done, already. Is that correct?

  5. These idiots need to stop using the H-B1 Visas. Who are they kidding? Gates is PATHETIC. So is his wife. RAGING LIBERALS.

  6. Sharon, I agree with you. Remember there is no Democratic
    party, it is a front name for the Socialist and communist party to take away your freedom. See California

    • Just look at Dearborn Mich. I used to live in Mich and Dearborn was a really nice city. The muslims came in and started buying up all the real estate they could, and after they ran the locals out they bought up the rest. The entire town is like being in Iraq- and they have of course Sharia Law, The mayor, the police , all in government are musilms. You should type Dearborn in and be prepared to be amazed.

  7. I’m sorry Mr. Gold but information has been sent to me that you and Mr. Wade are phony’s.

    :Liberty Writers News is an American fake news website, established in 2015 by Paris Wade and Ben Goldman.] As with other similar websites, the site’s business model consists of publishing made-up political news stories to generate web traffic and thereby advertising revenue. In six months in 2016, its Facebook page attracted 805,000 followers and tens of millions of page views,[1] generating 95% of the site’s traffic, which as of August 2016 yielded between $10,000 and $40,000 in revenue a month.[3] As related by Wade and Goldman to the Washington Post, their stories focus on “violence and chaos and aggressive wording” to attract readers.[1] The stories reflect the positions of supporters of Donald Trump, and employ headlines such as “OBAMA BIRTH SECRETS REVEALED! The Letters From His Dad Reveal Something Sinister…” or “BREAKING: Top Official Set to Testify Against Hillary Clinton Found DEAD!”.[1] Wade and Goldman said that they themselves were “liberal” and had voted for Barack Obama in the 2008 and 2012 elections.[1

      • Not that it is any of your business but yes, sent to me by a friend. I also took the time to check it out and the info is available to anyone.

    • Two things to look for on a site is their ‘About’ page and a ‘Contact’ page. This site has neither one. So, what don’t they want us to know about them? hmmm?

    • Nothing new. DIALECTICS and the Dims are masters of projection, and the drama-filled headlines to generate donations.(look at Wapo, NYT, ABC, NBC, MSNBC ad nauseum) “Its a coup…” “It’s Nixonian….” ” He is a dictator!” I guess Bill Clinton must also be then, LOL!! These drama kings have been “projecting” the RUSSIA , RUSSIA story as a plot for over year and a half!! “Projection”(accusing others of what you are doing!!) because is was Podesta’s 32 meetings covered up/monies made, the Iranian deal (now being looked into..), and the Uranium Deal…..

  8. It’s about what’s best for the country. Maybe they’ll go on the View and shut Behar , the Whoopie cushion and the rest up.

  9. Bill Gates is killing millions in Africa with vaccines, while posing as a humanitarian. His father was the head of Planned (Genocide via Abortion) Parenthood.

  10. we r going to be in a open rebellion here in america in less than five years against Muslims.. in salyorburg pa there is a muslim compound with armed guards

  11. President Trump is honest, Former President Obama, I believe, was not honest. What did he do for this Country in eight years. Just division!!

  12. We need all of that. We also need policy that serves average Americans. THAT failure is the most discouraging thing thus far about the Trump presidency. Failure in healthcare, failure in meaningful policy around illegals. Behind national security issues, these are most important to Americans. It’s time to hire average people with experience in our communities and the problems we face.

    • Susan – President Trump has been in office only THREE months and with a GANG of Libturd Democrats and the Corrupt Lying MSMS fighting him every step of the WAY! He has gotten an enormous amount of work done, despite all those turds, in those three months of his beginning! Do you REALIZE if took 17 months for Obama to give us that massive debacle of Obamacare and he revised it himself (worsening it) for ALL Americans for over two years -all done illegally? TRY to get some facts before you spew your Liberal BS Mantras. YOU Demonstrate PATHETIC ignorance! Keep voting your kind of ignorance in and you will be wearing burkas and bowing to the EAST in a corrupt, gang riddled, gun toting anarchy! Wake the HELL UP!

      • Wow, someone drank too much ignorance this morning didn’t they? I love how you use CAPS. You are really getting your point across real good! And to your comment about the endorsement, really? That was your comeback? You do realize that guy was correct right? They didn’t endorse shit.

  13. Pop star philanthropist Alyssa Milano says 50 cents can feed a disabled minority orphan in the Third World for a full day.

    Buffett is worth almost $75 billion, Gates almost $88 billion, Chuckie a modest $1.45 billion. Thats $165 billion, times 2 = 330 billion meals. Divide that by 7.5 billion people and lo! they could feed every single person on Earth for a full 44 days.
    Even if the subtract the 1% of evil rich whites, we 7.25 billion deserving noble proles to feed.

    Yeah, such loving and kind philanthropists, telling us to ride the bus to save their ozone.

  14. This sort of says one thing, that these three might be influenced by who is directing the FBI.

  15. Those 3 baggy faced old men hold a hellva lot of the world’s month. Why can’t we storm the gates and get some for ourselves? The dimmocraps think they’ve gotten them in their back pocket. Now there will be news articles of how horrid Gates and Microshit is and start demonstrating at his buildings. Bufffet is in lala land and Munger seems to have smartened up a tad.

  16. I don’t get how loser Bill Gates got on the show. His vaccines have hurt more people than helped them. But then, that’s the globalists’ plan, saying the world is over-populated.

  17. As much as Trump is trying to do, and I applaud him for it I’m concerned. My concern is that Americans have put a die-hard capitalist in the White house. If history is an indicator than we need to look back to Teddy Roosevelt’s presidency. Teddy Roosevelt was a trust-buster that brought the giant monopolies to their knees. What the people of America need to understand is Trump could reverse this process very quickly and put the American worker to theirs. Very quickly America could become what they hate and abhor, thus putting the country under tyranny. If America truly wants to be great again it needs to be safeguarded from such things. In my mind it needs three things, a healthy economy, a healthy two party system, and a spiritual revival otherwise things will get much worse before they get better.

    • I agree to some extent…. A quote( most likely Sir Alex Fraser Tyler) talked about decline of nations, etc. and courage and spiritual faith were what can turn one around!A man gave me the quote(he was a foreign ambassador for yrs. who loved America), and I have kept it in my purse for decades!!! I say, ” Men get some gonads, and all better begin to pray for healing of our land!! “

  18. Obviously taped before Trump’s alleged Treason in firing Comey simply because the Director was getting a bit too close to the truth about alleged collusion with Russia in the presidential election. A clear abuse of power and an obvious attempt to influence an investigation…one that would likely lead to the very top! Nobody had faulted him for the firing of Comey but almost everyone with a lick of sense has questioned the timing of the firing as a blatant attempt to silence Comey

  19. America will prosper more if it looks after its own people rather than illegals and the problems the world over. They are all older and wiser than our yound democracy and if they do not want to take care of themselves and sacrifice for their own benefit so be it. We have lot of work right here at home and let us go and do it.

  20. UP TIGHT? Whats with all the crap about HELP FOREIGN COUNTRYS YOU ASSHOLES !


  21. Are you joking……Buffet said I would say to Trump what I would say to any president
    Munger admired his lie , I mean “change of mind” on China
    Gates he would make sure he knew about pandemics.
    Two didnt praise him at all and the other admired his lie…


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